Third-Party Starfinder Products

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RGG Announces the "Starfarer's Companion"

Starfinder Hero Lab

Miniatures Kickstarter Ninja Division


[PCGen] Starfinder comes to PCGen

What I want from 3PP for Starfinder

Rogue Genius Games Does Starfinder

Third Party products and publishers

[JBE] What Playable Aliens Do You Want To See?

[Legendary Games] The Alien Bestiary Kickstarter is Live!!!

[Legendary Games] Legendary Planet is coming... and then?

PCGen 6.07.04 Alpha Released, now with 100% more Starfinder!

[Dreamscarred Press] Announcing the Psionics Guide!

3-rd party publishers that publish outside work.

What Do You Want To See from JBE?

List of 3rd Party Player Options for Starfinder

Big News in little Poulsbo from Frog God Games!

Redshirts, Starfinder AP (Humor / Sci-fi) now on KS!

[Fat Goblin Games] First Starfinder Support Book -- Cosmic Odyssey: Pirates of the Starstream

[Legendary Games] To Worlds Unknown (Starfinder) Now Available for Preorder!

[Dreamscarred Press] Psionics Guide Playtest Begins!

Third Party Publishers - Plug your worlds here

Starfinder Miniatures Now Available

Mechfinder is looking for a publisher!

Product Identity in Starfinder

[Dreamscarred Press] Psionics Guide Kickstarter Is Live!

[Evil Robot Games] Starfinder supplements

[Gamer Printshop] Starships, Stations and Salvage Guide.

An alternative to Hero Lab Online?

[Fat Goblin Games] 8-Bit Adventures (for Starfinder)

Starship Role Forms

[Dreamscarred Press] Psionics Guide Playtest - Wave 2

Gravity Age: Cybernetics Emporium - a good option for cyberpunk themed Starfinder campaigns

[Amora Game] Xeno Files series

[Legendary Games] The Alien Bestiary Kickstarter is coming for Starfinder and 5E!!

Rusted Iron Games jumps into Starfinder

Blog: Unlock Your Mind!

Recommend some 3PP adventures!

[Everyman Gaming] Announcing Starfarer's Skill Guide Kickstarter! Skill Challenge Handbook, Ultimate Charisma, and More!

[Gun Metal Games] The Widow's Tear: Cosmic Horror for Starfinder kickstarter is now funding!

Any Cyberpunk 3rd party stuff?

[SF3PP Wiki] Announcing the SF3PP Wiki

Any chances of Spheres of Power getting a Starfinder version?

Blog: Look Around, Can You Form Some Sort of Rudimentary Lathe?

Coding a Starship Creation Program... what license do I need?

Not gonna ask what types of Starfinder products you want to see from Oznogon Games

Blood Space and Moon Dust

Races of the Outer Rim: the Ruanoch now available!

Can anyone recommend a freelance cartographer?

[Everyman Gaming] Surveying the Community About an Upcoming Project

Starfinder: When will it be available to publishers?

Syrinscape: Dead Suns - Incident at Absalom Station Soundpack

[LPJ Design] Infinite Space: Warp Speed! Expanded Starship Creation (SFRPG) for The Starfinder Roleplaying Game Now available

Cool Sci-Fi Maps On Kickstarter

[Stroh Hammer] Gravity Age: Nanotech Emporium is in e-stores now!

Alien Party Bus [Little Red]

Star System Sets from AAW Games

Legendary Planet integration?

[Gamer Printshop] Ultimate Vehicles: Vehicle Creation Rules

Notsonoble's Gaming will be doing A Campaign Setting

Dyslexic Character Sheets

[Fat Goblin Games] Alien Evolution: Cosmic Race Guide

[Everyman Gaming] Introducing a New Product Series: Star Log-EM!

[Maps of Mastery] = Awesome

Fantastic Starfinder Starship Resource: 0-hr Starships!

[Legendary Games] May the 4th bring you Star Empires - and Savings!

New Product Line: Red Sector

Starfinder Spheres of Might

[LPJ Design] Infinite Space: Alternate Racial Traits: Worlds of Difference (SFRPG) for The Starfinder Roleplaying Game Now available

[Kickstarter] Spaceship maps Now Live

[Fat Goblin Games] Presents: Strange Worlds: Dead Planets

Starfinder Tools

[Advice] Starfinder with Crisis of the World Eater

Advice requested: New to 3rd Party Publishing

[Stroh Hammer] Gravity Age: Creature Update 00 available for free

[Fat Goblin Games] Cosmic Odyssey: Service Bots and Synthetic Companions

Syrinscape and Starfinder!

[0-hr] Starship PDF Sheet & sample ship

Books are at press! Tome of Aliens and Planetarium

Any chance we could see a licensed Destiny setting for Starfinder?

Blog: Then Shalt Thou Count to Three, No More, No Less!

[Applied Vectors] Joins the crowd

Designing Mech game, Scenery, Licensing / OGL questions

[Legendary Games] Sci-Fi Friday brings Envoys and Aliens!

[STROH HAMMER] - Gravity Age: Autonomous Artificial Intelligence in e-stores!

Monster building process from the Alien Archive is crying out to be computerised

[LPJ Design] Open call for freelance writers

Publishing Question

Starfinder Open Call Thread?

Kudos for SFRPG 3PPs

Starfinder SRD in PDF

[PCGen] Starfinder in Alpha

[JBE] Star Battles: Hex Battle Maps

Aethera backers, what will you be adding from Starfinder?


StarDuster - Starship Combat System

[Legendary Games] Legendary Planet AP for Starfinder - Dead Vault Descent is Here!

[Straight Path Games] How Do I... Rest

Noble Wild for Starfinder

[Storm Bunny Studios] World of Alessia - Wuxia styled Science Fantasy World Setting

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