Extinction Curse

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6 - The Apocalypse Prophet (GM Reference)

1 - The Show Must Go On (GM Reference)

"Extinction Curse" character concepts

Extinction Curse obituaries

Xulgath Reparations (Spoilers for book 2 and beyond)

5 - Lord of the Black Sands (GM Reference)

Looking for advices / suggestions for EC book 4 [Spoilers inside]

4 - Siege of the Dinosaurs (GM Reference)

Helg treasure (Siege of the Dinosaures)

3 - Life's Long Shadows (GM Reference)

The Final Missing Aeon Orb...

GM Advice: access to level-appropriate magic shoppes?

Grail of Twisted Desires

So . . . How often per book should the circus perform?

Trying for a more satisfying antagonist in "The Celestial Menagerie" ((SPOILERS))

Lack of the Circus?

2 - Legacy of the Lost God (GM Reference)

Starting at Level 4...What Would You Cut

Help with Determining Resonant Reflection power

The show must go on (in easy mode)

Maze of Mirrors

Artwork Credits

Artwork Credits

Demonic Designs, or What To Do With Balenni

How to get off-track players back on track? (The Show Must Go On spoilers)

An Observation on Balenni (spoilers)

So, um, where's the circus? (The Show Must Go On spoilers)

Escadar Gazetteer (Spoilers)

Escadar Map

Question on traits for signature tricks

Expanded Domain Initiates, Gozreh, and the Hermitage of Blessed Lightning

The 13th Guise of Aroden

We had a technical TPK

Hall of Blessing

Poor Quality - Interactive Maps

Thematically, which faith fits this AP the best?

Turning book 1 chapter 3 into a musical

The Show Must Go On Ch. 1 advice


Access to trick traits?

NPC Portrait Gallery: Circus Performers :-)

A simple fix for making Anticipation more impactful?

What's the purpose of additional checks for signature tricks?

Ending Book One

Extinction Curse Pre-game Ideas Needed

Meravon or Merovan? Pathfinder 2e AP Extinction Curse

[Spoiler] Extinction Curse book 2 ( suggestion needed )

A Battle of Wits

Amount of circus shows in AP?

Abberton as a leveled settlement

Question about the mancatcher weapon

Escadar Map

Book 2 last map ( advices are welcome )

Blightburn Sickness (spoiler)

The show must go on 7 tricks?

Must circus tricks have trick traits?

Circus Rules Plus

Show Must Go On: Jellico

Life's Long Shadows GM Help (Spoilers)

What circus tricks have your group come up with?

Posters for my party

Generating pre-Show Anticipation

Critical success for tricks and shows

A little bit of my player’s shenanigans

What is the point of multiple trick skill checks?

Recruiting More NPCs

Siege Analysis (Siege of the Dinosaurs spoilers)

Using Lore Skills for Tricks

Running another session for the start of book one

Roleplaying the same circus trick yet again

Bad Luck at Fortune's Hall (Spoilers for Siege of the Dinosaur)

Circus Rules Plus+

NPC Circus Vignettes

Extintion's Curse Circus Concerns

Qliphoth in Willowside

Circus Weapons as Monk Weapons?

Circus Challenges

Extinction Curse non-spoiler details on members of the Celestial Menagerie

Circus Show analysis

Community Created Content (spoilers)

Dealing with the aftermath of Bardolph's Wagon

Signature Tricks: Traits Required?

Raising Circus Anticipation / Excitement

General impressions of Extinction Curse as a whole?

A Circus of Oats - Campaign Report

Arazlant Mox: unfathomable?

isle of Kortos

EC GMs: Do you keep existing NPC circus performers around?

Are Casters Behind the Curve Now?

Spicing up later circus performances

Help with Expected Loot, especially striking runes.

Huh. Didn't realize that Aeon Towers were actually from 1e

Circus Shows - Must you use all three actions?

Intro Video for Extinction Curse: The Show Must Go On

Developers Commentary

Are there supposed to be random events during the circus performance in The Show Must Go On?

Dealing with the aftermath of the Dream Pollen Pods

The Boar at Oldlin's Orchard

NPC Roster

Tying Fall of Plaguestone to Extinction Curse? [Plaguestone Spoilers]

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