Council of Thieves

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The Sixfold Trial (GM Reference)

Mother of Flies (GM Reference)

The Twice-Damned Prince (GM Reference)

The Infernal Syndrome (GM Reference)

What Lies in Dust (GM Reference)

The Bastards of Erebus (GM Reference)

Sixfold Trial: Lines for Farus and Monris

Any film / theatre folk actually mounted “Six Trials?”

PF2 Experiment: CoT Traits

Naming the Westcrown Resistance

What now? Help!!!

Supporting Resources in 2020

Council of Thieves Obituaries

Some Changes to "Bastards of Erebus" (Spoilers)

PC Clerics and choice of deity in Cheliax

Fame Point Summary (Spoilers!)

Vassindio Drovenge

2e Conversion...?

Re-sequencing Council of Thieves

What would Eccardian do?

Side quest for a Pathfinder


Taverns in Westcrown

Whitechin the Goblin King - Tried and Tested Versions?

XP or milestones?

Advice for a small group?

Additional NPCs

new character back story tied to Sheraya. Need more Inforamtion if any is available.

Black Monday Murders (Inspiration)

Why is Council of Thieves so unpopular?

Infernal Syndrome questions.

Lich shade in "The Infernal Syndrome"

Advice for a party of 3

Raynulf's Council of Thieves Thesis (Spoilers)

Asmodean Knot one-shot

Children of Westcrown one-shot?


Modifying Midnight Mirror to fit into Council of Thieves

luck points instead of fame points

Rebuilding the BBEG (Thrice Damned Price)

[SPOILERS] Dinner with The Devil

What do you do with a crazy head *SPOILERS AHOY*

Thematic / Story Observations

Anyone tried to take down the Bastards Hustle / Burn Notice / Leverage-style?

[Spoilers] Rewriting Council of Thieves with Ultimate Intrigue

character history for an upcoming COT game I'm playing in .

Faeries of Westcrown

Post your CoT group here!

Scaling Sixfold Trial?


NPCs with archetypes?!

[Bastards of Erebus] The Hellknight Armigers [Spoilers Ahoy!]

All (or a lot of) CoT NPCs rewritten with The Adventurer's Guide?

Children of Westcrown - Bringing the NPCs to Life

Mayor confusion

Devildrome 3D Render

Westcrown with the new Gamemastery Guide

Will part 1 ever be in print again?

Bringing Westcrown

Delvehaven Pathfinders

Story Feats

Six Trials As Vigilante

Mystery of the Shadowcurse

New Map of Westcrown

Hell Knights PCs??

Player With a Question: No Spoilers Please

Side quest help

I would like to add the CoT faster in the campaign!

[Spoilers] The map of the Asmodean Knot [Spoilers]

Filming a Play

Westcrown Sewer Generating Program

Did I miss something? (Council of Thieves Spoilers)

Halflings in Part 6

Party Advice for this Saturday :S

Extra campign traits

Council of Thieves as rebellion: possible?

Campaign Finished! Complete review of each part! Spoilers!

Council Of Thieves question (Bastard of Erebus)

The 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 5 / 6 -> 4 Campaign Order

[Spoilers] Occult Adventures and CoT

Fleshing out the Dusk Market

Adventure Path community publishing: the Missing Manual

Church of Asmodeus Silent in CoT - Why? [player spoilers]

So a bunch of theater professionals know Azlanti... what's up with that?

Spoiler Free character generation guideline

Council of thieves - Stygian Keyrod? SPOILER WARNING

Cornucopia Events


Inheritor’s Crusader questions

Tiefling-hate even in Cheliax?

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Difficulty with CoT thus far, seems they forgot there were female RPG'ers that play PF for this AP?

Infernal contract

Starting Asmodean Knot Soon - Advice Welcome!

Do you plan on using Tyraxalan (Dragons Revisited)?

Involving the Other Wiscrani Secret Societies

Council Of Thieves Reprint?

Foreshadowing the Council Itself

What is the Delvehaven oath?

Making Side-quests Matter: Optional Issues in Council of Thieves

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