Council of Thieves

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[What Lies in Dust] Major map error? *minor spoiler*

[Thrice-Damned Prince] Zevanxus' Alignment (spoilers)

[Spoilers] The map of the Asmodean Knot [Spoilers]

[Spoilers] Rewriting Council of Thieves with Ultimate Intrigue

[Spoilers] Occult Adventures and CoT

[SPOILERS] Dinner with The Devil

[Sixfold Trial] Is this too much of a rat bastard GM move?

[Sixfold Trial] I think I found a little error.

[Bastards of Erebus] The Hellknight Armigers [Spoilers Ahoy!]

Yeah, Yeah, Aroden, Whatever (campaign launch)

XP or milestones?

XP for obvious traps (Council of Thieves spoiler)

Worried about Boredom with Walcourt-Stock Bad-Guys, Need Replacements (Spoilers)

Winging Fame Points

Will there be corrected maps coming out? (minor spoilers)

Will part 1 ever be in print again?

Why Mammon?

Why is Council of Thieves so unpopular?

Whose Problem Is This AP? [spoilers]


Whitechin the Goblin King - Tried and Tested Versions?

Which supplements to buy for a player of this adventure path?

Which is the Best AP? Convince My Players.

Where is Citadel Rivad?

Where can I find a wagon mini for the rescue?

When can the Children of Westcrown help out? [SPOILERS]

What year is CoT set in?

What where the literary / cinematic influences for CoT?

What were your favorite / least favorite elements about Council of Thieves AP?

What to Expect?

What to do with Sian?

What Lies In Dust Bestiary Questions

What Lies In Dust - The Wave Door questions and spoilers

What Lies in Dust (GM Reference)

What Lies In Dust (Disapointment)

What levels?

What is the Delvehaven oath?

What do you do with a crazy head *SPOILERS AHOY*

What do they know?

What are fame points?

What about recycling? [spoilers]

What about a Lawful Evil PC?


Westcrown: City of Twilight Chapter

Westcrown with the new Gamemastery Guide

westcrown sewer room in sketchup (spoiler alert)

Westcrown Sewer Generating Program

Westcrown newspaper project

Westcrown Neighborhood Zones?

Westcrown in the Forgotten Realms?

Westcrown Homegame

Westcrown Companion / Chronicle ?

Westcrown Coat of Arms

Westcrown / Cheliax government

Westcrown - Spilling the beans on the city

Westcrown (well, sort of) in papercraft

Well Crap. Thesing has his head split in half and he's supposed to come back later. Help?

Walcourt map question.

The Vault creatures (possible spoilers)

Vassindio Drovenge

Vasindio Drovenges age

Unexpectedly Hilarious Moments In This Campaign

Typo in Arael's Feats

The Twice-Damned Prince (GM Reference)

The triceratop tank - what went down during last session

Treasure far behind XP?

Transfixed by Timeline [SPOILERS ABOUND! PLAYERS please stay OUT!]

Too Many PCs...


The time frame of CoT?

Tiefling-hate even in Cheliax?

Tiefling PCs

Tiefling Paladins

Tiefling Lineage Variants Info

Thrice Damned Prince Cover art

Thrax as a Summoner *spoilers maybe*

They killed an actual Helknight... (SPOILERS)

Thesing Quotes

Thematic / Story Observations

The tables have turned! Help with the Bastards of Erebus!

The Suds of Dis -- now open for business

The speed of advancement

The Sixfold Trial: Difficult for a single player?

The sixfold trial ending

The Sixfold Trial - "The play's the thing Wherein I'll catch the conscience of the King."

The Sixfold Trial (GM Reference)

The Six Trials of Larazod

The Six Trials of Larazod w / a large party

The Shadow's Throat

The sewers are only 5' wide? Need to squeeze?

The Order of the Rack

The Massacre House - Revisions *spoilers*

The Log of a Children of Westcrown (SPOILERS)

The Infernal Syndrome F28 Route to Hell

The Infernal Syndrome - What Happened to the Art?

The Infernal Syndrome - Hall of Hellscapes question (spoilers)

The Infernal Syndrome (GM Reference)

The Infernal Syndrome & The Sewers

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Blog: The Prince of Thieves!

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