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Looking for Group at Fort Campbell KY

Fort drum players?

Home Game Dice rolls

Weird idea for voting recruitment system

PbP - How does recruitment work?

Salem, OR -pathfinder LFP

SE London Pathfinder Games. PFS 28th Oct 2017

LFP ABQ New Mexico Starfinder

Melbourne, Australia - Seeking dedicated Pathfinder group (Core rules; no homebrew; no organised play)

Need 3-4 dependable players in Augusta area for Dark Sun w / Pathfinder Rules


Discord Games

Pittsburgh players wanted for face-to-face weekly game

Weirton WV / Pittsburgh PA Player Looking For Group!

OH, Cincinnati (really Ft Wright, KY) - Pathfinder - Rise of the Runelords

Looking to join a pathfinder group in Rosenberg TX

Morgantown, West Virginia - looking for a few good players

Looking for Group in Bloomington-Normal, Illinois

Pathfinder in St Cloud Minnesota

South Central PA / Western MD group looking for players for Giantslayer.

looking for Pathfinder group near Watertown, NY

[5E] Re-Recruitment

Looking for Player in the Fayetteville / Fort Bragg NC areas.

LFM gamers in the DC / MD / NOVA area for homebrew campaign held in MD

San Antonio, Texas - DM Looking for Group - Pathfinder

Westchester, New York area Looking for Players

Pathfinder: Way of the Wicked - New Orleans

San Diego players?

Looking for players to start a pathfinder game in Tallahassee

Oregon, Eugene / Springfield: Giantslayer campaign recruiting

Florida- Looking to Join (In Person or Online)

[Offline][Denmark][Esbjerg][Pathfinder] Semi-experienced 4 player group looking for DM. Weekly sessions (weekends only); RP focus; campaign with urban setting / flavour preferably

[Canada, Quebec, Montreal] Looking for 2 or more players for a Giant Slayer Campaign

[Orlando, FL] Recon 2016 PFS: - -Sun, May 1, 2016

[Offline][NY][Schenectady, Albany] Player Looking for Group

What AP lends itself best to "theater of the mind" PBP?

CO, Windsor - Pathfinder Society Campaign / Open Campaign

Community Recruiting Alert : Trolling Recruitments

Want to learn to DM play by post

Lincoln, NE area—Wanted: Adventures (not for an online game)!

Submitting Characters to PbPs

Clarksville TN , New Pathfinder group looking for more

MA, New Bedford

PFS - Looking For Game - Level One - Not PbP

Homebrew Campaign: 2-3 players wanted. (Newcomers preferred)

South Everett Group looking for new player

Pathfinder, Charlotte, NC, looking for DM to help 4 noobs get started with RPGs

your first time

Toronto, ON - Pathfinder

Experienced player looking for a consistent group.

Albuquerque, NM: Noob looking for Group locally

4 players looking for a GM. Preferably AP Saturday mornings

SW Denver, CO Pathfinder Group

(PFS / PBP / Roll20) Season 5 Destiny of the Sands Tier 5

LF players, Pathfinder with select 3.5 hybrid classes / rules, Sierra Vista Arizona

Interested in Writing?

Pathfinder at CFB Wainwright (Alberta, Canada)

Northern NJ Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

Everett / Lynnwood area hosting pathfinder

How to promote the game in a new area (mexico city)

DH's Guide to Play By Post gaming

Pathfinder Ottawa

Stats for Game

California Berkeley - Rise of the Runelords.

San Diego Sunday Pathfinder Group


Ottawa, Ontario, Pathfinder GM looking for group

Atlanta GA Pathfinder campaign looking for a player

Ft. Wright, KY / northern Kentucky / Cincinnati, OH - Pathfinder Gaming Group

FG Con 5 - 17-19th October 2014

Pathfinder game Eastside WA

NC, Raleigh - DM looking for players

in belgium close to SHAPE

PFS FAYETTEVILLE, GA- Looking for a game!!

Pathfinder / recruiting IN San Luis obispo ca.

Mummy’s Mask MIA?

Adventure Path - Oregon Recruitment

Maryland, Odenton area Pathfinder / Homebrew campaign

Rise of the Runelords -- Oakdale Ca

New to the game looking to start.

CA, Yreka - Intro to Pathfinder w / Beginner Box

Lincoln, NE area

LF dutch players

Looking for a game near Edgware

Great oneliners in games

Ontario / Durham / Peterborough

51 Little Tips

Florissant / St. Louis, MO Pathfinder

Houston, TX Looking for GM

Rockford, IL pathfinder

Searching for Players Gulfport MS

South Everett Pathfinder Group looking for a few more players and Dm’s alike.

Portland, OR - Pathfinder

Looking for a group in Janesville, WI.

Palm Bay, FL; Pathfinder custom story, need new players & location

Looking for Pathfinder GM in Myrtle Beach / Surfside SC area.

I done goof'd.

Pathfinder Games

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