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Cottonseed PFS PbP (2E Playtest) Recruitment

Castamir's Flaxseed Station Recruitment

[PFS] The Flaxseed Pathfinder Lodge: Explore, Report, Cooperate! (ongoing PFS recruitment)

Open Call for PC Applications for APs! GMs stop on by to find applicants!

[PFSACG] Flaxseed On Deck Adventure Card Guild Lodge

Clebsch GM Wrath of the Righteous Adventure Open Recuritment

Recruiting for an AP [highly-modified PF1e]

DM Salsa Presents - Rise of the Runelords

Interest Check: 2e Remaster Reign of Winter

Black Tom's Reign of Winter

Legend of Hommlet, the Birthplace of Adventure!

Savage Firefly – want some "space western" adventures (Savage Worlds)?

Strange Aeons Recruitment [closed]

[Outpost VII] GM Soulnova's 7-10 The Consortium Compact

PbP Outpost VII - PFS1e 6-97 - Siege of Serpents [5-6] (KS) Recruitment

[Pathfinder 1e / Living World] Babel

Recruiting players for Akarna Awakens (viking / pirate themed PF2e game in custom setting)

***Chainswords, Heretics, and the Emperor's Righteous Fire!*** A Warhammer 40k / Dary Heresy 2e Recruitment

Secrets of Magic (PF1 with Advanced d20 Magic)

[Outpost VII] GM Brenael's 5-07 - Sewer Dragon Crisis

Interest Check: PF1 game with Advanced d20 Magic magic system

Neon Lights, Neon Dreams: a Cyberpunk Red interest check

Dm replacement needed for Kingmaker.

LFG as Player - Reign of Winter

PF2e and some PF1e - Outer Bureau, new West Marches style gaming server Recruitment

Interest check: Intrigue in a city in Karrnath (El Zorro y el Lobo)

[Outpost VII]PFS1 #6-22 Out of Anarchy by GM Colin Recruitment

An Original Eberron Story! (PF1e)

5e Interest in Running some Classic 1e Modules!

Recruitment for PbP, PF2-experimental-Mythic, Wrath of the Righteous campaign

(#Q-09) "Wayfinder Origins" w / QM rainzax for Outpost (Secondary)

[Outpost VII] #2-21: The Dalsine Affair recruitment (1e standard)

Pathfinder 9-13, The Lion's Justice for Outpost

[Outpost VII] PF1 #6-97 Siege of Serpents (Tier 3-4) Recruitment

GM Erich's S03-99 Fate in the Future [3-4] (PbP Outpost VII)

Recruitment for Horror on the Orient Express

[Outpost VII]PFS1 #6-97 Siege of Serpents (7-8) by GM Colin Recruitment

GM Erich's #2-13 A Gilded Test (1-4) for Outpost VII

GM Unsouled's Sky King's Tomb Recruitment

(PFS2) (#Q-07) "A Curious Claim" (Outpost IV)

[Outpost VII] PF2 #5-04 Equal Exchanges - Necessary Introductions Recruitment

[Outpost VII] SFS #4-02 Settling Accounts Recruitment

A more savage Sandpoint. Or a Pathfinder for Savage Worlds Rise of the Runelords.

[ACO] PFS2e 04-01: Intro - Year of Boundless Wonder (P10) Recruitment


Irongfang Invasion recruitment

Seeking New GM- Hell's Rebels

Calling all heroes: the stolen lands are waiting

1e Outlaws of Alkenstar Recruitment

Replacement Player Needed for Stolen Fate!

Gestalt Carrion Crown Recruitment

Interest check: Zoralon, custom PF2E setting (viking & pirate themes)

lfg 1e wanting to do a ap

A World of Water and Waves Interest check for a Pathfinder 1e Nautical Campiagn

Replacement Player Needed for Season of Ghosts!

Looking for a few bad people. A Necessary Evil recruitment thread

(PF1) Eclipsed Faith: a Homebrew campaign in the Forgotten Realms.

GM Jhaeman's Starfinder Society Scenario # 2-17: "Cost of Living" (Subtier 5-6)

Established Characters Looking for DM to Continue Jade Regent AP

PFS1 We Be Goblins Too! (GM Mike...R) Recruitment

Frontliner needed for Hell's Vengeance PbP

A new kind of Character Generation


Hermantown / Duluth, MN - PF1 Beginner Box

Interest in backports?

Pathfinder Adventure: Rusthenge Anyone?

[SFS] #1-24 Siege of Enlightenment Recruitment

[PF 1E] Recruiting four scurvy Dogs for an upcoming PBP game of Skull&Shackles.

PF2E Stolen Fate (AP)

SFS 6-08 - Lost Revelry (KS) Recruitment

Recruitment for #10-14: Debt to the Quah (Core)

Interest check: Greyhawk Adventures (PF1e)

Rise of the Runelords AP - PF2e version

GM Qstor's #1-05: The First Mandate SFS (1-4)

PF2 - Fall of Plaguestone

Polling the Boards: I Need Your Help, What Game Should I Run

GM qstor's Emerald Spire 7 & 8

GM Erich's PFS2e #2-12 Snakes in the Grass (3-6) Recruitment

A Tiny Part Of The Dimension Wars Seeks One New Character

Old School Rules (Shadowdark) RPG System: Gorgana Colony Recruitment

Recruitment for ongoing game - Volcano's Land-- Beyond the City of Light

Interest Check -- Atlantis (Savage Worlds Rifts)

GM GuardYourPrivates' Shards of Golarion Recruitment

[PF1][PFS] #5-02: The Wardstone Patrol [3-7] with GM Rutseg - Recruitment

Swords & Wizardry anyone?

Established Characters Looking for DM to Continue Hell's Vengeance AP

[PFS]Redelia's Emerald Spire levels 15 and 16

(PF1) Mummy's Mask Campaign

[PAID] Gatewalkers - Learn to Play Pathfinder 2E | Level 1-10 Campaign | New Players Welcome! [Weekly] [FoundryVTT]

DM Eric's Hell's Vengeance Recruitment thread (Private)

Shadowrun: Need 2 Recruits

Lfg need gm and players for a ap

GM Valen's Starfinder Society Scenario #1-12: Ashes of Discovery (December 2023)

[PF 2E - Remastered] Homebrew Campaign Set in Glorantha

[PF1][PFS] Shadow's Last Stand, P2: Web of Corruption

Ruins of Azlant: a wonderful journey awaits!

Legacy of Fire: Module 3: The Jackal’s Price

[PF2E] Recruitment for Abomination Vaults with modified beginning

[PF1 Homebrew] - Solo AP Recruitment

Redelia's SFS B4 Poacher's Prize

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