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Cosmic Crit's "Critical Failures" Deck Challenge

Leveling and Scaling Resolve Points

"Adventuring Party" Starships

"Zones of Thought" and Starfinder / Pathfinder crossover


(Resources) Loot generator and star system generator

*Spoilers Ahead* just checking if my gm is getting creative with the "dead suns" AP

-2 to attacks and AC when charging?

0HD Races + Class Levels = Good NPC enemies?

1 member crews?

1,001 Weird Setting Details for GMs to Throw into the Pact Worlds

3rd party support?

5th Level Luke Skywalker and Death Star

6th-level priests of Abadar(Corp)

7 Classes-We've seen some. What will they be like?

20th level Technomancer / Mystic vs 20th level Wizard / Cleric: Who would win?

21st century physics and the Inner Planes

101 in-universe reasons Bull's Strength doesn't exist anymore.

101 Starfinder character concepts

1000 Ship Names

1000 starfinder rumors

1001 Ads Overheard on the Pact Worlds Infosphere(s)

1001 ASN24 news bulletins [GM]

1001 Holosuite Adventures

1001 Side-Effects of Implanting Used Cyberware

1001 ways for a party to start their adventures with a ship they can't sell

1001 weird / wondrous sights for your Pcs to see while at Absolom station.

got a question about xenodruids

A.C. levels vs attack levels at high levels

Aasimar error +2 cha

Abadar Corp


AbadarCorp Customer Service Information Thread (RP)

AbadarCorp Trouble Ticket System / Customer Service System (RP)

Ability Score Generation Discussion

Ability score increase and HP

Ability score increase and personal upgrade

Ability score oddities

Aboleths and the Gap

About Armor...

About the Android recharge requirement?

Absalom Station

Absalom Station

Absalom Station Armada

Absalom Station feels way too small for me

Absalom Station Security

Absalom Station Size

absolom station

Action economy of the Exocortex

Additional BP cost to add turret to shuttle for ship build

Adjust Armor DC

Advanced Melee Weapons with Operative quaility

Advancements of Goblins and Kobolds

Adventure Path #1

Adventure Path Themes you'd like to see.

Adventure paths

Adventure Writing help

Advertisements / Commercials on Absalom Station challenge

Advice for n00b combat balancing?

Advice request on campaign setting

AI madness discussion (GM looking for ideas)

AI Player Characters

Air Elemental as a spacesuit?

Akiton World Building.

Alien Archive 2 - Dinosaur / Predator / Herd Animal Customization

Alien Archive 2 equipment discussion

Alien Archive 2 Wishes List

Alien Archive 3 wishlist

Alien Archive = Bestiary?

Alien Archive and Defects

Alien Archive CR / Tier

Alien Archive Printing Defect. Where Do I Go to Fix It?

Alien Archive Races with +4 stat bonuses

Alien Archive: Worth It?

Alien Archive: Creature Creation Guidelines

Alien Archive: potential errata

Alien Archives gauntlets and Armor Storm Soldier Hammer Fist

A change in the pathfinder mechanics for starfinder?

A Concern With Starship Combat

A Cool Character

A couple of Drift questions

A few small criticisms

A few weeks in. Munchkins yet?

A fun little hypothetical.

A Literal Spellcheck

A Long Winded Discussion On PF / SF Comparison...

A Nitpick Regarding Solarians

A one Session Review of the Envoy

A party of 1d4 weapons. Should I worry?

A Pathfinder World in the Starfinder setting

A peek at Navasi, the Iconic Envoy

A question on copyrights / trademarks / etc.

A question on item creation and progression

A Question on Tone

A Question Regarding Drones

A rambling about cybernetics

A request for the Blakros Historical Society on Absalom Station

A Thank You to the Creators

A trial one shot

A wounding critical to the brain does what now?

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