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Starfinder News Hub

Alien Archive 2 equipment discussion

Uplifted Bear: A Little Too Good?

Flora / Fauna

Polymorphing your expectations

Level 1-20 Homebrew Campaign Completed. My Thoughts on Starfinder.

with no wifi / net connetion can or should a pc.....

Just started playing Starfinder

Armory discussion - notable weapons

Mi-go evisceration

How much damage would liquid nitrogen (or other gases in liquid form do)?

So why make Golarion disappear?

Everything Castrovel?

Paizo Blog: Alien Archive 2: Eclectic Boogaloo



The view from 400 light years off


Summon Monster spell, and the most interesting summoning grafts from Alien Archive

What are the planes like in the time of Starfinder

New Polymorph rules: Pros and Cons

Holy Cow! Starship Combat!

Alien Archives gauntlets and Armor Storm Soldier Hammer Fist

So.. what now?

How long after Pathfinder does Starfinder take place?

The Upcoming theme of Wayfinder 19 is Absalom Station!

creating sci-fi themed maps

Starfinder Average Creature Stats by CR

Profession, or How Earning a Living Doesn't.

How long was "The Swarm War?"

The Gap

an actual shield seems like it would be useful....

starship / building plans

What's the point of a Recreation Suite?

Nudism in SF

Real world currency / credit conversion rate

Crazy home game (end of the world), need help

Should there be Prosthetic eyes?

[Shipbuilding] Crew capacity and cargo hold size

Monster idea: computer virus gremlin

Skittermander naming conventions.

Starfinder Society Suggestions

Gap Theories

The Starship Combat Rules Have Been Fixed

Paizo Blog: Aliens Incoming!

Veskarium and the silent war

Black Lotus Extract

Understanding the Astrazoan Change Shape

Pinball Build - Bull Rushing for Fun and Profit

Selling Equipment at 10%

Bringing The Predator in Starfinder

The Soulfire Weapon Fusion, or how beatstick Solarians learned to love the CHA

Stealthed NPC's: To see or not to see, that is the question?

oops, forgot to title this. lets talk about the couple of divine things.

Combat maneuvers going against KAC + 8 (or effectively KAC + 4 with a feat)

Armory discussion - new synergies and combinations

Does it feel like Paizo forgot Starfinder after the release of the PF2 playtest?

Rulebook Wishlist Beyond Alien Archive 2

Starfinder novels

What can magic still do that items cannot?

Magical cures for PTSD

Stelliferas, the strongest cuttlefish

how many miles can a character who.....?

What do we need to make the Voltron universe in Starfinder?

Free Voxel Isometric Tokens - 256x256

Polyhands and "tools"

Credible Sources???

Does anybody else love to stack speed?

The Appearance of the Talon Weapon?

Creatures from Pathfinder you would like to see in an alien archive book?


Paizo Blog: A Haul of Arms

Can Androids become (corporeal) Undead

The look of Lashunta Tempweave

Is 5th Edition now coming at Starfinder?

Ysoki Cheek Pouches, grenades and 1cubic foot

Should Azlanti Star Empire technology be treated as if they were relics?

A Cool Character

Azlanti gear from Escape from the Prison Moon

New Starship Combat mechanics?

Why does pistol whip require a small arm?

Does diverting power to the weapons do ~nothing or did i forget to carry the one?

My Starfinder Group

how much of an aid is space google to making skill checks?

Armory Discussion - Integrated Weapons

Armory discussion - Technological Items and the Fabricate Tech technomancer magic hack

No Cloning? How is this not a thing?!

Sample Starships with Modifiers for Computers

Paizo Blog: Starfinder Beginner Box Announced!

Death's Head Necroglider Modifiers +1 Piloting

Shirren choice bars

On the Current Health of Starfinder

1001 Side-Effects of Implanting Used Cyberware

Armory discussion - concealed carry options

life Insurance how would you do it?

got a question about xenodruids

Did you ever see the movie Critters...?

Mazecore idea

Armory discussion - weapon accessories make full attacks, sniping much easier

Where do I find the downloadable StarFinder Character sheet

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