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Pathfinder Second Edition Compatibility License Released

If you made a demiplane in real life, what would it be like?

Having an optional rule to bring back PF1 options in PF2

Clamoring for a 2e Technology Guide


Paizocon 2022 guesses

new expected damage tool

Treasure Vault Hype and Guessing!

So in 2E, is it normal to just feel... really weak?

Destroying a stone bridge?

PaizoCon Pathfinder Infinite Sale Thread and Megabundle!

Good Spell List

An open letter to Paizo, please consider altering some of your approaches when building scenarios / APs / Modules

Beastkin Size Clarification

Dark Archives PCs - what are you making?

Why aren't basic armor options more interesting or diverse?

Who are your Knights of Lastwall characters?

Foundry VTT Subscription Possibility?

What do the Doprillus look like under thier masks?

Paizo Blog: Paizo And Foundry Virtual Tabletop Content Partnership

Kineticist: What is awesome about them?

Is it just me or do the downtime rules seem to assume lengths of downtime that dont really allign with most adventures.

Paizo, you should make more VTT premium modules!

Linnorm death curse question

What are some unusual lich phylactery ideas?

Why do people want to change Kinetist instead of making a totally new class?

Paizo buying Might & Magic(IP) or the reverse?

Brewmaster's Compendium 2022

Outwit Rangers: I don't think they actually exist

Character Question: mobile hit-and-run melee

Summoner intrapersonal dialogue and conflict.

Cloak of Resistance

Arcane Cascade Should be a Free Action

What Ancestries are you still craving?

Phoenix bloodline lore question: King of the Mountain (spoilers)

Flexible Spellcasting w / o slot loss + "Pseudo-Signature" Spells

Describe some rounds on your dream Kineticist

Regarding Hidden condiction

Spellstrike interactions

With which witch switch does your witch switch with?

A question regarding Gnoll morphology

Witch Patrons design

Archives of nethys has broken in such a weird way for me

Looking for Pawns for my Players

[Error] Duplicate Feat name - different effects!

Ideas for Thamaturge / Psychic characters

Pathfinder: The digital age.

Relying on bulwark

Is using wish / miracle etc to completely refill someones HP reasonable?

How to "Ease Up" on Challenge Level in Published Encounters?

Non-Animal companions

2 weapon fighting

Basilisk blood

question about monster regeneration

What are your Book of the Dead character concepts?

Kineticist on tbe Horizon ?

What Magical Tradition will the Kineticist have in P2?

How viable would it be for Paizo to support a digital-only fork of the rules that wouldn't have print limitations and support continuous balance patches?

Post Core classes are much stronger ranged than melee

Wand thaumaturge

Walking Cauldron & Crafting

PAIZO please do more playtests for each new classes

Summoner class archetype suggestion

Generic / Classless / Archetype content you'd like to see?

Walking Cauldron & Drinking

Caused a vampire to fall in love with the sun again

What animal companions do you think PF2 is missing?

Adventure Paths and Foundry

Content for PF2 Unchained

Whither the Drow in 2022?

APG 2 - what would you want in it ?

Good place to go for overall view / history / setting sense of PF2e

Pathfinder Second Edition World Map

What are some good alignment examples (fictional characters only, please)?

What is your campaign "rated"?

Flying Blade clarification needed

What class paths do you want to see?

Foundry dice statistics

Paizo Blog: Kingmaker Update

Pathfinder Scripts PF2 version

Magic item form armor over user.

What would you want in a shop generator?

Frustrated with Square Concepts and Round Rules

Am I the only one who thinks that Undead Bloodline Sorcerers should have access to the new Necromancy feats in Book of the Dead?

Why do you need the same amount of xp for every level in 2e?

How to make a graveknight

Card Count?

On Balance and Undershooting

Hero Points and Misfortune Effects

Why do I hate the monk where everyone seems to like it?

Paizo Blog: Free Samples!

Flying Creatures and damage

Release after Dark Archive

Has 2nd Edition Killed Heroes?

Good GM resources? Map sizes, secondary objectives, etc?

Paizo Blog: Tales of Lost Omens: Dyrani Of The Harvest

Disease spread?

Will there be a 2e technology guide?

Advanced Player's Guide 2nd Printing PDF

The new best use for a summon spell - Bone Croupier

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