Pathfinder Second Edition General Discussion

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Pathfinder Second Edition Compatibility License Released

Treasure vault sneak peaks.

Paizo Blog: So You Wanna Try Out Pathfinder Bundle!

I love PF2 Butts

Thrower’s Bandolier!

Paizo Blog: Varmints in the Vaults

PE2 character sheet on mobile

Do you feel treasure vault introduced minor power creep?

First Adventure Recommendation

Fun Choices

Paizo Blog: Play a slime, mimic, demon, nymph, and more with Battlezoo Ancestries: Year of Monsters!

5.1 SRD Creative Commons has Warlocks


Stealth changes in 4th printing Core Rulebook

Outright silliness

Not many options for two-handers?

Versatile Weapons

Around the Inner Sea: Adventuring Parties for each Meta-Region!

Looking for Players for Pathfinder 2E Kingmaker in Portland Oregon

What do you still need?

Will Synthesis summoner class archetype be in rage of elements?

I love PF2E butttt....

Who wants a Casmaron-based AP?

Numbers next to creatures and hazards, etc

Paizo Blog: Celebrate Open Gaming with Pathfinder!


Trying to Match Flavor

Half drow character?

Witch errata request from a Witch main

Something to learn from starfinder

PF2 Kingmaker GM question

What Ancestries are you still craving?

AP-style Campaign Ideas?

Sturdy Shields for Other Shield Types

Shurikens and chakri.

Just created a character and trying to find a game in Ohio or Online

Cold / electricity focused kineticists

Future Ancestry Ability Boosts & Flaws

What does your Golarion setting look like / what changes have you made to the setting?

Tieflings and evil tendencies / temptations

Why did the priests of Irori cease to be TN in the second edition?

Need help finding ways to play during a difficult time.

Future Errata Thoughts

Paizo Blog: Changes to the Way We Make Changes

Listing required skill training in Trained Skill Action stat blocks

Foundry VTT for Pathfinder 2?

Any other fans of Pathfinder’s sci-fi elements?

Character Creation Advice

2e Steampunk?

Convincing Good-Aligned Blue Dragon

Backpack ballista.

What do you want from a 2e Shaman class?

Question about Rakshasa Tieflings

Wand implement weak ?

Proposal for new game mode inspired by Deep Rock Galactic

A place to post character builds?


Barbarians, Rage, and Fatigue

Specific, General, and Representation

"OpenGaming" Code Valid For PDFs?

Favorite complete PF2E Adventure Path? Advice to a returning fan.

Regarding recent reports about troubling behavior of antecailean bags of holding

Celestial and Fiend Battle Form Asymmetry: Why only Angel Form?

Just broke up with a wizard named "Fivey". Help me shop PF2.

Paizo Blog: No-Prep Character: Eleukas

A Roadmap for you former 5E'ers



Who are your Orc PCs?

Ooh, an alignment thread!

Damage comparisons between classes

Converting 1E characters to 2E?

Pathfinder 2e beginners box guide for new players

Conversion from DnD 5e to Pathfinder 2e

Impersonating specific individuals?

New A5 portrait character sheet adapted from the official one

Combat Grapnel, what the hell?

Should Twitch be asked to put pathfinder 2nd edition in the list of games?

Review my Build: Dhampir(Elf) Investigator for Kingmaker

The New Orc

PF2 For Kids

Migration to PF from dnd

Magus Dedication and Implements question

How often do you see finesse builds on flexible classes?

Magus Dedication and Implements question

Goblin sailors

Does anyone else find the Psychic refocus progression odd?

A better FAQ

Pathfinder Scripts PF2 version

How many also play 5e?

Why do some monsters have new names for 2e?

City Building

Some thoughts on attributes in PF2

Do Inventors Need / Benefit From Tools For Class Skill Actions??

Where to buy Paizo products?

Do Inventors Need / Benefit From Tools For Class Skill Actions??

Open game license and effects on pathfinder

CRB Errata v4 discussion

Gnome Adoptions (and other multi-cultural families)

Looking for a character sheet that accommodates the Stamina variant rule

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