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Pathfinder Second Edition Compatibility License Released

Delay action and the good of the game

DISCUSSION: How long is it reasonable to hold the spotlight?

Pathfinder Elven Lore

continual flame typo?

Steam giant vehicle: what is it?

Alchemist Reality vs Theory

Pathfinder 2e Digital Discount During Covid-19???

Anyone Notice Wizards Get Less Skills?

Mechanical Carny is supposed to have additional customizable abilities but there are none

Heal / Harm

Herolab Online

Soulbound ruin is supposed to have additional customizable abilities but there are none

Did wizards get nerfed?

How many anathemas do you have to commit to get excommunicated or whatever?

Looking For Advice - NPC Formula Books & Spellbooks

Roll20 Condition Markers

Condition values

Future feats / archetypes / classes / etc. you would like to see for casters

Reference in Gamemastery guide art?

What is the most statistically improbably die roll you've witnssed?

Archetype Requests!

Azlantians in Present Day Golarion

World wound

Discord play by post thoughts.

Paizo's Version of "DMs Guild"

Vehicles & Passengers

Class / Ancestry Power / Enjoyment Poll

advancing Proficiency for advanced weapon training for non-fighters

Spell ranges are quite short, what do blaster war wizards do on a battlefield?

Will there be metallic kobolds?

Pathfinder 2E Char sheet in Google Sheets

No monk weapons in Gods & Magic -- Oversight?

What's your favorite thing about 2nd edition?

Monster strength vs PC strength?

Anyone familiar with the Pathbuilder program - Help!

Some notes on libraries and research in the GMG.

now that herolab is unuseable--what other options are there?

Considering creating a PF2e actual play podcast. Some questions. ?

Once per day

Diehard or Toughness?

Sneak peak at new spells from APG

PF1e vs 2e - Potions & Scrolls

Oh Rats! : a question

Paizo Blog: Badlands Ambush

Best. Seoni. Ever.

Summon Tables

GameMaster Guide - What did you like most?

Level 20 Test

Relics are kinda Sad ?

Synaptic Pulse is Incredible

Which is easier to learn?

Crafting Calculator

Too be able to roll secret checks more than once or just once? (Searching for hazards)


Warlords? Yes, please!

Pathfinder Second Edition Awards and Acknowledgements

(GM Advice) Official pacing

Crossbow Ace Clarification

Trying to understand the math for Hazards

So Destructive Vengeance

Looking for 1e AP Summaries (Potential Large Spoilers)

Should dimension door force you to leave your familiar to die?

Anybody think we will see extra ability score boosts again?

Favorite Spells Survey

Take up of Second Edition

Ninja Turtle in Extinction Curse

Where can I find an Online Game? GMT / UTC

Encounter building

Gamemastery Guide is the best book evar!!!

The phrase "Tomorrow Must Burn" is from...? ( AoA Minor Spoilers)

Gamemastery Guide - Monster Builder

Favorite Arcane Spells Survey

Why do Monsters have such high Spell Attack Rolls?

Magus as a Wizards Thesis.

Saving awareness

Dragon Eggs for breakfast

I for one, welcome our Core Goblin Overlords...

How Deadly are 2e Afflictions / Plauges to the average Commoner? I'll Tell you!

Demons and Divine Magic

Goblin Character Horror Stories

Unable to make ‘reportable character’

Bestiary A–F, G–K etc

Zapp's Thoughts on The Gamemastery Guide

Saving your game from creative players without simply saying "no"

3rd Party 2e Love

Paizo Blog: Make Your Game Your Own

Sea Hag's Bagains?

Concise list of Word / Abbreviations for 2e

Paizo Blog: Monster Making

Hellknight Armiger resistance to mental damage clarifications

Pathfinder 2e Videogame

Hopeful weapon return thread

Circus Trick Sheet for Extinction Curse

Is a familiar worth it?

The Unfortunate Necessity of the Cleric

Mounts and initiative

Lore Dissonance with Gods & Magic

Will the arcane Witch replace the Wizard?

Drawing the line between archetypes and classes

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