Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild

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Pathfinder adventure guild?

Season of the Shackles - Will it ruin Skulls and Shackles AP?

Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild launches at Gen Con!

Organized play in st louis metropolitan area (including metro east)

Organized Play - Skull & Shackles

U-Con Guild Play?

Some thoughts on Metastrategy for OP

PACG OP in Edmonton, Alberta

NYC PFACG Kick-off

Lafayette area Adventure Card Guild kick off

Fresno, CA Card Guild

Midland, MI Adventure Card Guild

Scenarios...where do you get them?

Reporting Question

Looking for advice on limitation of growing Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild

How do i get started hosting?

Where to play?

PACG OP Deck Rebuilding Query

Hosting Games in Cologne, Germany

Bay Area ACG (Heretic Games - San Bruno, CA)

Playing Different Class Deck Characters Through Each OP Scenario?

Card Guild Press Release

Starting OP in San Francisco

Boise, Idaho (and surrounding area) PFSACG

On the horizon...

Chronicle sheet question


OP Chronicles sheet question

Shirt rerolls?

Seattle-Area Adventure Card Guild Launch, Monday in Bellevue

Paizo Blog: Dispatches from the Front: Adventure Card Guild in the Wild


Scenario Names and Descriptions?

pacg list

PFSACG in Kansas City, MO

Portland area Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild

Play as other S&S characters?

Travelling players / / Card guild games in Chicago?

Lancaster, PA (and surrounding area) PFSACG

Promos and "Upgrading Your Deck" in Organized Play

Corvallis Area Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild

Request for Video play through of "On the Horizon"

Rogue vs. Ranger for next deck?

Frank Perkins - new Venture Lt / ACG organizer - Los Angeles, CA

Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild in Southern NH

Any Pathfinder card group in Paris, France?

Extra Life fundraiser in Boise, ID

First wave of card game OP VLs selected

On the Horizon Upgrade Question

Need to add more Blessing for 5 and 6 players

Questions considering soloing in Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Organized Play.

questions about the PFSACG and starting it up

Question about Preparing the Game Box for PFSACG

For ACG Play, get ship plunder like normal?

Pathfinder Adventure Card Guild Demos and Play in Ashburn, VA

Flenta - only two Basic (B) spells in class deck

Solo Guild Play - Requirements for extra characters

Mixing Home sessions with Store sessions?

Generic henchman cards for OP

Ghosts of the Deep is pretty brutal solo

Idea: For SS Organized Play PDF-buyers-> Hard paper book

PFSACG play: North of Boston

Edmonton, Alberta Card Guild

PSACG in London - Starting this Sunday

Preferred table size for organized play = 4. Why?

Salvage Operations: Reward Question

Will I be the first cross-national PACG player?

Special Store offer for Organized Play

Taking One for the Group

Any pathfinder card group in Colorado?

Treasure of Jemma Redclaw too easy?

OP in Glasgow, Scotland

Should we report solo characters who die in one session?

Binding printed copies of scenarios together -- anyone else?

Rewards - once per player or once per character

On the Horizon and Skull & Shackles Demo Script


Most Rediculous Shuffling Ever

Card Adventure Guild - succeeding at a scenario, what should happen?

Card Guild & Games Questions

Adventure Card Guild coming to Game Kastle Santa Clara CA on Nov 4th !!!!


Organized Play general questions

Basic question is the deck I first create for my character "set in stone"?

Upgrades from Box Cards

Suggestion for Organized Play Scenarios

Community Use Logos Updated, Now Includes Card Guild Logo


Basic and Elite Purge Clarification

Promotional Materials Requested

Card Feat at End of Treasure of Jemma Redclaw 0-1F

PFACG Scenario 2C

0-1F Treasure of Jemma Redclaw reward?

Upcoming structure of SS OP

Recording Upgrades from Dead Characters

Scenario Rewards

Group getting frustrated with Loot in Society Card Game.

OP in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Any way of getting a higher quality version of the back of the PACG Card??


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