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[PFSACG] Pre-Gens for Class Deck Characters

Changes coming in Guide 6.2

A Curious Hypothetical - Quinn & Weapon Proficiency

Season 6 Adventure 3

Deckbuilding clarification for OP

Paizo Blog: So Much to Play in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Society!

[Play-by-forum test thread] To practice posting, rolling, etc.

5-4C: Roll encounter die again for summoned Dream?

Paizo Blog: Introducing Adventurer’s Packs for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Society

Outpost III signups have begun

Adventure 5-4 Rules Questions

1-4B With A Bit of a Mind Flip

Season of the Righteous questions

1-2B: Knight of Kenabres wrong functionality?

6-4b Closing question

Easy-to-print file of Rotting Ruin supporters?

Board game - the card from UE-B

Ak, Blackjack

Template for advertising OP Games

Change how bonus deck upgrades are handled?

PAX Unplugged 2019

Fangwood gravestones

Are the Sawtooth Saber +2 (UI / Tales / etc) and Sawtooth Saber (Curse) equivalent?

Need help reporting solo OP game

Adventure 6-1: City of Sails and Shrouds - Harrow blessing?

5-1E under 6.0: how is this possible without a team full of clerics?

CotCT Sanctioning Document - Base

PBP Specials-Only Characters and Tiers 3 / 6

Are the "Society" scenarios also usable for home play?

Paizo Blog: Guest Organized Play Blog: Playing Pathfinder Adventure Card Society

Is scenario 1* required for Adventure rewards?

Dragon's Demand play order

Core Conversion interaction with Sunburst Market trader

Guide 6.1 feedback - Building the Vault

Guide v6.1 Feedback

Building a class deck

Adventure #6–1: City of Sails and Shrouds Availability

Gen Con 2019 Feedback Survey

Society information and Season release date

Dragon's Demand Sanctioning Document - "Gets a new X..."

Guide 6.0 feedback - converting characters

Guide 6.0 released

2019 ACS Open - All For Immortality

Blank Deck List

Gen Con Tournament 2019 - You cannot bring your own characters

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Adventure Card Society: New Box, New Opportunities!

Paizo Blog: Homebrew Special: I Want My Mummy!

Paizo Blog: New Rules, Unlimited Adventure

Converting a Season 0 character

Change in the rules for advancing to the next tier

CotCT Sanctioning document - Build the Vault

Plea for new Class decks: New Core Rules break Society Play

Finally a new way to play Arueshalae in OP!

Sanctioning Documents for Dragons Demand and Curse of the Crimson Throne Are Live!

Scenario 3-5B: Guardians of Ruin - Sometimes Unwinnable?

Looking to confirm - class decks needed to org play?

Volunteering for GenCon?

"small" locations in OP (currently not allowed - could this change?)

Issues with Guide 6.0

Paizo Blog: Making the Most of Character Unlocks

Running Core Content for PACS

Multi table special at gen con 2019?

Reward for 5-P1

Inquisitor Varril - Build Options & Review

PACS Open at GenCon: How does scheduling work?

Looking for a game of PACS while visiting Los Angeles area

Anyone TPK at 0-6F?

GenCon PFS organizers looking for a PACG GM

Question about scenario 3-P

What character benefits most from being a Blackjack?

Ever wanted to play PACG over play-by-post? Check out OutPost!

Boon checklists for Seasons

Reporting 5-P2

Season of Tapestry’s Tides Availability

Removing basic / elite cards in organized play

1-6A: Gashgelag?

2B-1C: The Old Shipwreck

Reward for 5-6D: The Siege of Ushiojou

Props to the design of 5-5a

MM Ezren - Build Options & Review

Paizo Blog: Introducing the Pathfinder Adventure Card Society

0-4D The Impossible Bottle -- Too easy?

Reward for 5-1B (Tapestry's Tides)

Scenario 4-P7 PDF

4-6E Difficulty

Is this a legal build of Enora, despite not finishing 0-6?

What conventions are going to have lots of PFACG play 2019?

Multiple Characters from One Class Deck?

Season of Factions Favor - Complete

Scenario 4-4E: The Spellscar Showdown

3-P, complete!

[Newbie Advice needed] - How to Report PFACG Solo Play

Do we know when the next base set is coming out?

3-2E and removing bottom cards from locations - final location?

3-6E: Last But Not Least...

Replaying missed scenarios

Season of the Righteous Card Removal

Hey, hey!! We’re doing a Gameday!! (PBP Gameday VII & ACG)

Season of Tapestry's Tides - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Discussion about ultimate decks and scenario difficulty levels

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