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[PFSACG] Pre-Gens for Class Deck Characters

Guide 6.1 feedback - Building the Vault

Dragon's Demand play order

Core Conversion interaction with Sunburst Market trader

Guide v6.1 Feedback

Building a class deck

Adventure #6–1: City of Sails and Shrouds Availability

Gen Con 2019 Feedback Survey

Society information and Season release date

Dragon's Demand Sanctioning Document - "Gets a new X..."

5-1E under 6.0: how is this possible without a team full of clerics?

Fangwood gravestones

Guide 6.0 feedback - converting characters

Guide 6.0 released

2019 ACS Open - All For Immortality

Blank Deck List

Gen Con Tournament 2019 - You cannot bring your own characters

Paizo Blog: Pathfinder Adventure Card Society: New Box, New Opportunities!

Paizo Blog: Homebrew Special: I Want My Mummy!

Paizo Blog: New Rules, Unlimited Adventure

Converting a Season 0 character

Change in the rules for advancing to the next tier

CotCT Sanctioning document - Build the Vault

Plea for new Class decks: New Core Rules break Society Play

Finally a new way to play Arueshalae in OP!

Paizo Blog: So Much to Play in the Pathfinder Adventure Card Society!

Sanctioning Documents for Dragons Demand and Curse of the Crimson Throne Are Live!

Scenario 3-5B: Guardians of Ruin - Sometimes Unwinnable?

Looking to confirm - class decks needed to org play?

[Play-by-forum test thread] To practice posting, rolling, etc.

Volunteering for GenCon?

"small" locations in OP (currently not allowed - could this change?)

PBP Specials-Only Characters and Tiers 3 / 6

Issues with Guide 6.0

Paizo Blog: Making the Most of Character Unlocks

Running Core Content for PACS

Multi table special at gen con 2019?

Reward for 5-P1

Inquisitor Varril - Build Options & Review

PACS Open at GenCon: How does scheduling work?

Looking for a game of PACS while visiting Los Angeles area

Anyone TPK at 0-6F?

GenCon PFS organizers looking for a PACG GM

Question about scenario 3-P

What character benefits most from being a Blackjack?

Ever wanted to play PACG over play-by-post? Check out OutPost!

Boon checklists for Seasons

Reporting 5-P2

Season of Tapestry’s Tides Availability

Removing basic / elite cards in organized play

1-6A: Gashgelag?

2B-1C: The Old Shipwreck

Reward for 5-6D: The Siege of Ushiojou

Props to the design of 5-5a

MM Ezren - Build Options & Review

Paizo Blog: Introducing the Pathfinder Adventure Card Society

0-4D The Impossible Bottle -- Too easy?

Reward for 5-1B (Tapestry's Tides)

Scenario 4-P7 PDF

4-6E Difficulty

Is this a legal build of Enora, despite not finishing 0-6?

What conventions are going to have lots of PFACG play 2019?

Multiple Characters from One Class Deck?

Season of Factions Favor - Complete

Scenario 4-4E: The Spellscar Showdown

3-P, complete!

[Newbie Advice needed] - How to Report PFACG Solo Play

Do we know when the next base set is coming out?

3-2E and removing bottom cards from locations - final location?

3-6E: Last But Not Least...

Replaying missed scenarios

Season of the Righteous Card Removal

Hey, hey!! We’re doing a Gameday!! (PBP Gameday VII & ACG)

Season of Tapestry's Tides - Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Discussion about ultimate decks and scenario difficulty levels

0-6D: The Pirate Party - Whew, got that one done

RetroCon Cosmic Captive

Season of * at DriveThru?

Enjoying Tapestry's Tides so far...


Season of Runelords Suggest a Character

Selecting deck upgrade higher than Tier

The Pathfinder Open @ GenCon

3-6D: The Adventure of Hated Scenarios Continues

1-6A: Champions of the Horn -- How did you do?

4-5D Temple of Light and Metal

Redemption Cards in PFSACG

Suggested class decks for OP beginners?

Adventure Card Guild Play By Post Rewards and Prizes

All The Possibilities

Recruiting players for Cards Against Gnomanity, our first online PACG Org Play Convention!

PACG at GenCon

Paizo Blog: PACG Fun at Origins and Free RPG Day

Request to relax the requirements for "capstone" scenarios

Class Deck Character sheets update?

What happen in scenario 3-2a if you trigger dance of death

Suggested rephrasing for next version of ACG Guild Guide re: Tier Advancement.

Can't report 4-P2 or any of 4-3

Season of Factions' Favor Adv 6

Traders in Organized Play

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