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FAQ System

Best Open Content

Favorite weapons in each category...

What happens if two spheres of annihilation touch eachother?

What is Your Favorite Psyschic Class?

Celestial Armor and Evil Characters?

What is Your Favorite Arcane Class?

So Who / What Was Your Favorite Character You Ever Played As In Pathfinder?

What is your favorite divine class?

Best 1st-level domain powers (new thread)

Housing for heroes

Another Wild Shape Variant

Is boon companion a feat tax for clerics with the animal domain?

Well we messed up...our rogue is the tank.

Stuff That You Wish Paizo Had Done For Pathfinder 1E?

Escadar map?

Is this a fair cost to build a magical airship?

Drow Sunglasses

Pie in the face?

Pathfinder versions of characters from other media

Liches and alignment

An Expanded NPC Codex

Abadaran Antipaladin?

Best higher level Domain powers (on topic only)

Favorite Pathfinder 1E Hardcover Books, Softcover Books, and other Merchandise?

What do intelligent monsters do all day?

Where do they store artifacts?

Do constructs have souls?

What Are Your Favorite Sorcerer(and Bloodrager) Bloodlines?

So Who Is Still Playing Pathfinder 1st Edition

What Are Your Favorite Oracle Mysteries and Oracle Curses?

How vital do you consider the 4 traditional roles?

Help me flesh out a Catfolk Tribe

There is frog in your mount

Making the most of Aasimar's Heavenly Radiance...

Merging the Astral and Ethereal Planes together

Talisman crafter Occultist. Anyone play / opinion?

If you rob a tob do you steal from the dead?

Is there better random weapon rolling chart...

Magic Items that can increase my movement speed

Selling a petrified creature?

Magic and the law

What to do if someone doesn't pay attention and doesn't roll a check / intiative?

Compilation / Reprinted Material Hardcover Books.

What is your favorite Kineticist Element?

How do you free a posssessed creature?

Cleric / Ashavic Dancer build

Would you like some sewer rat with lashings of resturant trash?

Paizo Blog: The Magic Item Will See You Now

Encounter setting

Backstory Character Hooks for a Strange Origin?

Is there an undead samurai monster?

Mage's Disjunction question

Do great red wyrms ever willingly serve under someone else?

Confused wizard wants to make golems

How do you make characters? Tell us about your favorite!

Next Society Character Role?

Divine bloodlines?

Summoner or Conjurer?

What is your favorite 4th and 6th level casters?

Infernal healing, Bladed Dash, and other endless arguments

Notices found on a Job Board at a College of the Arcane Arts

NPC / monster spellbooks

Help with writing Cleric prayers

Class Features That Give A Hometown Bonus?

Stone to Flesh clarifications

Campaign: The Ratpack in The Shattered Star

Asdrovac's errant wondering and mind-boggling about ULTIMATE CAMPAIGN.

Asdrovac's errant wondering and mind-boggling about ULTIMATE CAMPAIGN.

Do you prefer the classic / stereotypical race / class combos or do you prefer the unexpected ones?

The PHYLACTERY... how deep does the rabbit hole go...?

Spellcasting Contract - Bonuses

any items that let you see through fog / mist / smoke?

Adventure Path Interactive Maps?

Artificer & Robot Buddy

Pathfinder Kingmaker PC Game

What is the best 3rd&4th book of any AP?

Banned Builds

What would the variant tieflings look like?

Diabolist prestige class questions

How powerful would a 17-20 critical threat range weapon be?

Trickle Down Loot

Crossblooded Wildblooded Sorcerer?

What is the best penultimate and final book of any AP?

How is lycanthropy a curse?

Iconic class items?

Playing Bloodrager

Has Anyone Detonated the Synchrony Device?

The Path To Level 20

Playable Serpentfolk?

Why do runestones of power cost more / have no double version?

What was your favorite Alchemist that you played, had an idea for, or saw played?

How is the Kineticist?

Best Source for Serpentfolk Lore?

Storm giants and where to find them

Any good youtube pathfinder games i can watch?

Why does hardness apply to all damage but DR only to physical damage?

Do you have a go to class?

Harrow Spreadsheet

What are some good alignment examples? (fictional characters only please)

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