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Best Open Content

FAQ System

When to retcon?

Best Class for a Chef

Why don't high level demons and devils always teleport away?

Need Mid-Level Wizard Builds

Feeling a little melancholy

Social Impact (In Game) of Public Spell Casting

Anti-Paladin Alignment in your game

What are some good "punishment" spells?

How unbalancing is it to introduce a handful of technology items to a steam punk level tech game?

What's the border of a deity's capability on directly affecting a mortal or the world?

Looking for GM for face to face sessions

Polymorphing into an unknown creature

What level would a "speak with dead" type spell that doesn't need a body be?

Is there a feat / mythic ability / whatever that gives you a perfect memory?

What business would a wizard specialist excel at?

Dragon Polymorph and Items

Probably the most critical knowledge local check ever made.

Quahs to Runelords

Why does "Interrogation" Have the Evil Tag But "Confess" Does Not?

Exemplar Traits? Awesome fun to commence...

Crafting for Profit

Looking for information on Nidal

Lovecraft Monsters

CR modifier of a template?

RIP magical child archetype

Random weather

An Encounter: the Wycked and the Whallop

I’m new to using Kineticist, but why does every guide for Kineticist I see say to avoid weapons and dump Strength?

Character Build ideas

How I think Keen and improved crit should stack

Rolling for Weather

How do you go about building cities in your world?

The Niobe Pathfinder Supplement is out.

Weather Generation Tables

Weather and Environment

Ultimate Wilderness Weather Generation

Random Weather Generator

DaLuc's Guide to the Eldritch Knight Dip

Harrow Spreadsheet

Final 1st Edition FAQ?

Unchained Monk Level 20 Damage Build

Nightmare Creature Acquired template


An Encounter: the Heirophant

Paizo Blog: Monkey See, Monkey Do? An FAQ on Intelligent Animals

What's the weirdest thing you've ever used as a mount?

Wearable creatures?

Anything like Tremorsense, but sensing heat instead?

Does a monster with this ability already exist?

Favorite & Least Favorite APs?

Farewell First Edition! Things you loved, wanted, hated and will miss.

Another Wild Shape Variant

Possess Creature / Object

How can I pretend to be enchanted?

Gruesome Parry - What would you do with automatic critical threats?

Blind Study: the Merry Wanderer

Baggageboy's Mini Guide to Making the Most of UMD at Low Levels

Advice on countering Magic-heavy party

Question on infusions / blasts with Kinetic Knight

Keeping “Power Gamers / Game Breakers” in check

can you write symbol spells on your own body?

Exalted clerics are terrifying

What do the symbol spells actually look like?

Alternative cap stones

I just realized how heavy 3E / PF's sling bullets are.

Have you ever had an instance where attacking a fellow party member was a GOOD thing?

Paizo Blog: Kingmaker Late Pledge Campaign

Oracle: JuJu

How much do churches charge to heal?

GMing a Blind PC, balancing player choices and power levels

Sell me on 'Reach clerics'....... I just don't get it

Pathfinder Art Book

Countespells and Shadow (Evocation, Conjuration,...)

Does Kineticist Pushing Infusion Provoke?

What rules do you always have to look up?

Character Sheets

Any Reason To Use Gunslinger?

Polymorph any object question

Corruption in Strange Aeons

Buildings, Rooms, and Flying Towers

Should I Stock Up on 1E Products?

Creatures with possession powers question

Stats 3d6 take em straight

Invulnerable Rager -- Too powerful?

Adventure tropes / clichés?

What’s the minimum level you would say an NPC would have to be to successfully make several Major Artifact (Tech) items?

Wasp Familiar

Am I Being Too Nitpicky?

dwarf racial trait

Tell me about your investigators! Please..?

How would you feel about an evil character in a non evil game that does good / neutral things, but thinks they’re doing evil?

Problems with high level play

Self-Improving / Modifying Class

Garundi Clan Names

Spiritualist Archetype Stacking - Fractured Mind and Priest of the Fallen

New Class Wish List

Beginners box - optimization challenge

Have you ever played a redeemed bad guy?

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