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Community Use

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Risque Content and Pathfinder 3PPs

dragon expansion ideas for pathfinder

[Community Project] Wayfinder #22 Call for Submissions

Kingmaker Kingdom Events Covered under the OGL / CUP?

Web site to automate certain rules

Ultimate Campaign Kingdom Tracking Spreadsheet

Class Tokens

Couple questions for Infinite Publishing

Community Use policy for Fan Translations

Using Cover Art From AP's To Advertise Pay to Play Games

Do Starfinder Adventure Paths count as Starfinder Roleplaying Game books?

A Question Regarding Making an Adventure Path 5e Conversion!

One-Shots and Bounties

Writing for a fanzine

CUP - AV Loot actors for Foundry VTT.

Fists of the Ruby Phoenix and later Player's Guides (Pathfinder Wiki CUP question)

Use of adventure path materials for a wiki

Creating a free / fan videogame using CUP (Community Use Policy)

Can I use PFS Products to write fanficiton with Community Use?

Confirming I am using the community use policy correctly as I make 3D files for printing monsters

Approved Product List also includes Pathfinder 2e?

A versatile Team

Turning Shroud of Four Silences into AP for card game?

Convert Pathfinder RPG Books for using in Foundry VTT

Pathfinder -Over alignment- Throw idea here!

[Community Project] Wayfinder #21 Call for Submissions •

Flip-Tile Storage

Doesn't approve while playtesting?

Hell's Rebels Rebellion Sheet and the CUP

[LoF] Almah ‘s youth

Adventure and AP(Adventure Path)

Paizo Blog: Community Use Policy Update

The Harrow and Community use

Adventure Path 2e Conversions

Pathfinder 2e Deities and Organizations Symbols

Printing pdf maps at staples

Community Use Logos

Converting Pathfinder adventures to non-OGL RPG systems

Allowed to share code for automatic scraping token art from pdf's for VTT use?

Will Paizo inspire official creature from fanmade Bestiary?

I'm creating a game using pf2 mechanics. Help me understand what I can and cannot do.

The Journal of Dungeoneering for Hip and Attractive Professionals releases today

OGL and Monster description text

Community Use: Telegram bot.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game

Monetization of YouTube videos featuring content that is otherwise compliant with the Community Use Policy

Community use - Live play guide?

Official Roll20 Module Graphics

Rights to use Paizo trademarks for homebrew content


Record Tales

Using Open Game Content in a GameLit Novel

Order 25078306 Problems with Subscription shipments

Question about the Community Use Policy

CUP / OGL application to Torment and Legacy

How can I express in an OGL release that a deity from another setting is equivalent to a Golarian deity?

Can I use the Harrow Deck card Images in an Open source, free to use web app?

Where can you find the game reference document for Pathfinder 2?

[Community Project] Wayfinder #20 Call for Submissions

Community use questions

Community Use Policy: Thinking about distributing Fall of Plaguestone stat blocks. Is this possible?

Community Use Logos

Discouraging Piracy

Creating Pathfinder Society factions icons and a boon summary - Allowed?

Starfinder Colors for Use


Community Use Policy for online charity stream

Product Identity Monsters

Community Use Policy and Actual Play podcasting

stl file sharing?

Do the Pathfinder 1e PFS rules fall under the OGL?

[Absalom Station Infosphere] Redesign, Pateron, and COM part 1

Questions about Archives of Nethys

[Absalom Station Infosphere] Updated character and starship sheets!

Specific OGL question, bolstering my knowledge please

Recent events vs. the CUP

PF2E action icons

[Archives of Nethys - 2E] The Monster Update (plus Spell overhaul)

[Archives of Nethys] Pathfinder Second Edition is Live! - https: / / 2e.aonprd.com

Games for sale

Will the Pathfinder 2 logos and Iconic artwork be released as Community Use?

[Archives of Nethys - PF] Pathfinder #143: Borne by the Sun's Grace

[Archives of Nethys - SF] Starfinder #17: Solar Strike

Group Iconic Images for Pathfinder & Starfinder

Ironfang Invasion Actual Play Podcast

[PCGen] New Releases & covering PF2

[Archives of Nethys - Pathfinder] Pathfinder #142, Chronicle of Legends, Bestiary 6

[Archives of Nethys - Starfinder] Starfinder #16 - The Blind City

[Community Project] Wayfinder #19 Call for Submissions

PF2 and the legality of PF1 homebrew content

[Archives of Nethys - SF] Starfinder #15

[Archives of Nethys - PF] Pathfinder #141, Concordance of Rivals, Bestiary 5 & 6 Progress!

[Archives of Nethys - PF] Pathfinder #139-140, Heroes of Golarion, and 2nd Edition News!

[Archives of Nethys - SF] Starfinder #10-14, Starfinder Society, and Pathfinder 2nd Edition News!

Does Paizo own user-submitted content posted in these forums?

Confused on Fair Use / Community Use Policies

Use of Material for Starfinder Twitch Podcast.

A question regarding art in the Bestiarys for the staff.

[Archives of Nethys - Pathfinder] January / February 2019 Update - Moving Digitally and Physically

Star Wars Pathfinder Conversion

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