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[Community Project] Wayfinder #19 Call for Submissions

PF1 random wizard spellbook generator

Golarion GIS data downloads

Unable to post in play thread on a PBP game I created.

[Archives of Nethys] October Update

Community Use Logos

Pathfinder Bestiary Database

Ultimate Campaign Kingdom Tracking Spreadsheet

Question about legal issue

[Archives of Nethys - PF] September Update - Heroes from the Fringe, Inner Sea Taverns, other improvements

[Archives of Nethys - Starfinder] The Rest of It

Diplomacy as an alternative play style than murder hoboism question.

[Absalom Station Infosphere] Updated character building tools.

Monetization of YouTube videos featuring content that is otherwise compliant with the Community Use Policy

[Archives of Nethys] Distant Realms and Planar Adventures, plus more hyperlinks!

Overhaul Mod for EU4 and the Community Use Policy

[Archives of Nethys] Pathfinder #118-120, Blood of the Ancients, Nidel - Land of Shadows, and a new Rules section

Now For Something "Completely Different".....


[Community Project] Wayfinder #18 Call for Submissions

PACG Community Projects

Archives of Nethys update April 2018

[Archives of Nethys] Book of the Damned, Disciple's Doctrine, People of the Wastes, Potions & Poisons, and Pathfinder #117

[Archive of Nethys - Starfinder] Core Rulebook complete, new sections added

FAQ Answers and OGL

Creating Custom Sets of monster "tokens"

Share your Wayfinder experience!

Missing Community Use Products

Free RPG Day under Community Use

[Absalom Station Infosphere] Now online.

Starfinder Spell Database, specifically built for parsing

Question on Blade Shifer / Fighter Archetype--

Introducing: The Pathfinder Spell Card Generator from

[Archives of Nethys - Starfinder] Equipment!

Pathfinder Compatibility Questions

Newb questions!

Starfinder name generator

Strange Aeons-themed Sanity, Madness, and Fear Tracker Character Sheet

World Anvil : A very exciting world building resource

[Archives of Nethys] Starfinder!

Making a "Cheliax" set of modules for: Neverwinter Nights Enhanced Edition

Questions about License Use, Archetypes, Blogs, and Patreon

Requesting feedback: PF spell card design project

Metric Conversion Guide

Anyone have an update on Archives of Nethys?

[Archives of Nethys] January Update - Pathfinder #114-116, Taldor the First Empire, Blood of the Coven, the Antihero's Handbook, and part 1 of Ultimate Wilderness

Kinetecist Spreadsheet

Streaming Policy?

Community Use Approved Product List (does licence apply to images in PDFs)

Mad Martin's Book of Many Tales

Pathfinder Languages / Deities / Races List

Harrowings made less harrowing: tools to simplify and speed up Harrowings in your game

Gestalt Excel Sheet.

[Archives of Nethys] September Update - Horror Realms, Inner Sea Temples, Planes of Power, and more!

Archive of Nethys down- HTTP Error 401.2

I make videos on occasion explaining spells, this is the most; recent I wanted to share.

Starfinder and Starfinder Society

Seeking out someone to volunteer to edit my work, in exchange for editing their work.

Offensive ad on d20pfsrd

Golarion Solar Ephemeris: Get sunrise / sunset times for your games

[Archives of Nethys] August 2017 - Pathfinder #110-113, Blood of the Sea, Villain Codex

Item Generator for Settlements

[Archives of Nethys] Bug fixes and a new section - The Master Summon List

[Archives of Nethys] July 2017 - Pathfinder #109, Adventurer's Armory 2, Adventurer's Guide, and more!

Pushing the Limits of Community Use?

[Archives of Nethys] May Update

[PathfinderWiki] Performance issues & upcoming maintenance

[Community Project] Wayfinder #17 Call for Submissions

Modules and this forum

Wayfinder #18 Announcement

[Archives of Nethys] April Mega-Update

Printable PRD

Huh... any news about Nethys and his Archives?

Yet another Character sheet (.xlsx ; Excel)

Converting and publishing monsters from pathfinder to other systems.

PathfinderWiki reaches 13,000 articles

Help with high level campaign creation

[Community Project] Wayfinder #16 Call for Submissions

Pathfinder Gaming System additions for Herolab.

Community Use package and Monochromatic Items

Pathfinder Stickers for personal use

[Community Project] Wayfinder #15 Call for Submissions

Downtime - Organization tracker

Can you print from the PRD? How?

Who wants to help create an Android app for Pathfinder?

platinumCheesecake's Custom Settlement Magic Item Rules: Making outfitting a character not a chore

Creating 1"=5' Scaled Battle Maps

Fan-Art Artwork Legal questions

GIS of the Inner Sea

Boilerplate character creator

PF API Database

Blog: A River Runs Through It!

Elluvia's Pit (Tribute)

Pricing for wood / lumber for crafting?

Smart Goblin Community Kids' Track Coloring Book #2

A tribute to my players

Pathfinder Iconics backstory readings

Etching Glassware for Charity Auction / Raffle

Krazy Kravis's discount baubles.

Blogging Supported by Patreon?

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