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Reviewed first on Endzeitgeist.com, then submitted to Nerdtrek and GMS magazine and posted here as well as on OBS. Cheers!

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Thanks to EZG's review, I'm wondering. Any chance of a print/PDF bundle, and for part one as well?

I would say that my one quibble is how it treats the 'true love' as a mechanic, and specifically how she switches teams literally immediately when the prince kisses her. I generally shy away from treating such deeply personal things with dice rolls and charts, and if the PC is roleplaying the relationship they would feel, I think, like they're being jerked around and justifiably so. It doesn't go into any detail as to how to deal with the now jilted PC, either. Turns it into a shaggy dog story because the text says so and not as a natural progression of things leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

TL;DR - Giving a character a chance at romance only to jerk the rug out from under them due to an arbitrary decision of the writer.

Hi Chris, thanks for the comment on "true love" - certainly not too long and definitely worth reading!

Ok, as the person who (wanted to, argued for, and finally) wrote this, I will admit that there were two distinct camps for this idea, and you are in one of them. So let me give you a view of where I was coming from and why I tried to get a mechanic in place which, by the way, I'm going to be coming back to prior to the release of the hardback; thoughts such as yours are important to that book. Let me see if I cover all your thoughts here, but let me know if not.

Firstly, as a middle path, we put the suggested mechanic with the pomum rather than at the point Lumi might or might not fall in love because we didn't want to say you HAD to use it then - the line (something like) "You can use the mechanic from the pomum" rather than "You must" or similar was there because we love role-playing as much as you do and are more than happy for you to ignore the rolls and charts and get straight in there!

Secondly, however, there were two things I was considering with the suggested rolls: one, that some people aren't overly comfortable role-playing something deeply personal (I'll use your good choice of words deliberately here) like true love, or don't feel experienced enough to play it successfully, say, between two members of the same sex, and so giving them something to "get through the experience" seemed helpful; and two, I wanted to try and introduce the rather capricious nature of love in a fairytale setting by having it decided by, well, the luck of the dice! I'd taken a look at a lot of the Grimm brother's tales prior to suggesting the mechanic, and wow, do a lot of the ordinary folk get turned over when royalty appears. Of course, like you, a number of the writing team felt this was harsh - even over here in London I could feel things being metaphorically thrown at me by some of them :-D - but wanted there to be a way for some people to say "Look, Lumi IS in love with me and the dice say so!"

Thirdly, we did consider that Lumi might not want to fall in love with the prince. Along with many other endings - having to write EIGHT of them was fun - 3 and 7 do acknowledge this suggestion. However, in the first edition of the adventure, we were aiming for the fairytale ending, as we wanted this to be the "Snow White" that people know, and for the party/PCs to have played their part in the full story - the line, "Where this leaves the PC who may (or may not) have been in love with Lumi is another story," is meant to leave the "door marked revenge" open for a jilted PC to step through. But we realised this may well leave some GMs and players feeling like something was missing, and that is why as part of the Kickstarter, we will be going back to the whole "falling in and out of love" scenario to add some more options. These will only be there for IF, and only if, you want to use them, not must use them. Otherwise, as before, role-play away.

Chris, I can only apologise if you felt we'd not really tied up this loose end and hadn't made it clear enough that we'd love a GM like yourself to role-play this element of the tale from start to alternative finish, rather than roll those dice. It was an idea that caused more than a few heated discussions, more than any other component of the adventure, and came down to one vote for inclusion, so I can confirm you are not alone in your thoughts! I WILL be looking at this in more depth for the hardback version, and whilst I can't say that the "rolls and charts" version will go away, I CAN say that I'll be adding more thoughts and ideas to cover the points you make about role-playing. Finally, this will not only cover the suggested paths in the adventure, but will also include at least two additional endings that cover Lumi staying in ove with the PC.

I hope this helps, and thanks again for contributing to both the discussion and, in this case, the hardback development. Happy gaming!

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