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Welcome to Paizo!

Read this before you post in this section!

GenCon turns 50 - Nascrag turns 38

Two Hex users one target

Question about how Fire wall works

Judaism in Pathfinder

*checks out* Waaaiiitttt a minute....

"Craft Construct: Homunculus" Rules Questions and Build Advice

Casting from a scroll

Looking for some books to add to druid creation.

Organized Play - Missing Credit for Trouble in Tamran that I ran at Paizo Con last year

How do you contact or submit a possible module or adventure to Pathfinder?

What happened to the "new posts" notification beside thread titles?

Kudos on my Phone Call to CS

is there a table for the mad scientist archetypes genius extracts?

Store Blog: Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Familiar Archetypes and Swarm mongers - Gen Help

Help coming up with Homebrew Deck of many things affects.

Story Hook: The partyfulfilled an ancient prophecy, fortelling the messiah. But depending on interpretation, any of them could be the messiah.

Which Pawns for Giant / Elemental based game?

Creature that pollutes water?

International Women's Day 2017

Challenge Ratings for in Game Tournaments

Favourite gags you / your gm has used?

Bardic Pub Names

Rules Question Death to Shadow vs Strength drain and consecrate rules

Store Blog: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head!

C-Line Reusable pockets for Character Sheet Shenanigans

Barbarian / Monk hybrid & NEW PAIZO MATERIAL

Converting and publishing monsters from pathfinder to other systems.

First Campaign :)

Business Challenge to Paizo

Question about Rogues

Paizo should develop a Battle-Map making software.

Lizardfolk legal for play?

What do you call a group of ... ?

Question about pathfinder card game

Why no Pathfinder style Ice wind dale?

"Whisper" of Madness Curse or Spell?

Where's the street cred?

Amazon Kindle?

Improved Critical and broken weapons

Intl tabletop day and Paizo

Paizo Blog: Onward To Adventure!

New Paizo policy

What distinguishes gods from demigods?

Why is shipping so expensive??

New 2016 Paizo Catalog?

Bard advice (Archer choices, multiclassing or straight bard)

Kinetic Blast Interactions

Rapid shot and ranged trip on same round

Paizo @ PAX Unplugged?

Next Paizocon book reveal hopes


The Brontosaurus

Anniversary editions

Kineticist - new elements?

Living weapons Guide alpha! User made gaming feat!

what if they made a pathfinder movie?

Please no Ultimate XX....or YY adventures

Annis Hag mini

Giant Slayer and Hell's Rebels advice needed

Survey: Would DM tracking player HP (instead of players) increase immersion?

The logic behind the Humble Bundle and biting the hand that feeds you

Need help fleshing out a character.


Old Dragon / Dungeon mags.

Something done in 1 or 2 sessions

Having the same feat more than once

Dark Tapestry / Dominion of the black campiagn seeds

I cannot access Pathfinder OGC

Oh, SNAP! Hasbro earns PERFECT score for LGBT equality!

Mithril Falcata

Inquisitor or Zen Archer


Store Blog: Temperatures Are Rising, and Prices Are Falling!

Blind archer build possible?

ummm, my edit button disappeared?

Paizo Blog: Announcing Pathfinder Worldscape Humble Bundle and Twitch Marathon!

What are examples of conditions or spells that prevent casting spells with emotion components?

Mapping Web-Fiction

more humble bundle

How does permanency work for Symbol of Laughter?

Snake style feat clearification

Store Blog: Run, Run As Fast As You Can!--Happy Holidays from Paizo!

Paizo Blog: Paizo Live Stream!

pathfinder humble bundle

Paizo archived livestream videos available at Twitch

Publishing Question regarding Golarion Campaign Setting

Enhancer Material Spell Components

Shattered Star Beginner

New dictionary definition

Level 15 Ninja

Family friendly Pathfinder editing

Rogue Builds

pawns question

how long does paizo keep there stuff in print in the long run?

Robbing a PC to his skivies in a dungeon.

Mercy Killing as Lawful Good?

massive sale on here i was just wanting your 2 cents

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