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Paizo's Super Team for Extra Life!

Welcome to Paizo!

Open Letter From Paizo CEO Lisa Stevens

Read this before you post in this section!

Avast! warning about d20pfsrd being a "Known phishing site"?

Adventure advice, Iomedae vs Hellknights

How do you treat Different kinds of players like Power-Gamers?

Making a character for a friend: "Self Replicating Goblin"

New to Adventure Paths, looking for info

Eating the blood and flesh of Good and Evil outsiders

Books with info on Lastwall

[Help] How to create a interactive map?

How does Boon Companion work?

Paizo Blog: Characters in the Flesh!


Dragonlance (Krynn) / Golarion reality fracture, what happens?

Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild question

Character Age & Lifetime Experience

PDF Question

Feel like getting into some shenanigans in Houston? (Owlcon 2018)

Part 2 of our interview with Erik Mona and we talk Age of Worms!

My DM decided to majorly mess with SR

Are there any organized campaigns not Society related?

Multiclass Paladin and Lay on Hands

What is the next Adventure Path hardcover?

Paizo Blog: Sutter's Last Blog

Roll For Combat Interviews Erik Mona on this week's show!

Spheres of Power Conversion to Spell Slots?

I am very disturbed to hear the allegations about Paizo these days

Question Regarding Thread Locking

Paizo @ PAX Unplugged?

Dryad Assassination

Paizo Blog: Bound and Determined

I don't get what this PrC is going for - False Priest.

Paizo, please take my money

Having a funny game without making it a joke

Help requested to add references to wikipedia page

Paizo at Pax Unplugged!!!!!!

Community use and a podcast

Total Freedom in an Immersive (3D) Adventure

I played Pathfinder for my first time, was told to sign up here etc.

Dungeons & Dragons – Stranger Things Style - Check out this Dungeons & Dragons character binder from 1981!

Why is shipping so high?

Paizo Blog: 25 Hour Paizo Live-Stream Starts November 4th!

Why did Wes and James really leave?

What's up with the boards?

Question on the Oracle Invisibility feat

Wayward Pathfinder in Buffalo, NY

Product idea: Paizo Playlists

Any chance of a Pathfinder Battles—Builder Series: (Kobolds)?


Has Jessica moved on?

What Day Was Paizo Founded?

Community Use Package: Starfinder

Railroads aren't always bad, are they?

Standardizing Spell Ranges

Standardizing Spell Ranges

How things have changed

Streaming Roll20 via Twitch - Tokens?

Humble bundle and Fantasy grounds

Monk / Fighter / Brawler Build: what am I doing wrong?

Monsters in the Party

Cloudburst for Armor and Shields

Mixing magic items together

How much flesh warping is it going to take to make a Balor Demon look rabbit-ish?

PFS pregen and hero lab

Mostly Human Elemental trait

Polymorph Question

Paizo Blog: Sorting Through the Ruins

Pathfinder Battles Mini's subscription

Item description interpretation: Wary Ring

Ultimate Campaign Background Sheet?!?

Extra-dimensional Space / Beings

Role playing a character with a wisdom of 8?

Pathfinder Confused Mad Scientist Character Idea...

Paizo Stickers

Prayers to Lissala

Help me make a mad bomber?

How do you handle recreating maps from modules?

PFS: how to get more martyr shards?

Ranged cover from the example in the rulebook

Starfinder Core Rulebook Issues

Games of Chance in Golarion

Paizo Blog: Sutter's Send-off

Found a DnD group after years of no TTRPG....they play 5e....

Lord of Runes and RotR spoilers?

Pathfinder / Sine Requie or Chtulu crossover

What program does Paizo use to make its in-book maps?

Special items for my players

So I've noticed a growing trend

Ennies 2017

Deleting Aliases

Where do I start?

Gencon event credit?

Engineer Class?

Network Power augment on Battle Transformation Power (Psionics)

Pathfinder / Fighting Fantasy hybrids

Magic (Elemental) Damage Types

Gencon 50 - Had a great time

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