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Pathfinder Adventure Card Game

The Paizo staff are at PaizoCon 2017 from May 26 through May 29!
Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for updates during the show, or track #paizocon.

We will return to the office on Tuesday, May 30.

Paizo General Discussion

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Welcome to Paizo!

Read this before you post in this section!

Paizo Blog: Stay Alert, Holy Plasma Cannons Ahead!

Origins 2017--Last Call for Pathfinder Society GMs

Consolidated Paizocon news thread

Store Blog: Oh, The Places You'll Go!

Paizo Blog: The Golem Send-off

My first homemade dungeon tiles and it's based on Iggy Koopa!

Gen Con 2017 seminars?

RotRL Nualia help!

Paizo Blog: Wes's Last Words

Pathfinder Campaign using the Forgotten Realms

Request to add sub-forum

Need a bit of advice

Desktop Support Technician Needed

Pathfinder: Kingmaker Announced!

Greyhawk Uncial Font owned by Pazio

Gencon 2017

Which minis case to get?

PPC: Psychic Anthology Question -- Blade Rush

Are spears the same length as javelins?

New to the site, trying to cast guidance

Software Developer Wanted!

Online Play advice

Artifact Destruction

Has someone stolen Paizo art?

Paizo @ PAX Unplugged?

Paizo Blog: Help Paizo Defend the Gauntlet!

Paizo Blog: Help us Win the Gauntlet Infinity!

Getting rid of tiered iterative attacks and Full Attack restrictions.

A way to reward my players

Reprint of pocket edition core rules?

(Pathfinder) Need help with a story.

Rules for Mounts

Deer Race? Bear Race?

Pet Peeve with Adventure Path Area Descriptions

Skull& Shackles: Which Ship Statistics?

Pictures of fantasy miniatures as illustrations in a commercial rpg: legal problems?

Paizo Catalog - Updated?

Take my money paizo... if you can

Pathfinder battles subscription

I've got a classroom full of Goblins!

Dragons Adventure Path

Shenanigans, the movie, the game, but actually a thread.

Question regarding a cleric aura size (from glory domain)

Can Psions learn powers from the Psion / Wilder Power list even though those powers belong to other disciplines?

Pin = Win?

Where can I find employee information?

Herolab not allowing skill focus on ...

Paizo Blog: Paizo Sponsors UK Games Expo This June!

Ship Movement in Skulls and Shackles Campaign

Advice for playing with a party of scavengers.

Artifact against Darkvision

Keep on the Borderlands for Pathfinder?

Looking for stats for all the Iconics

Store Blog: 'Tis but a Scratch!

So Is Open Call still a thing?

Pathfinder MMO soundtrack?

GenCon turns 50 - Nascrag turns 38

Two Hex users one target

Question about how Fire wall works

Judaism in Pathfinder

*checks out* Waaaiiitttt a minute....

"Craft Construct: Homunculus" Rules Questions and Build Advice

Casting from a scroll

Looking for some books to add to druid creation.

Organized Play - Missing Credit for Trouble in Tamran that I ran at Paizo Con last year

How do you contact or submit a possible module or adventure to Pathfinder?

What happened to the "new posts" notification beside thread titles?

Kudos on my Phone Call to CS

is there a table for the mad scientist archetypes genius extracts?

Familiar Archetypes and Swarm mongers - Gen Help

Help coming up with Homebrew Deck of many things affects.

Story Hook: The partyfulfilled an ancient prophecy, fortelling the messiah. But depending on interpretation, any of them could be the messiah.

Which Pawns for Giant / Elemental based game?

Creature that pollutes water?

International Women's Day 2017

Challenge Ratings for in Game Tournaments

Favourite gags you / your gm has used?

Bardic Pub Names

Rules Question Death to Shadow vs Strength drain and consecrate rules

Store Blog: Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head!

C-Line Reusable pockets for Character Sheet Shenanigans

Barbarian / Monk hybrid & NEW PAIZO MATERIAL

Converting and publishing monsters from pathfinder to other systems.

First Campaign :)

Business Challenge to Paizo

Question about Rogues

Paizo should develop a Battle-Map making software.

Lizardfolk legal for play?

What do you call a group of ... ?

Question about pathfinder card game

Why no Pathfinder style Ice wind dale?

"Whisper" of Madness Curse or Spell?

Where's the street cred?

Amazon Kindle?

Improved Critical and broken weapons

Intl tabletop day and Paizo

Paizo Blog: Onward To Adventure!

New Paizo policy

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