Welcome to the Playtest!

The Character Operations Manual Playtest for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game is our first opportunity to add new classes to Starfinder since the game's release in August 2017, and we need your help to do it!

Download the free Character Operations Manual Playtest, make some characters, and run them through their paces. Then tell us what you and your friends thought of the experience. We need your feedback to make the classes in the Character Operations Manual the best they can be!

Playtesting the Classes

Once you have a copy of the Character Operations Manual Playtest, it's time to gather some friends, make some characters, and test them in play. We're interested in feedback from a variety of play situations, so feel free to try out these new classes in Starfinder Society scenarios, Starfinder Adventure Paths, or your own homebrewed adventures.

The playtest will run until January 16, 2019. Once you've had some time to play with the new classes, come back here to share your experiences using the surveys below. The surveys will be open throughout the playtest period, but they will close when the playtest ends, so make sure to fill out the surveys before January 16.

Starfinder Society

Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild players can also join in participating in the playtest. From now until the end of the playtest, playtest can create unique custom biohacker, vanguard, and witchwarper characters. Players can find all the rules for Starfinder Society Playtest chracters on the Paizo blog.

Other Ways to Participate

There are plenty of other ways you can participate in the playtest. You can engage with other players and designers on the Playtest forums, discussing the new classes and possibilities for the future. While we want to focus on actual play feedback, we're interested in hearing all of your ideas about the classes.

You can also join us on Paizo's Twitch channel. We host a live Starfinder stream every Wednesday, where we talk about all things Starfinder—including the Character Operations Manual Playtest. Videos from the stream are archived on Paizo's YouTube channel if you miss the live broadcast.