• Iconics Navasi and Altronus battle a large bipedal robot. Navasi is diving out of the way of an icy blast while Altronus attacks its legs.

    Waking the Worldseed
    (1 of 3)

    Rescuing a xenoarcheological team on a distant, frozen world from weather gone haywire, the heroes unearth more than they bargained for as an ancient ruin rises from the ground and kicks off a series of events that could change the face of the galaxy forever. The tower contains secrets of a warlike civilization thought long dead and is strangely connected to small moon in the Pact Worlds. Returning to explore a previously unknown facility under the moon's surface that threatens to overheat and destroy all life there, the heroes learn that the moon is signaling a gigantic alien craft, drawing it toward the system with lethal intent!

  • Iconics, Navasi and Keskodai, both wearing space suits and helmets, battle a large green dragon-like alien.

    The Starstone Blockade
    (2 of 3)

    The heroes travel to Absalom Station to warn the Pact Worlds government of a fast-approaching threat from beyond the stars! But before they are fully prepared, the titanic spacecraft arrives and shuts down the fabled Starstone Reactor, plunging the station into chaos. The heroes must find a way to bring the power back online, while rescuing citizens and dealing with Azlanti spies, angry outsiders, and confused spirits. Can they save the heart of the Pact Worlds and take the fight to the strange alien vessel?

  • Starfinder iconics Altronus and Keskodai run from the spotlight of a gunship shooting down on them from above

    Dominion’s End
    (3 of 3)

    Upon gaining access to the hostile starship known as Ark Prime, the heroes find themselves immersed in propaganda designed to show the might and superiority of the ancient empire that launched the vessel eons ago. Once they break free of the brainwashing, they can fight past robots, holographic constructs, and alien supersoldiers awoken from stasis to confront Ark Prime's evil AI. In the end, the heroes must decide what to do with hundreds of other sleeping citizens of a formerly dangerous civilization. Their important decision could affect the future of the galaxy!

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