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No, you may only ever earn one chronicle sheet for this scenario. No replays of any kind may be used on it.

See this blog for more information on this topic.

As of the start of Year 4, please see the "Boons Which Unlock Over Time" section of the Guide to Organized Play.

If a species becomes available to all players after boons have been issued for it, the following rules apply:

  • Characters who've earned an Admittance boon from RSP or a special convention boon prior to the change can create or continue playing a character of that species and increase one ability score that is 14 or lower by 2. These characters retain their Personal boon slot but cannot slot in a Personal boon that would augment an ability score (such as any of the admittance boons.)
  • Characters who've earned an Admittance boon via an adventure prior to the change can convert the Personal Boon from the "New Character" option to the "Existing" option and earn the +2 in one ability score that is 14 or lower. This occupies the Personal boon slot.
  • Characters who earn an Admittance boon following the change can slot the Personal Boon onto their character and select the "Existing" option to earn the additional ability score boost. This occupies the Personal boon slot.
  • For Characters who've applied two Admittance boons to a character (one for species access and one for the stat boost) those characters now only gain the benefit of the "Existing" portion of the race boon. The initial "New Character" application of the boon is ignored. In no circumstance, can a PC ever earn more than one +2 increase to an ability score modifier.

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