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No, you may only ever earn one chronicle sheet for this scenario. No replays of any kind may be used on it.

See this blog for more information on this topic.

No, you may only check one box per game session.

Per this post, any boon unlocking a race that is already available can instead be applied to a character to give a +2 boost to any one ability score that is 14 or lower.

Armor upgrades contain the batteries, so androids can use armor upgrades that require batteries.


You must attempt the bull rush to get the fire damage. You cause the fire damage even if the bull rush fails.

Most weapons are sold fully loaded, and their listed bulk includes the bulk of their ammunition. For weapons that are sold without ammunition (such as grenade launchers and missile launchers), the bulk listed with the weapon is still the bulk of a fully loaded weapon.

You need to buy one dose for each shot. You can fire a needler pistol or needler rifle without loading a shot with poison, in which case it does the listed amount of piercing damage.

Ignore the implication in "Significant Enemies" that inspiring boost can be used multiple times. It cannot, as per the ability description.

The first passage means it takes no time to turn off a starship's conventional thrusters. You have to wait a minute after they are turned off before you can activate your Drift engines. uses cookies. You can block from using cookies within your browser settings, but doing so will hinder site functionality.

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