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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Guest Blog by Meredith Gerber (she/her) | DriveThruRPG Partner Relations Manager

The Infinite Masters Program with Pathfinder Infinite and Starfinder Infinite is a group of skilled and incredibly creative individuals. Over the years, the Infinite Masters have provided some of the best-in-class titles to pair with your adventures.

“One of my greatest joys each month is getting to write a blog showcasing the top performing and newest releases on Pathfinder and Starfinder Infinite. The Infinite creators have such amazing ideas, and I’m always looking forward to what they’re cooking up next.” –Rue Dickey (they/he/xe) | Marketing & Media Specialist

The Infinite Masters Program is currently by invitation only; DriveThru and Paizo take suggestions from the community about who would be great fits for the program. Infinite Masters offer support to one another, giving suggestions and constructive criticism, and fostering collaboration that has been part of our best sellers in recent years.

“Despite the vast amount of content for Pathfinder and Starfinder we generate at Paizo, our long production timelines and resource limitations mean that we can neither be as nimble or prolific as our community sometimes demands. Pathfinder and Starfinder Infinite allow the community to meet their own demands for MOAR! and with much more responsive timelines. Seeing the professional and inspired creations of the Infinite community are a great joy, and provide an incredible amount of encouragement to all of us here at Paizo.” –Mark Moreland (he/him) | Director of Brand Strategy

There is no end to the Infinite community’s imagination; Masters continue to surprise us with every single release. The group has grown since its inception, with new creators invited every few months. They generate some of the coolest content to pair with your Pathfinder and Starfinder adventures and we’re grateful for not only their creativity, but their willingness to be so communicative and open about their hopes about the program.

While this is only a handful of Infinite Masters in this Infinite Masters Spotlight, we hope that you check out all the Infinite Masters and take their incredible releases with you on your next journey!

A spread of the covers for the Infinite Masters

Foam and Fortune: Adventures In Soap Scum Cove

“I enjoy writing for Pathfinder Infinite because it allows me to create intricate and immersive products with endless possibilities, engaging both players and GMs with rich storytelling experiences. Paizo's support and diverse products enable me to create varied narratives to explore wide ranging themes, energizing my creativity and passion for writing.” –Tom Robinson (he/him)

Player Core 1 Expanded

“Pathfinder Infinite is a place for me to share my love for the game we play, and its history, with others who might feel the same way. That leads to chances for great collabs like this, where we push each other to expand what it means to be part of a class” –Arkon (he/him)

Ruins of the Enigmatic

“The inclusivity of the Pathfinder Infinite community is a highlight when writing as a Pathfinder Master. Paizo offers a rich world of lore in which to base any campaign not only including Golarion, but the planes and even the gods themselves!” –Simon Hunter (he/him)

Godsrain Contingencies

“The Pathfinder Infinite program started at an interesting time in my life, proving people could enjoy what I wrote, helping with income during some financial straits, and getting on the ground floor of several burgeoning creatives. Writing can be lonely, so I love how we've tried to make a collaborative and uplifting space, and I'm going to continue to try and help—so any of you thinking about it, come in, the water’s fine, we want to support you! The Godsrain Contingencies were inspired by the Godsrain Prophecies released in the lead up to the War of Immortals. I already wished I could do something for the event but knew I had to wait for materials—but then this stellar story by Erin Roberts came out. Weekly I thought, just a little each week and somehow it ballooned into a two-month wild ride of 38 pages. I still can't wait to see what comes next.” –Heleve Savore (she/her)

Together with Elements Archetypes

“I like writing for Pathfinder Infinite because of the supportive community of authors and players. This community is what led to a collaborative project, Together with Elements Archetypes, where several writers have contributed archetypes to bring the power of the elements to all sorts of characters. Everyone's creative strengths shine with support from the community-based writing process that went into this title.” ­W. Brian Lane (he/him)

Combination Weapons Unleashed

“I really enjoy writing and creating content for Infinite since it lets me flex a lot of my creative muscles as I engage in the process of layout editing, drawing art assets for my work, and collaborating with others. Pathfinder 2e is such a huge game that there are tons of ideas just begging to be expanded upon and explored, which is what led me to make many of my products, especially Combination Weapons Unleashed. Opening up more ways to enjoy the game we all love in creatively fulfilling ways is why I continue to create!” –Conner Berkheiser (he/they)

Golarion Unseen: Ancestries

“Pathfinder Infinite gave me an opportunity to contribute to the lore that fascinates me and let others enjoy it as well. My work, Golarion Unseen: Ancestries, is my passion for these four Ancestries coming to the forefront for you all to see.” –John Holmes (he/him)

We welcome anyone to come create within the Pathfinder Infinite and Starfinder Infinite playground! Infinite Masters are not the only ones allowed to make releases! If you’re ever interested in designing for the program, check out our Get Started article and start making! We will see you on Infinite!

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Some wonderful creators in our bunch; it's always so great to see the program get these highlights.

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