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That Should Take Care of Old Lobster Head Shouldn't It?


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New Starfinder Dice Set Release!

From Q-Workshop, Starfinder Dice: Dead Suns celebrate the first Starfinder Adventure Pathand are now available for preorder! Also, the highly anticipated Starfinder Pawns are now available in Orange, Purple, and Yellow. The Pathfinder Red Bases, Green Bases, and Blue Bases are also back in stock.

Looking for some t-shirts to show off your Starfinder colors? Pick up a Starfinder Lanyard, or check out the Starfinder Space Goblin Blood Orange IPA and Starfinder Logo t-shirts from Offworld Designs. We didn't forget about organized play though. Celebrate the Starfinder Society's inagural season with the Starfinder Society: Year of Scoured Stars t-shirt!

Other Starfinder accessories are also still available, such as the Starfinder Combat Pad, Player Character Folio, and Condition Cards. The Alien Archive Pawn Box is available for preorder as well.

And be sure to check out the great Pathfinder Accessories available here on!

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