Suit Up and Save the World in Mechageddon!

Tuesday, May 14, 2024

The Mechageddon! Adventure Path tells the story of the New Valor Defense Force, a group of brave mech pilots who battle massive monsters to defend their city on the wasteland planet, Daimalko. The players take on the role of new recruits looking to join up and become heroes. As the player characters (PCs) complete missions defending New Valor, their reputation grows. They become local heroes, then galactic celebrities! Eventually, they gain permission to take on exciting offworld missions from wealthy sponsors. But while the heroes are enjoying the perks of fame, an ancient doomsday clock ticks down to disaster back home… unless they can stop it!

The cover art for Mechageddon! A gigantic red mech raises a chainsword above its head, preparing to bring the weapon down and smite a colossal monster with armored, spiky hide and deadly claws.


Commander Vadien “Raptor” Wano (LN male damai soldier) acts as commanding officer for the PCs and Tempest Squadron during their training and throughout their careers as huzkars—the Daimalkan name for a mech pilot or operator. Raptor is a seasoned huzkar, having piloted his mech against colossi and on mercenary missions in local systems. He was one of the first pilots selected for the launch of the program that became the New Valor Defense Force. Raptor is one of eight huzkars who fought every skirmish in the Month of Fire campaign and survived.

A fullbody illustration of Commander Vadien “Raptor” Wano.


Daimalko has been under attack by colossi—the Daimalkan name for kaiju, or giant monsters—for generations since the Awakening devastated the planet. Colossi come in a variety of forms, some more vicious and destructive than others. Recently, there seem to be more frequent attacks; something is causing aggressive behaviors to increase across species of colossi. Perhaps finding the cause will give your heroes an upper hand in the battle to save Daimalko?

Art of a Drakogor colossi.


But Raptor doesn’t expect you to fight alone! Throughout this campaign, you level up two characters: your hero and your mech—known on Daimalko as a valko! Eventually, you might add a starship form to that list. Most encounters inMechageddon! are designed for mechs, but there are plenty of opportunities to show off your pilot’s abilities, too.

Everyone begins with a basic mech, choosing one of the lynkor models provided by the NVDF or a fully custom version if you prefer. Check out the Mechageddon! Player’s Guide for more information about creating a hero, choosing a mech, and picking a callsign and squad name!

Art of a Lynkor mech.

Starfinder: Mechageddon! is a high-octane epic telling the story of our heroes (and their mechs!) as they battle monsters and help rebuild a broken world. This hardbound adventure path takes PCs from 3rd to 18th level with bonus content—side jobs, adventure seeds, and more—to customize and extend your story.

Get Starfinder: Mechageddon! in PDF, standard hardcover edition, or faux leatherette bound Special EditionStarfinder: Mechageddon! is also part of the Starfinder Adventure Path Subscription. Mechgeddon! features the mech combat rules introduced in Starfinder Tech Revolution, available in hardcover or PDF.

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Sovereign Court

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A final farewell to Starfinder #1. :(

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Cylerist wrote:
A final farewell to Starfinder #1. :(

And it's hard to think of something more fitting to go out on, either.

Pathfinder 1E: The edition is ending, what can we do. Oh, I know, let's finally duke it out with the Whispering Tyrant! Really set up the new edition and go out with a bang.
Starfinder 1E: Cool idea; needs more giant robots.

Can't wait to see more of the great art and hopefully great maps for this!!


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I went through the AP yesterday evening and ... I was terrifically impressed by the story, and the idea behind !!

I won't have the time to run it and I hope I'll be able to run it on SF2 when Mecha rules will be available as it would be a pure waste not to live the story told by Mechageddon

Bravo la team !!!

It would be amazing if this was converted to 2E and given Foundry support. I understand it's doubtful since they may not have Mecha integration sorted for 2E yet but I can dream.

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