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Thursday, May 16, 2024

Guest Blog by Meredith Gerber (she/her), DriveThruRPG Partner Relations Manager

For PaizoCon this year, we wanted to invite the community to a Micro Game Jam. We received over 20+ submissions, all from different levels of creators from first-timers to Infinite Veterans! These two-page submissions offer a ton of variety inspired by PaizoCon 2024’s theme of Educate, Entertain, and Inspire.

You can check out ALL the titles here!

If you’re like me and want to learn about all 20+ titles, we have included them in this blog to give you a quick glimpse of each title! These titles are in order of submission. We hope that you enjoy these and use them in your games at PaizoCon 2024 (and beyond!)

A spread of the covers for the Infinite Game Jam

I Don't Wanna Be a Pirate, But I Cannae Pay the Bucks, and I Need a Duck

Created by: Druid GM Designs

This is a quick-start guide to using iNaturalist, a citizen science nature website, to find images of animals, plants, and the like for use in gaming. Applicable to players, GMs, and publishers.


Vaudevillian Muse Bard

Created by: Ian Speidel

Most people take life too seriously, and you want to change that. Your muse may be a great comedian, someone who can effortlessly lift the spirits of those around them, or even the concept of humor itself. Art inspired by a vaudevillian muse is often absurdist and irreverent, though it can also contain biting satire or scathing criticism of the powers that be.

As a bard with a vaudevillian muse, you support your allies by lifting their spirits and combat adversaries with lighthearted antics.

This new muse adds seven new feats allow you to make pratfalls, modify casting certain spells, and find hilarious new ways to mock your enemies while the three new focus spells will really leave your foes with pie on their faces!



Created by: gameipedia

If you know what this is you are probably crying tears of anguish or joy, if you dont know what this is, I'm sorry.

Numerologist is a class archetype for Pathfinder 2e made for the PaizoCon 2024 Game Jam with the theme of Educate, Entertain, and Inspire!

It will Educate you on prime numbers, Entertain your friends with your ability to (hopefully) do quick math, and Inspire your GM's nightmares!


Dacilane Academy Teacher's Handbook

Created By: Minty Belmont, Sasha Laranoa Harving

Study the surreal and educate the adventurous at Dacilane Academy! Featuring skill feats perfect for teachers, a magus hybrid study for those pulling from the ethereal, a wizard arcane school suited to educate and inspire, and ranger feats for those who seek to take down troublesome proteans, this Pathfinder 2nd Edition product is perfect for characters new and old.


World Renditions

Created By: Iris Gormless, Joshua T

Beneath all worldly processes is a steady, beating rhythm; all bards know this, but few truly feel the pull of inspiration to explore the fundamentals of their magical knowledge to greater breadths. Within are a duo of unconventional muses inspired by breadths of real-world cultures, that might push your Bard to take their art in strange new directions;

  • The Mute Muse, a mourner that divests others of their sorrows whilst also plunging their opponents into eternal repose.
  • The Phenomenon Muse, a naturalist that invokes the energies that move in the earth and on the wind.


Flumph Gate! -or- Undulations across the Infonet!

Created by: Joseph fox

In celebration of Paizocon 2024, here is the means to introduce the setting's original inspirational entertaining educators into the future that they never meant to happen.

This single page PDF is designed to print out and slip into any GM's binder for a dangerous rainy day and includes:

  • a monster stat block representing a typical flumph that can be easily augmented with class templates into a wide variety of NPCs!
  • stats for allowing players to create a flumph PC of their own!
  • two potential plot hooks to introduce flumph into a campaign set in space or planetside!
  • VTT token artwork!


The Goblin Gog Crawl

Created by: Elise Cretel

The Goblin Grog Crawl is a 2-page mini adventure created as part of the PaizoCon 2024 Game Jam! Get ready to steal, brawl, make deals, or sweet talk your way into reclaiming goblin loot at the Tipsy Tavern, The Dragon Roost, and other pubs frequented by humans! You don't have to be a goblin to go on the grog crawl and drink a little troll swill!



Created by: Vishesh Bhartiya

Remembrance is an adventure outline for 5th-level characters where the PCs explore the memories of a former Steward Director, experiencing first-hand his early years, his service during the Swarm invasion, and his later days in office. Also contained within is a brief look at the mechanics of the Sensorium, the technomagical device used to traverse memories.

This outline draws upon the lore found in the Starfinder Core Ruleboook, Pact Worlds and Near Space books, as well as rules and aliens found in the Alien Archives and Attack of the Swarm adventure path.


The Caring Necromancer

Created By: Jared Thaler

Not all necromancers view their undead minions as disposable cannon fodder. Some view their creations as works of art, others view them as the closest thing they will ever have to children, and some just can’t stand the inefficiency of constantly having to restock their forces with fresh corpses. Whatever their reasons, caring necromancers need magic that goes beyond the mere raising of corpses.

This One Page Ruleset contains 8 new spells that GMs can use to flesh out their NPCs and give them a little personality or Players can use to keep their undead friends safe or patch them up when they get hurt.


Way of the Gunsmith

Created by: Daniel Vitti, Arcanum Press

The Way of the Gunsmith is a new Gunslinger Way granting a series of deeds and access to new feats available to a Gunslinger character in the Pathfinder 2e RPG. The Gunslinger is described in the Guns & Gears sourcebook.


Teacher Archetype

Created by: Sam Striker

A support archetype allowing a character to teach their allies skills and techniques, including weapon proficiency and spells! Works well with martial, spellcasting, and skill-focused classes. Inspired by the author's experiences as a teacher!

Complete archetype for Pathfinder 2nd edition, with 10 feats (plus dedication) and access to 5 feats from outside the archetype.


Focused Aptitude: Unarmed Mastery

Created by: Ruka Amick

Created for the PaizoCon 2024 Game Jam under the theme "Educate! Entertain! Inspire!'' This short 2-page supplement gives you a selection of unarmed focused options focused on the classes in Player Core, but includes options for characters all all walks of life - so long as they like to punch (or claw, or tail-swipe) people.


A Breath of Cordite

Created by: Kate Tremaine

Hired to provide support on a milk run through the pirate-infested waters of the Shackles, the PCs come face to face with a new but feared pirate in Jessina Alousin and her vessel, the Groaning Phoenix. The Phoenix is rumored to hold a magical secret that lets her sail in any way she pleases, even into the wind. Duel fierce boarders, cross swords with the Dark Fate herself, and discover the secret hidden in the lowest hold of the Groaning Phoenix in A Breath of Cordite!


Ashrah's Abandons : Melodrama Bard Muse

Created by: Kathrin Garcia

A new bard muse focusing on the epic and dramatic! with abilities like Temper the crowd allowing you to potentially lower and even cancel critical strikes against your allies!

This was intended for "Educate, Entertain, Inspire!" Game Jam done for PaizoCon 2024! my first game jam AND Pathfinder infinite product so I hope you enjoy!


To Learn or Not to Learn

Created by: Luc Dumain

Always wanted to learn a few more languages?

To master one specific weapon?

To get that one fun class feat from level one but that you really can't afford to sacrifice a feat for it?

Then here comes the Learning subsystem! A simple system that can be applied to any character wishing to learn more abilities: Languages, Skills, Skill Feats, Lores and even Class Feats!

Be it with the help of a teacher, or a book, or simply by yourself... Learn more! Do more! And have fun!


Chronicler: A Bard Archetype

Created by: B.D. Anderson

Do you wish that your Bards were a little less charismatic and more of an intellectual? Do you love telling stories about your adventures with other players? Or do you like just info dumping all the cool lore you know about a setting with the thinly held pretext of it being in character?

The Chronicler Bard is for you!

This Class Archetype changes out your charisma and perfomance based abilities for a focus on intelligence and storytelling. Supported with eight brand new feats to help you weave your tale alongside your new storytelling assistant.


Educate, Entertain, Inspire! The Art of Monster Channeling

Created by: Kevin Glusing

Give yourself a reason to use the monster books usually reserved for the GM!

Educate: With the monster channeler archetype, you can learn new abilities from the monsters you battle, then turn them against your next, unsuspecting enemy.

Entertain: Gain access to an entirely new collection of options you may have never used otherwise as a player.

Inspire: Plan ahead with your GM, or find exciting new twists on abilities as you select your favorites to keep long after your enemy is defeated.

Included in the 2 pages

  • The monster channeler archetype
  • 7 new feats
  • A list of sample adaptations you can gain from Monster Core monsters


The Trial of the Muse

Created By: Wyatt Stevens

The festival of the muses is the most exciting time of the year for the town of Fugue and the Bard College of the Four Muses as they host a legendary musical festival for all to join in. This year will be more exciting than most as the doors to the inner sanctum of the muses have once again opened. What trials will await our adventures and what will they learn in The Trial of the Muses.


Erudition Duet Archetype

Created By: Tan Jim Son

Made for the Educate, Entertain, Inspire! one-page game jam.

Establish a mentor and pupil relationship, an erudition duet that learns and grows each step together. As you traverse this path you will teach each other new skills, cultivate teamwork and enable combination attacks.

Roving Intern Archetype

Created by: Helen Savore

Sometimes when you set forth on an adventure you’ve already had a lifetime of experience, are world weary, and simply know this is what you must do. But for others, they’re on the road to learn. A real frontier education. The Roving Intern Archetype is 14 feats of learning features from your party, aiding them in return, and generally accumulating knowledge.

  • Don’t forget the Beverage Runs
  • Benefit from a Broad Grasp on topics
  • Be shown Like This from your mentors

Comes with Pathbuilder and Foundry Integration.

Part of the PaizoCon 2024 Game Jam - Educate, Entertain, Inspire!


The Aetherial Loom

Created by: Wim De Hert

Fabled, yet known only by the initiated few, the Aetherial Loom is a legendary artefact. It consists of three key elements: the Loom itself, the Weaver, and the Shuttle. The Loom spins the threads of existence out of nothingness, these threads are passed on to the Weaver, who defines the patterns and structures into which the fates align, using the Shuttle, which through the inevitability of time finds its way through the weave.


Elementary, My Dear Acadame

Created By: Evelyn Hannon, Astride "Dr Umbrus" Couillaux

Professor Janius of the Acadamae, nervous about today's demonstration of their special arcana altar designed to draw elementals from different planes to the Universe, has asked for the assistance of students - and well paid adventurers - to come and assist them and make sure nothing bad happens. What could go wrong? A roar filled adventure for four 3rd level characters.


Legacy of the Storm Serpent

Created by: Max Forrest

Follow in the footsteps of the illustrious Storm Serpent to learn the secrets of her long-lost fighting style. This supplement includes feats for Monk characters who pursue the Storm Serpent Style and a ritual for devout followers of the divine.


A Coven's Brilliant Predicament

Created by: Kate Tremaine

Relaxing in a tavern after a long day, the PCs are asked for help by a citizen of the town. A coven led by several local witches has experienced some troubling accusations and is calling to a small group of skilled visitors for help.

Or are they perhaps just looking for a convenient scapegoat...


The Magic of Boolean Algebra

Created By: Patrick Starrin

Educational puzzles that teach Boolean algebra, a branch of math fundamental to computer programming and digital electronics. Players and GMs alike can learn a valuable STEM skill while playing their favorite tabletop RPG!


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Bit bummed that I didn't come up with anything for this, but its lovely to see what other people did :D There are fun stuff here

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