Sky King's Tomb Adventure Path
  • Mantle of Gold

    By John Compton, Crystal Frasier, and Caryn DiMarco

    Adventurers gather at a storytelling festival in Highhelm, the greatest dwarven city. In the course of exploring the city and partaking in the festival’s delights, these budding celebrities stumble across a relic of Taargick, drawing them into a deadly treasure hunt.

  • Cult of the Cave Worm

    By Scott D. Young.

    Setting out from Highhelm, the adventures venture into the Darklands to track down the cave worm said to inhabit Taargick’s tomb. As they navigate the dangers of a treacherous fey city in search of a relic to trace the worm, they discover a group of rivals who also seek the tomb for their own nefarious purposes.

  • Heavy is the Crown

    By Jessica Catalan

    Numerous are King Taargick’s accolades – and numerous too are the enemies he made in achieving them. The news of the tomb’s discovery has brought forth an eclectic army of the dwarves’ enemies, and it is up to the adventurers to splinter and sabotage this gathering legion from within before they attack. All the while, time is running out to beat their rivals to the tomb’s doors.



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