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Bye bye cable....

What I'm watching

Amazing Stories TV Series

Vintage UK entertainment: Tripods!

Lost season finale

Lost: is there a cohesive plan?

Anybody watching Battlestar Galactica?

Christmas Movies / Holiday Movies

The Lost Room (no spoilers please!)

Dark Kingdom: Dragon Lord on Sci-Fi channel

Pitch Your Ideas

Torchwood (UK)

Anyone Catch Heroes?

Life on Mars

Series Suggestions?

Justice League on DVD...

Slayers through history

Boston Legal

Arabian Nights on Sci-Fi

Thank God You're Here...

Is no one else on the board watching The Riches?

Jason McElwain on

Jericho TV Show

Trippin' the Rift?

An extreme longshot, but I'll try...

Battlestar Galactica... (3rd season spoilers)

Wheel of Fortune

Stargate SG-1

Korgoth of Babaria?

CSI: Vegas -- Is Grissom the Doll House Killer?

Gunslinger Girl Redux!

Death in Atlantis

Sopranos finale (Spoilers, sort of...)


Lolth, Billy & Mandy

The Batman (Animated Series)


We Are All Frail Vessels

Masters of Science Fiction

Have you seen Gary Gygax on Futurama?

Thundarr the barbarian

Space : 1999

What would you like to see in a brand new Star Trek Series?

The Dresden Files - Coming to Sci-Fi Channel!



My Television Series on DVD Collection

Battlestar Galactica 3rd Season


Battlestar Galactica Razor

Cadfael: a BBC series set in 12th Century England

New TV shows to watch this season

Friday the 13th - The Series

Rome DVD Set Question

New Dr. Who RPG Announced

The Dresden Files

Tin Man

Trinity Blood and Witch Hunter Robin

New Doctor Who

Torchwood (US)

Man From U.N.C.L.E. on DVD!

I just discovered Robin of Sherwood from the 80's


And yet another show I liked (Journeyman) is gone...

Ok, who watched New Amsterdam?

Avatar, the last Airbender


Flash Gordon

Jigoku Shoujo

Name and Shame!

The Venture Brothers

Robin Hood on BBCA

Frankenstein's Cat

Torchwood Season 2!

D&D reference on 30 Rock

Does anyone watch Coupling?


Completely Necessary Aqua Teen Thread

Venture Brothers Season 3

All Highlander episodes online - Free


The Gruen Transfer

Domino's Pizza Ad

Tougher in Alaska!

The Quest for Dragons

Wolverine & the X-Men

Doctor Who on iTunes

Okay what's up with K9?

Miss Pussykatt and America's Got Talent

Doctor Who Series 5

MST3K is now Cinematic Titanic

Doctor Who The Classic Series - Radio / TV Audio

Stephen King's 'N.'

I can't believe there is no Ally McBeal thread either!


My America's Got Talent Rant

The Hilariously Politically Incorrect Sesame Street

Having the Dr.'s meet.

The Sarah Jane Adventures

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