Anime recommendations for a beginner


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Sovereign Court

Here4daFreeSwag wrote:
Hama wrote:
Maybe both? Just a suggestion, if you're suffering from depression (like I did while I was watching it), don't watch it. I almost ended up needing meds.

Depressive stuff, eh? Been meaning to address that previously but never really got around to it... until now.

Let's see. You have a crew of children (around 5-12) operating a titanic robot, who fights other robots with a goal of destroying their operating brain. Every time they fight and win, one child dies, because the robot used its life force to run. If they lose, earth gets destroyed. They formed a pact. If they refuse to fight, they die.


Here4daFreeSwag wrote:
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While we're at it. Recommend me good Mecha and Cyberpunk anime please.

Mazinger Z (known as Tranzor Z when it was first released in the States) is pretty great.
No mention of GaoGaiGar or Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann?
I wouldn't say those are for beginners...then again Gurren Lagann...hmmm.

On this I agree with Freehold DM. I wouldn't say those are good shows for beginners.

It depends on the person. My wife's intro to anime was the dub for Perfect Blue, and most people wouldn't claim that was for beginners either. But my wife originally had the theory that animation was for either kids or adults with nostalgia. All she had seen of anime was the pokemon and clones that was taking over the airwaves at the time.
While Gurren Lagann is the more recent of the two, one possible clue to whether or not someone could enjoy GaoGaiGar would be how strongly nostalgic they felt about either G1 style Transformers or either 80's Voltron shows.

GaoGaiGar is part of the king of braves series,it's best to start at the beginning.

My first rule, always, is to ask what the beginner is in to in regards to live action or TV genres.

Action leads Hellsing/Trigun-wards.
Drama tendencies point towards Kimagure Orange Road and the Like.
I have to admit, growing up with Mazinga-Z and Giant Robo and Macross make me a bit biased. I'm also a fan of much of the old Tatsunoko catalog.

Of course, if she is okay with your gaming, Slayers is INEVITABLE. Do not attempt to resist. Ditto Bakuretsu/Sorcerer Hunters.

I will also note I love AD Police Files and original Bubblegum Crisis and Crash. 2040 was not bad, but the original series were much more 'cyberpunk'. The Iczer series is good, Mamono/Devil Hunter Yoko is fanservicey in the Sailor Moon fashion, Ushio and Tora is often referenced as the Anime take on Calvin and Hobbes, Yoroiden Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warriors is a spear counterpart to Sailor Moon (and just as terrible dubbed IMNSHO), and I will advise avoiding Fushigi Yuugi like the plague it is.

Liberty's Edge

Orphen, Lodoss/Crystania/Louie...

And if you're going to watch Slayers, you may as well watch Lost Universe.

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