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Finally finished the season. The season was good overall--just takes forever to get through an episode--but I really liked how it proceeded ultimately. It does lose a little progress toward the end but still moves waaay better than season 1, and the final episode was GREAT.

Very Spoilery Thoughts About End:

I am simultaneously bummed about Mariah's death--because next to Kingpin I think she is one of the best Marvel villains hands down and I loved her story--at the same time thinking it's glorious how she left things and feeling like the story is going in a fantastic direction. Tilda's rise as the next crime queen of Harlem (or similar villain role) will be interesting.

And it's fascinating to me to think about Tilda vs Mariah. While Mariah developed into a stone cold killer through this season--in a VERY well-developed way--I think about how she acted after she killed Cottonmouth in the first season. She was disgusted and horrified at what she had done--even as I was cheering at Cottonmouth's death because he deserved it so much. She had a viscerally very human reaction to killing and it showed somewhere in there she had a soul, however corrupted by the life she lived.

Tilda's first (?) murder? Of her own <i>mother</i>. No shaking. No horror. No breakdown at the revelation of what was done.

Just. Stone. F@+!ing. Cold.

Moreover, Mariah's killing of Cottonmouth was heat of the moment, 2nd degree murder. Tilda's murder was premeditated. Very different "first kills."

If Mariah was the Devil, the Devil's Daughter is going to be a far greater evil to contend with. And like Mariah, convinced she is in the right, but without anything to love the way Mariah loved Harlem.

(None of this is defending how murdery and cold Mariah became in this season. Just noting her fall from grace was ironically from a higher position. Nor do I think Mariah didn't deserve being killed--just how Tilda processed it was telling just how easy killing came to her, easier than to her own mother.)

Loved the end with the will. Mariah won even in death. She won the whole season. Even Luke was beat by her, I think, and he doesn't even see it.

Felt like the Bushmaster plot fell apart a bit, and I got sick of him early on. He had an interesting story, but I think he was the worst victim to the Netflix pacing. He had about a four episode plot stretched out to 11 or so.

Everything else was spot on. Everyone had great character arcs. Loved Misty's story, she had her own interesting heroic rise and fall and rise throughout.

Are we gonna have Misty vs Luke next season?

ETA: Showrunners get serious props for making Danny the least annoying I've ever seen him.

Can't wait till Season 3, if we're getting one, and I know it'll be awhile.

Powers that be, it's also time for a Daughters of the Dragon spinoff, please and thank you. (This is just a wishful thinking remark, not suggesting it's likely. I know things are up in the air due to Disney's planned streaming service.)

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Just finished season 2 yesterday. Loved it. I want more Power Man and Iron Fist. Loved the call out to The Godfather in the final episode.

Not sure I like how it ended... and where it can go from there... hmm...

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Luke and Cage season 2 was pretty great, and its probably the second best comic series I have seen this year (Cloak and Dagger edges it out as #1)

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Aaaand Luke Cage got canceled a week after Iron Fist.

Seems like they are all going away :(

Here's hoping for Heroes for Hire!!! This only feeds my speculation. At least a lot more than if only ONE had been canceled.

My hopes are for Luke Cage and Iron Fist to merge.. and frankly I hope Jessica Jones goes away too... just because I hate that one. But LC and IF I love the characters and actors. Hopefully something works out.

Maybe get a Moon Knight or Blade series going in the open slots.

JJ season 1 is still my favorite of the bunch :P

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I'm thinking since they can only have five shows, they are killing two in order to keep Punisher and maybe make Heroes for Hire.

Really I suppose they could get away with just one show called defender and just bounce around form character to character.

Huh, I really liked LC and felt it stood on it's own well.

Also... I've watched every single Marvel show on Netflix, but I wasn't aware that DD had dropped a new season. Normally Netflix pushes that stuff in my face even AFTER I've finished it. Seems strange to me.

It def pushed it in my face (which I was ok with.) was almost done watching the new season of 7 deadly sins started it up and have Fisk staring at me. Uh tomorrow kingpin sir I promise.

Marvel are launching a new streaming service next year, so although Netflix have the right to keep making new seasons of their Marvel shows indefinitely (but not add new ones, so no Heroes for Hire I'm afraid, unless they repackage it as Defenders Season 2), they also have to be thinking carefully about the business angle. Does it make sense for Netflix to make shows tying in with a rival and potentially threatening and bigger streaming service? Bearing in mind that Netflix also has to give Disney money for these shows (as ABC actually make them and Disney take a cut of the profits), then the business model starts to break down.

It may also be that with 11 seasons in the bag and only a few of them really acclaimed, Netflix have decided to cut the dead wood and focus on Daredevil and Jessica Jones, which are the best-performing shows critically and in terms of long-term streamings (although the best first-week performance is, hilariously, Iron Fist S1, but it had a steep drop-off). But I wouldn't be surprised to see Netflix take the view that the Marvel deal helped its streaming service take off, was good for that purpose and has now served its purpose and they can replace those shows with other ones they own.

In fact, cutting ties with Marvel altogether and talking to DC could be an idea. If they made a live-action, grittier Batman show with the same production team as Daredevil, that would make a lot of people salivate.

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In the years since Nolan Batman it seems to me I only see people complain whenever DC tries to do something a bit more serious than Adam West.

Thats Adam WEE to you...

Disney isn't one to let others play with their toys. There is some talk that a lot of conflict over the scripts for S3 Cage between Marvel and Netflix. It sounds like they had half the season written when the axe came down. I would expect similar "problems" to pop up for Punisher and JJ

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DC is putting up DC Universe, they will want audiences coming to that site for new streaming shows.

At this news, I reckon the Mouse has Netflix's balls in a vise more than they are letting on.

I'll hold out hope for Heroes for Hire though. Iirc Netflix is allowed that pool of characters, regardless of title. I could be wrong though. But another Defenders would be fine too.

Still, this all stinks. Luke Cage and Iron Fist were both getting real interesting. We'll see where DD goes. JJ I hope continues and does well, but I'm worried--first season, where they had the crutch of working with an existing comic plot, was great. Second season, where they made up the plot from scratch, was hugely disappointing after the first few episodes.

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Netflix executives have stated that they're 100% in control of the Marvel shows on Netflix in terms of deciding when the cancel them or not. They might be strategically cancelling them in light of the Disney streaming network next year, but they aren't being forced to.

I'm hoping with both LC and IF being cancelled, it simply means Heroes for Hire and Daughters of the Dragon are coming instead.

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Business is business. No one knew this better than Luke Cage at the end of season 2. It could be that Netflix is cutting out the dead wood, only to emerge as the king of their little "Harlem's Paradise" of characters within the larger "Harlem" of Marvel streaming products. Who knows?

Bottom line, I think cancelling LC was sad. I'm going to miss the subtle and not-so-subtle nods to the comics, the tongue-in-cheek humor, and the genuine character development. Outside of DD, Cage was the only one of the NF Marvel shows that made their villains real, human. I was invested in Mariah and Shades and all of the foes Luke squared off with.

My hope for the future of these shows is just about spent these days. AoS has declined into schlock; IF and LC have been cancelled; JJ season 2 and Cloak and Dagger have both disappointed me. So far DD season 3 is spectacular (I'm up to Ep 6) but of course this just sets off the little voice in the back of my head whispering "enjoy it now, it won't last."

All of you commenting consistently in this thread seem to have a better read on the Disney/ABC/Netflix deals than I do so tell me: how realistic is it that they cancel 2 shows, only to replace them with 2 more later?

For me, for now, I'm going home and re-watching LC season 2. Hopefully Netflix will leave it up for a while.

I honestly don't see AoS as shlock, especially because of Season 4.

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JoelF847 wrote:
Netflix executives have stated that they're 100% in control of the Marvel shows on Netflix in terms of deciding when the cancel them or not. They might be strategically cancelling them in light of the Disney streaming network next year, but they aren't being forced to.

Emphasis on what I said: "more than they are letting on."

I would trust Jeri Hogarth more than what television executives say in public.

Mark Hoover 330 wrote:
All of you commenting consistently in this thread seem to have a better read on the Disney/ABC/Netflix deals than I do so tell me: how realistic is it that they cancel 2 shows, only to replace them with 2 more later?

Werthead above believes that because Netflix only retains the rights to the Defenders shows that have already aired, cancelling one means they can't replace it with ANYTHING.

I, as mentioned above, think I read somewhere (but lord knows when or where or how reliable it was) that Netflix has the rights to those CHARACTERS, not the show titles. If that is the case, a Heroes for Hire and Daughters of the Dragon is possible.

The only "official statement" from Marvel that gives me hope is that their press release when Iron Fist was canceled, they said something along the lines of "the series is canceled, but the Immortal Iron Fist lives on." Which suggests they have plans for the character(s) elsewhere. Is that in a new show or one called the Defenders? Dunno.

But again also with trusting what television executives say.

In other words--I'll be hopeful something new comes, but not be surprised if it doesn't.

Luke Cage set up some really interesting things for that corner of the MCU in general so I am hopeful we might at least see some followup in a Defenders 2 (which definitely Netflix can still make if they decide to) if nothing else.

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All I know is Luke Cage deserved one more season. But we'll see in 2019 what's to come...

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