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Anime... what's the latest and greatest?

Should they (fill in the blank) like they did Galactica?

True Blood?

Deadliest Warrior

Pillars on the Earth, on Starz

Doctor Who: Series 5



Sarah Jane Adventures

The IT Crowd Series 4

Good News Everyone! New Futurama TONIGHT!!!

SGU Season 2

Persons Unknown...

Doctor Who Stand Out Episodes (original series)

The Legend of the Seeker

New 'Global Frequncy' pilot in development.

Torchwood on Starz

Doctor Who: Series Six

I have discovered why people on survival shows suck at surviving.

Avatar: The Last Airbender DVD Release (Complete Book 1)

The Undertaker Is Dead?

River Monsters - Anybody else enjoying this series?

Winter is Coming


New Thundercats Series Launching in 2011... HOOOOO!!

Wakfu, in case you don't know.

Beckham appears in Adidas' version of Star Wars

24, Day 8

Angry Kitty: The Movie



Wil Wheaton!

I was watching some old TV series called Sherlock Holmes


Happy Town

NCIS Los Angeles

Star Wars - The Clone Wars Season 3

Wolverine and the X-men

Return of the DCAU?

Lucy has a change of heart on Xena's death

Carl Macek - RIP (Robotech)

Mega Piranha

TCM Underground. Start watching it on Friday nights.

Wonders of the Solar System


Sy-Fy Channel?


Batman: The Brave and The Bold

Dr Horrible Sing-a-long Blog

MacGyver TV movies to be released on June 8th.

Doctor Who: The End of Time

60 Minutes


3D TVs Come With A Catch....

An Epifany on TV Humor

Daria Coming Out On DVD

A Game of Thrones - HBO Series

The Best Commercials

Captain Phil Harris died 02 / 09 / 10

Spartacus Blood and Sand.....

Doctor Who on QI

Smallville: Season 9, Episode 11 - Absolute Justice

Anyone else really miss Kids In The Hall? (almost certainly eventually NSFW)

My thoughts on Lost LA X episode- spoilers

Is it bad....


Riese the Series

Team Conan


Highlander - The Series: Season 2 & 3 Available For Pre-Order!

The Doctor and River Song

Dr. Who: The Master

Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars

Spooks (BBC)

Band of Brothers & The Pacific


Steven Seagal Lawman

The Mighty Boosh

Red Dwarf on Itunes

Night Stalkers

The Prisoner

Farscape Collection on Amazon

Most oxymoronic TV show ever

Battlestar Galactica - The Plan

Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars

No! I am Sparticus!

Life after Battlestar?

Riese (web series)

The 25 Greatest Sci-Fi Shows Ever! (Wizards Magazine)

TV shows that you miss

Defying Gravity

Doctor Who on DVD (In America)


D&D Cartoon Remake on Fox - with all the original voices

What shows are you currently keeping an eye on?

RED DWARF to return

Venture Brothers Season 4 coming soon!

Warehouse 13

Kung Fu

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