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Dawnstar might be awkward if you want comic accuracy - one of her species was dating Wynn a couple seasons back. The bumpy forehead blonde didn't look much like an Anasazi.

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Moving Ralph from the Flash over to Legends would be neat, he does indeed seem to get lost in the crowd over on that show.

Having someone from the future or the past on the ship would indeed make sense, and a Legionnaire would indeed be cool, since they've got someone from Arrow (Sara, Ray) and someone from the Flash (Mick), so it would be cool to tie into Supergirl a bit more (and it wouldn't necessarily have to be a Legionnaire we've seen before, like Imra or Mon-El, but could be someone selected to not cost a ton in SFX, like Shadow Lass (ooh, our FX budget is 'turn off the lights and film a bunch of action sounds happening in the dark, and then the lights come up and she's standing surrounded by extras pretending to be unconscious! The actress doesn't even need to be able to pretend-fight!').

Then again, the other shows do have a plethora of abandoned side-characters who could use new homes, like Roy Harper or Ragman or the grown up future kids of Oliver and Felicity and Bronze Tiger (I strangely liked their future storyline this season more than the storyline set in the present...) from Arrow, or Winn, or Cisco, or some alternate timeline version of Eddie Thawne or Ronnie Raymond (both of whom could well be alive, post-Flashpoint, but *nobody cared to check*) or whomever.


The trouble with at least Ragman is the fact his magic rags are kind of gone... But otherwise I fully support something like Shadow Lass (though I'd rather have Phantom Girl to be honest...)

I think we all expected Tyler Hoechlin to show up as Supes in the upcoming Crisis crossover, but would you believe who else is putting the tights and cape back on? (spoiler warning)

Yes I was a little surprised...but I'm also sort of expecting

Kingdom Come Superman

Thomas Seitz wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Finally, some good news from SDCC. Underwhelmed otherwise.


You mean by the other reveals or about the fact Crisis doesn't seem...epic?

Other reveals. A lot of franchises I'm not excited about.

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