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Adventure Time

There Can Be Only One...TV Show

Reign - they're from scottish accents?


Helix (SyFy)

Goodbye, Russell Johnson

Star Trek Continues and Star Trek: Phase II

2002 Masters of the Universe

Oddities San Francisco

And thats when the commander Riker beamed aboard the Enterprise with the telepathic alien

"Time of the Doctor" Christmas Special


The BBC has (apparently) found 'lots' of missing DOCTOR WHO episodes



Battlestar Galactica is Ten Years Old

Family Guy

Sleepy Hollow


Amusing easter egg in Transformers Prime

Forgotten Cartoon Series of the 80's - 90's

Rare, Forggotten, or Obscure 80's Cartoons

Twelfth Doctor to be Revealed Sunday Aug 4th.

Jimmy Kimmel: When Kids Corner goes bad

Edna Crabappel Passed to the Great beyond

Avengers Assemble cancelled?

The new series of Doctor Who starts this Saturday on the BBC.

Found Classic Doctor Who episodes to be released

World of Avatar Legend of Aang

Under the Dome

SyFy channel's 31 days of Halloween---some gems of GMs.

IT Crowd final episode

Burn Notice

QuickDraw, cowboys meets great TV!

Would you watch a new Star Trek Voyager series?

Torchwood "Miracle Day" premieres BBC America Sat 9 / 14 9pm / 8 Central

HBO to bring Stephen King's The Dark Tower to the screen

RIP Sir David Frost 7 April 1939 – 31 August 2013

I leveled up and went to American Ninja Warrior (on TV July 21, 22--maybe)

Al Jazeera America Goes Online Today

SyFy Commission Blake's 7 Pilot

The NPC Reviews: Pirates of Darkwater

What alignment is detective John Munch?

The Following

How did Trek Become Such a Phenomenon?

Television show name?

The Shield

Knightmare Reunion!

Punisher does laundry

Pokemon nightmare

The Name of the Wind: A TV series based on Patrick Rothfuss's novels

More Than Human Kickstarter

New Web Series

Mountain Monsters

The One Hundred

So, Whose Line Is It Anyway? is coming back.

Big Bang Theory: Love It or Hate It? And Why?

D&D's Influence on Tabletop Gaming (PBS Online)

RIP James Gandolfini

Perry Mason

Game of Thrones for the Illiterate (aka, no book spoilers or information please)

The 12th Doctor

Help Looking for Specific Scifis...

Those were the days...

Doctor who analysis, or why I dislike 11

Jodi Arias Trial

Favorite '80s Cartoon

Coulson Lives


Cast Mark Sheppard in GoT! possible spoilers

Does Doctor Who need more than one showrunner?

Bad News Everyone!

Stargate Universe

Parks & Rec, Episode VII

Real Humans

David Tennant in Doctor Who 50th

Doctor Who: A Reboot?

Dexter's Laboratory is now on Netflix

Annette Funicello - R.I.P.

Blog: Sneak Attack Your Funny Bone!

In The Flesh

William moody has died at 58

Captain Peacock is gone

Dexter TV Series: "What alignment do you think Dex is?" debate

Last Resort

Shows that should not have been cancelled after 1 season.

Maybe I'm getting Golarion and the Super Bowl mixed up...

Shows that *should* have been cancelled after one season.*

RIP Mary Tamm

Looking for Pirates of Dark Water...

Dungeons and Dragons Cartoon

Groo the Wanderer

50 Shades of Lannister...



Green Lantern Animated Series

Twin Peaks?

So the History Channel is going to have to abandon half of its recent programming after tomorrow

RIP Jack Klugman and Gerry Anderson

RIP Jack Klugman and Gerry Anderson

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