Peter Capaldi Leaving Doctor Who


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Not sure about stupider, but clearly they think the regeneration process is more like a nuclear explosion rather than cellular changes/regenerate.

Just finished the special, and I'm so very very very very very glad that Moffat is gone.
It had a few decent moments (mostly because of D1) but was basically damn stupid and Moffaty. Any poignancy or emotion was dragged out and hammered to the ground and ruined.

Let's hope the new guy does a better job.

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The new guy, Chris Chibnall, wasinterviewed for a spurt back in June: Here's a sample.. But I haven't seen anything more recent.

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Removed a post. Even if it's "just a joke", advocating violence against others isn't OK here.

Chris Mortika wrote:
The new guy, Chris Chibnall, wasinterviewed for a spurt back in June: Here's a sample.. But I haven't seen anything more recent.

This doesn't exactly fill me with hope. At best it's just normal hype and buzzwords to try to make things sound exciting. At worst...well, I'm sure adjectives quite similar to 'bold' and 'innovative' were floating around when Moffat was slated to take over.

I dunno, Moffat had his issues but I thought he was fine. At worst I think he was to sappy at times and treated Doctor Who more like a folk tale than a sci-fi series.

And yeah, I think he had a problem with writing female characters sometimes. I guy clearly had an archetype he liked and kept going back to that same well. Kind of got boring after awhile.

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If I remember correctly, Moffat said in an interview he wrote everything up to just before the regeneration and Chris Chibnall was going to write and film the regeneration after the new Doctor was announced.
That means Chibnall wrote the destruction of the TARDIS.

Also, the Doctor's soliloquy to his future self had him naming almost everything Moffat introduced about the Doctor during his tenure.

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I'm looking forward to a different sort of doctor who story. Same kind of idea but with some changes to freshen it up.

Gonna miss nardole however.

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Greylurker wrote:

Last night has got me thinking about the Regeneration process.

The first ends up changing quietly on the floor of his Tardis while the 12th damn near destroys his.

Now real reasons of course are film technology of the day but looking at it from a cannon perspective.

Maybe there was a good reason why the Time Lords put a limit on the number of Regenerations they got.

If each regeneration gets progressivly more violent and expelles more and more energy, there would be a practical limit where the very act of regenerating would cause untold destruction.

The Doctor is the first to exceed the official limit and this time was clearly more than the TARDIS could handle.

I look at it more as a result of both Ten and Twelve desperately holding on to their current incarnation for way too long. The result? A violently destructive regeneration.

Eleven's regeneration was the most violent (well, the first part of it...the actual change to Capaldi was pretty quick and painless). But that's probably down to the Time Lord's pumping a crapload of regeneration energy into him.

That brings up another point...we don't know how much regeneration energy the Time Lords gave to him, and we don't know how much of it he pumped into destroying the Daleks. As such, they could add in a bit of extra drama by not having the Doctor be sure if she will regenerate or die the next time she suffers fatal injury.

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