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Once Upon A Time


So G4 is ending, basically, this month.

666 & Last Resort: Cancelled

Who wants fantasy television based on RPG's?


Samurai Jack

Sword Art Online

RIP Michael O'Hare

RIP Larry Hagman

Dungeons & Dragons fo REAL

Why Doesn't MTV play Music Videos Anymore?

666 Park Avenue

Did anyone watch Castle last night?

Avatar - the Last Airbender series

Walking Dead: why were some fans sad when [spoiler] died?!

Stumped: A Game show where grey matter, don't matter

Walking Dead

Monster Roll

Red John: Best theories?

RIP George Whitmore. The man whose story created "Kojak".

A Live action Halo Series for those who want it

Xyber 9

Aussie Politician Wants Doctor Who to come to Australia

Startrek Phoenix

Last Resort

New programs this fall

QI: Quite Interesting


Two anime shorts you are going to enjoy

New Thundercats series

Battlestar Galactica 1980

It's official.... DeLoreans are now cool.

PBS at the RNC

Firefly fans

MLP fascination.... explain plox

If the Walking Dead survivors were Pathfinder players......

Least favorite Doctor Who companion

Falling Skies: So Very Tired of this Trope

Torchwood: Children of Earth (Spoiler) Thread

Bullet in the Face

Horrible Histories

[Top Gear] Jeremy Drives a Reliant Robin

SyFy delcares it will bring Science Fiction back to Television

Bullet in the Face

The Day TV Died

Breaking Bad

Legend of Korra

The Color of Magic (Why was I not informed?!)

Link for trailer of new Doctor Who series

Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-Ray

Our Long National Nightmare Is Over! Community Returns Tonight!

RIP Sheriff Andy.

Firefly 10 Year Anniversary Special 11 / 11 / 2012

Journey Quest Season 2

Where'd the Gritty Space Opera Go?

Jonny Quest(original 1960's version)

Doc Martin

TRON: Uprising, Free Episodes @ iTunes


Joss Whedon's values

Supernatural: The Anime?

New RPG Web Series (Because everyone is doing it right?)

Avengers, Earth's Mightiest Heroes

Next Food Network Star

Community, the Darkest Timeline


The Good Wife

Help needed on naming an animated series

Cutting The Cord

Dark Angel

Dr Who 50th Anniversary

RIP Barnabas Collins

Full Metal Jousting

The Tick(animated)

The NPC Presents: Top Five Favored Vampires

Animated Show on DVD Wishlist

What alignment is Shane? Major Walking Dead TV spoilers

Doctor Who Series 6

Bleach Finale

The Walking Dead Season 2 October 16th

Being Human (US Version)

Lost Girl

UK Top gear thread who else watches

Is anyone watching "The River" besides me?

Top Shot Season 4

Sons of Guns


NCIS reveals openly gay character.

80's and early 90's Disney cartoons

Prime Directive Voyager, TNG mandatory? or as needed?


Tiny Toon Adventures

Colbert Report on Hiatus

Battlestar Galactica


The Guild

Bones TV series

Best Super Bowl Commercial - 2012

Gummi Bears Animated Series

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