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Legendarius wrote:
Wow, great response Vic. You really know your Doctor Who history.

I admit that I don't keep that level of detail in my head, but I usually remember where to find it.

Legendarius wrote:
Unfortunately, I know I don't have any recordings of any of those episodes myself.

If only the advent of reasonably priced consumer video recorders had happened a couple of years earlier, we'd probably have so much more...

I don't know if the time for stating our favorites is over, but Martha Jones is actually mine. Rose Tyler is a close second.

Colonel/Brigadier Lethbridge-Stuart (I did see Web of Fear when it was first broadcast)

I do think the show works better when he has multiple companions, who can play off each other. Favorite combinations being:

pjackson wrote:

I do think the show works better when he has multiple companions, who can play off each other. Favorite combinations being:


+1 on the Jamie/Zoe combination. The other lineup I thought was great for contrast was 1st Doctor / Susan / Ian / Barbara.

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I think Rory as become one of my favorites.

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Kthulhu wrote:
I think Rory as become one of my favorites.

He has potential to keep the Doctor (and Amy!) grounded. That was one of the reasons I loved Donna so much, she kept him from getting too big in the head. (And the bit about speaking Latin to the Romans was priceless)

Rory was a bit of a nobody in series 5 and I didn't care for him at all. Now he's growing out and in a different way than Mickey. He's not the ex-boyfriend and the knowledge that Amy would choose Rory-or-death puts an interesting dynamic on the relationship.


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Doctor Who Companion thread... RISE

Rory is now officially my 3rd favourite companion behind Sarah Jane and the Brig.

I started watching/listening to Doctor Who from the original Doctor, including Big Finish audios. So, I out of all the companions I'm familiar with so far, I'd say Ian Chesterton. (out of: Susan, Ian Chesterton, Barbara Wright, Vicki Pallister, Steven Taylor, Katarina, Bret Vyon, Sara Kingdom, Oliver Harper, Dodo Chaplet, Ben Jackson, and Polly Wright)

1 - Ace
2 - Rory
3 - Sarah Jane

Wow! Holy thread necromancy batman!

But since the topic is back up.

My favorites are only from the new series because I never saw more than a random episode or two from the old stuff.

That said, I loved Martha Jones as the perfect companion. Although Rose had an incredible story and I will remember her as the first companion I had the honor of seeing all of her story line played out. I honestly didn't like Donna... hard to put into words, it was sort of like nails on a chalkboard. Her story was messed up. Although she had her moments (like with the Romans). Amy is ok nothing wrong with her character or her storyline but... I don't know if I click with her as well as I did with Martha.

Sara Jane (may she rest in peace) will always be the often annoying Mommie from her spin off show. So I don't like her character. But keep in mind I never saw the original Dr Who with her in it, so I am only going off the new way they built her character.

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The BBC has a poll up asking who the greatest woman of Doctor Who is. Essentially the same question, since the overwhelming majority of companions have been female. Might have closed already, I'm not sure. Last I checked Rose was beating Sarah Jane Smith pretty badly for the #1 postion. :(

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Being only introduced to the new series...

Captain Jack

Sarah Jane and K9 were awesome in the couple of episodes they were in, if I was more familiar with her from the old series I have no doubt she'd be pretty high on the list.

Got very very tired of Rose. Glad she's gone.

On a related note I did just watch a BBC show about the Doctor's female companions. Did anyone else catch it?

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It has to be Rory. I really don't care about the older series companions. I can't go into spoilers, but he's so much the personification of the Paladin/Captain America/Superman in personality that it's AMAZING.

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I grew up watching the original episodes - Dad was a big fan and it is actually the first television show I can remember watching - John Pertwee and Jo Grant were the ones I commenced with.

Sarah Jane has always been my long time favourite - she was more than ready to stamp her foot and argue for herself.

Jo Grant was next - even if the actress was so short-sighted she couldn't even see the monsters she was screaming at!

Romana I was next; who'd have thought that time lord equipment could actually work?

Also a big fan of both Harry and Sergeant Benton - they gave a good grounding to the stories they were involved in.

I have to admit, though, that Amy Pond has leapt up the rankings quite quickly - not just because I married a red-head myself!

And just because I can put it out there - can we really consider the Brigadier to have been a companion? Loved the character, but surely he was more of an associate, or colleague - he never struck me as a being one of those who would cruise the multiverse: he was too busy.


I like Martha, because she's smart and picks up on stuff fast, and I do enjoy how they're willing to approach the inherent problems with a black woman time traveling on earth. It drives me nuts when time travel shows just try to ignore racism in the past.

I love Captain Jack... probably in much the same way he'd love me.

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*Thread Res*

I found this thread by typing 2 simple words in the messageboard search: Donna Noble

I watched Who as a kid in America but it was too weird for me to really appreciate at the time. I remember thinking it was a fun, rubber-monster way to watch hot girls with British accents run around. Of course then I saw the episodes with Tom Baker and Sara Jane and my mind exploded.

I lost interest with the arrival of the 6th doctor and didn't watch anymore. I saw the Fox made-for-tv special and got excited, but that didn't go anywhere either. Then I caught Eccleston and Tennant episodes on Netflix and sure, Rose was kind of cool and all but it was just so...DRAMA all the time.

I just couldn't get myself re-addicted to Dr Who. Then Donna arrived.

I REALLY wish they'd done more with her. Catherine Tate is freaking hilarious alongside being a really good actress IMO. Seeing her and Tennant miming to one another through windows when they finally reconnect was absolutely priceless!

But more than that, she didn't instantly LOVE the Doctor as the other nuWho companions have. I'm sure Donna was at some points attracted to him but there was no soap opera love thing going on. But more than that she was more human than a lot of the other companions I've seen in a while. She wasn't particularly smart, or brave, or strong. But she was loud, insecure, and her heart was ALWAYS in the right place.

I honestly felt for the character when she had kids, KNEW they weren't real, and still sat with them for one final bedtime. That was the real deal, I don't care who you are.

So for this thread, fave companion, I'd give it to Donna. Balsy, brash, easy on the eyes and on top of it all... scared. Exactly what I picture a real person would be like if they went off on adventures with an alien.

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For Nuwho I really liked Martha. She seemed the best at challenging the doctor and keeping him honest. Also, she seemed to be the only companion that could give up the doctor. My GF and other whovian friends didnt like her much. Martha was probably my favorite Nuwho companion though I have liked all of them. Probably Clara the least though but thats not for this thread.

mark hoover wrote:
But more than that, she didn't instantly LOVE the Doctor as the other nuWho companions have. I'm sure Donna was at some points attracted to him but there was no soap opera love thing going on. But more than that she was more human than a lot of the other companions I've seen in a while. She wasn't particularly smart, or brave, or strong. But she was loud, insecure, and her heart was ALWAYS in the right place.

That is areally good summation of Donna. It has me thinking about some of the things I liked about Martha. She was smart and independent. When she felt strongly about something she acted upon it. She wasnt dead weight without the doctor. Her development after leaving the doctor is interesting as well.

Classic who I dont remember the nuances of the companions as well as I probably should. For me as a kid it was all about the doctor. I probably should revisit the classics soon.

Amy "the Girl Who Waited" Pond & Rory "the Last Centurion" Williams.

Martha Jones leads the list of New Who Companion Most Likely to Be Forgotten in fan discussions. Only two years later, and can you name your favorite Martha episode off the top of your head? Can you name ANY Martha episode?

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Does "Blink" count?

Really, I thought Martha was an excellent companion. I'd put her work in, say, "Human Nature / Family of Blood" up against most any other companion.

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I've only just started watching, to find out what the fuss is about. I never watched old Who, as a kid I was very unimpressed with the sets, acting, dialogue.

I'm only just on Season 3, I liked Rose, she always made time for the ignored.

Runaway Bride was the most recent episode I watched, Donna Noble was fantastic at keeping the Doctor on the back foot. She's funny too, which is very important.

It seems the rest of the season has Martha Jones, and I think she'll make an interesting counterpoint to Rose.

Ah Rose. A lot of people bag on her, and an equal amount call her "Fantastic." For me I really liked her because like Donna she was very real. But then she developed into this badass and I sort of lost interest. Its not that I buy into the "damsel in distress" trope all the time but she just sort of became obvious in her toughness, like she was completely together all the time.

I guess that's why I liked Donna, or Mickey when he was first around. These are people who never really got comfortable in their travels. They still seemed vulnerable, mortal, like even standing next to the Doctor they weren't quite sure if it was all going to be ok. I like that.

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I liked Rose in a "she's okay" way in her first season and a half. I started liking her less and less as she kept showing up after supposedly being gone forever.

Donna and Rory remain my favorites. Martha just behind, if only because she always seemed the character they could have done more with but didn't. (Especially since the Doctor spent nearly her entire time with him moping about how she wasn't Rose.) Amy, River, and Clara are somewhere in the middle. I still need to see Smith's last season, though, so I might change my opinion on Clara one way or another when I do.

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Thing I liked about Rose was being able to live vicariously through her. She was a 20 something who just had her entire world turned upside down. Mickey and her mother helped bridge her former life with her adventures with the doctor. I thought it was interesting anyway and dont have any hate about Rose.

Now Amy didnt really have any of that. She seemed completely unsatisfyied with life and was ready to go anywhere and didnt seem particularly phased by anything. Maybe having a doctor experience at such a young age forced that I dont know. Of course at the end she seemed ready to just settle down with Rory so maybe that was her dynamic. I just missed that link that Rose, Martha, and Donna had to our world as they traveled with the doctor.

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I still keep coming back to Donna in the library episode. Martha, Rose, Amy; I could see them saying "sorry darlings but you're not real - I have to get back to the Doctor" but not Donna. Come hell or high water she was going to fight for every second with her pretend husband and kids. That was touching, sweet, human and heartbraking all at the same time and in a way I haven't seen in Dr Who before. Sure Amy wants a family but she has Rory with her most of the time. The other companions, even Rose, got to take their significants with them from time to time. Donna is the one who suddenly had someone significant in her life, some people to really love and care for, but she didn't get to keep them.

That, the miming through the window bit, and Donna running in that dress in the Pompei episode. You guys can all keep your Perris and Leelas and such; Donna's the total package for me.

Having only seen new who, these are my favorites:

Donna Noble, because she's empathic, strong-willed and capable. If I ever play a paladin, I'll definately take inspiration from her character. She also has the very best of the New Who character arcs, except for what they did to her in the end (that really stank).

Second in place Rose Tyler, because she's fun, brave, and very relatable.

I also like Captain Jack and Martha Jones, but I didn't connect to them as fully. From the more minor characters, I really like the arc Mickey is given, though I don't really like that 9 and Rose got away with being so abusive towards him.

River Song, Amy Pond, and Clara whatshername felt like basically the same character (or rather gimmick), especially towards the end of their respective lives.
Rory could have been an interesting character if his and Amys relationship was more interesting, but since he was basically just annoying, sexist and manipulative and she was abusive and neglecting, that really dragged them both down as characters.

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