The Shannara Chronicles first trailer.


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Hama wrote:
And how do you look?

How do I look?

Not good.

And for the record - SyFy Dune was not a Hollyweird production (eastern Europe IIRC). Also, low budget movies often have low budget
actors. Or maybe in this case they spent all their money casting Alia and Irulan.


More questions.

So for two seasons the "Dwarves" appear by name in the opening credit scroll yet there are no dwarves. Did I miss something?

Also, "Short Tips" and Mareth are half-elves (right?) but their ears don't look significantly shorter than full elves to me. So why is Wil
called "Short Tips"?

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Hama wrote:

I watched it because of the pretty elf girl.

Pretty elf girl and less pretty not-elf girl were pretty much the only reason I watched to the end of the season.

I was ambivalent about whether to start the second season, and decided to wait a bit and then watch the first few episodes back to back on demand, then see. For some reason, episodes 1 and 3 are not available on demand at TWC/Spectrum, but (so far), 2 and 4-7 are.


Anyone know the answer to my question:
Why for 2 full seasons does "Dwarves" appear in the opening credit scroll of this series yet there aren't any dwarves. Did I miss something?

Someone recently up thread said this series was "camp" but don't the characters have to have a level of self-awareness of the in-universe absurdities in order for this to qualify as camp?


Is bumping this against forum rules? I hope not. My Google Fu is not telling my what "Dwarves" were doing in the opening credits of this show when none actually appear in either season.

Somebody's gotta know. If no one knows, any educated guesses?

Because dwarves appear in the original material, but were never necessary to forward the plot...? That would be my guess. The opening graphics were probably done based off of the original material, not the storyline the writers had come up with. Perhaps dwarves will make an appearance when the show is starting to take the long slow slide toward death, in an effort to revitalize interest. :)

Yeah, that explains why "Dwarves" appear in the first season credit scroll. Given the production value of the show (really the only value it has unless pretty elf/rover girl is your bag) it is rather striking that the second season opening does the same thing.

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