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What the heck is ASMR? (I googled it, but I'm looking for an answer in layman's terms... :) )

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Relaxation noise. There is apparently a wing of YouTube dedicated to it.

Sorry. Yeah, ASMR is about listening to specific noises, often softly talking, to produce a relaxation and/or pleasurable response. I've heard it described as a cool tingling on the back of the neck. Doesn't seem to work for me personally, but does seem to for others here.

Edit: Here's an article that seems to explain the effect & response a bit more clearly. Warning though, it autoplays a sample ASMR Youtube video.

This show is blowing my mind.

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I'm not as into this season as last year, but it's still a pretty good show. Poor Lenny.

Yeah leeny has had it. Also I appreciate that the show tries to teach people some psychology and sociology.

Farouk is awesome this season. I'm glad they used this actor instead of the original choice. Perfect choice!

Can someone explain to me what happened to the beehive guy and 3 mustache women though? I thought they were androids and immune to that monk's psychic disease. I'm also not clear as to how the monk gained psychic powers... they show all the monks going mad one by one in the past as they went about watching over Farouk's entombed body, and they show that he basically is the last monk standing after all of them committed suicide... but how did he get the powers to infect minds with that teeth-clattering thing?

Could it be that Farouk is using the monk's body to commit these atrocities and forcing him to give the info to David? (and instead the monk made his will save and killed himself so he doesn't give David the info?)

I went and read the wiki about the Shadow King... and if it's not Farouk doing this... well... the lore points to some demon that was using Farouk at the beginning... if Farouk's body bit the dust (or maybe Farouk stopped his own heart from beating to get rid of the demon) then maybe that demon was hovering metaphysically near Farouk's body (last host) which made all the monks mad... could explain all the contingencies in place at the time of Farouk's death as well...

Remains to be seen if Farouk / Lenny are just a figment of David's imagination at this point, having been in touch with the Shadow King in his youth. Without his techie headband +3, I'm thinking the Shadow King could still be in his mind somewhere still trying to assert control.

Xavier may have defeated Farouk without knowing that the Shadow King was behind pulling the strings, and thus didn't contain the Shadow King which is still continuing his rampage IMO.

Shadow King is limited to the powers of the host, which is why it prefers telepaths. He may even have traveled in Xavier's mind until the birth of David... We know Farouk is dead. Looking for the body is just a distraction and the Shadow King used that to kill the monk (I'm guessing he doesn't like monks and their meditation techniques... makes them resistant to his control perhaps, and if the monk would teach their technique on someone like David, it could have made him invulnerable to the Shadow King's influence).

Now that I think of it: if the Shadow King possessed the monk... he probably kung-fu'ed beehive and androids to death...

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Yeah, I'm loving Farouk. He's sheer joy to watch.

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I really liked the first season, but I have had trouble getting into the second one. THe first season was weird, but weird in ways that made sense for the show. This season feels weird to weird.

I think the thing that helps me is anytime things get super weird its usually cause hes in the astral. except for the cow I don't understand the cow.

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It refers to the Hindu Milk Miracle mentioned at the beginning of the show.

GM PDK wrote:
It refers to the Hindu Milk Miracle mentioned at the beginning of the show.

Oh ok. cool. thanks. That explains why the cow was their for out side of universe reasons. in universe still feels a little odd and of course the how the cow got their.

Maybe the order of monks is from India... I'm torn between Morocco or India... Morocco is where Farouk used to operate, running a thieving guild that included street urchins (and Storm from the X-Men when she was a child... maybe Shadow King used her and her powers even!) and would explain perhaps the desert outside the monastery... but... and I'm not sure about this one... I 'think' the style of the monastery is more evocative of somewhere in Asia, and perhaps even India...

I think they're just from 'the East'.

Wondering if this could be Madripoor: (the location the New Mutants fought the Shadow King who had possessed Karma at the time - at first they didn't even recognized her as she had become obese due to the Shadow King's influence...)

"The Principality of Madripoor is a fictional island located in Southeast Asia appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Based on illustrations, it is in the southern portion of the Strait of Malacca between Singapore and Sumatra."

I'm still waiting for Bennet du Paris/Exodus to show up...

when you said Mardripoor for some reason My mind went to ankh-morpork of the of disc world (terry pratchett) but if that was the case someone would of mentioned the smell.

So I guess I'm the only one expecting smaller but powerful villains like the Adversary or even just Bastion to show up?

Yeah I think someone powerful is going to show up but I don't know how this show ill handle him.

Upthread I said Morocco but meant Cairo, where young Storm was thieving. It gets confusing because Farouk also operated in Morocco at some point...

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This show just beautifully started a show open recap with "Apparently on Legion."

This is officially my favorite show of all time.

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archmagi1 wrote:
This show just beautifully started a show open recap with "Apparently on Legion."

Noah Hawley said his least favorite TV cliche was the "... Last time, on Murder, She Wrote..."

So with every show he tries to subvert it. :-)

I didn't notice that. that is hilarious.

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Legion, the World Eater holding a crystal ball, and his (pregnant or just writhing the right way) Lenny lazing about amongst the bones of the less fortunate. This opening will forever be awesome in my brain. Season Finale is next week, and its gotta be a doozy to push this season from a 7 to an 8 for me.

Can't wait.

OK, that music video bit at the beginning kinda ruined the mood - it looked like something that belonged to Heavy Metal or Metalocalypse or seomthing. The brief illithid(ish) form was perfect for a psychic battle, though. Otherwise, another riveting episode.

See your complaining about the best part. but no yeah I'm gonna need more.

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Legion season 3 premieres June 24.

Last season I'm told.

Legion season 3 trailer

So far I'm still waiting for David to bend reality into knots enough to warp in the Avengers. :p

Wow... not sure I'll still be able to follow that plot... and I don't have the Endurance feat to re-watch the first two seasons... :)

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The aesthetic of this show is the strongest thing about it. It is really the most unique show out there. Can't wait.

It's certainly not for the causal TV viewer.

Unique is one way to put it.

...ok... I'm starting to lose it with this one... I'm sure it's gonna be great, but the show is begging for 'good news' or 'hero wins' at this point... they need to dial down the dark and weird for a few shows at least...

..not sure what to think of this week's show. I was overjoyed to see it was about Charles Xavier but not too happy how they portrayed him and his wife... and what happened... like I said in my last post: they need to crank down the dark. I can see where it's heading and I'm not too happy about it, although I'm not surprised since this is the last season and probably the end of David...

WTF with that doll?:
Anyone else wanted to slap Xavier around the mouth a few times FOR BUYING SUCH A CREEPY LOOKING DOLL for David? I mean, who in their right bloody mind would put such a creepy thing in their kid's bassinet? no wonder David is so screwed up!

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