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Jimmy Kimmel: When Kids Corner goes bad

Jigoku Shoujo

Jerry Lewis R.I.P

Jericho TV Show


Jason McElwain on

James Bond Then and Now

iZombie has a D&D episode on tonight


It's official.... DeLoreans are now cool.

It just occurred to me....

IT Crowd final episode

Is no one else on the board watching The Riches?

Is it just me or is this the greatest idea ever?

Is it bad....

Is anyone watching "The River" besides me?

Into the Badlands

In The Flesh

If the Walking Dead survivors were Pathfinder players......

I was watching some old TV series called Sherlock Holmes

I leveled up and went to American Ninja Warrior (on TV July 21, 22--maybe)

I just discovered Robin of Sherwood from the 80's

I have discovered why people on survival shows suck at surviving.

I can't watch TV anymore.

I can't believe there is no Ally McBeal thread either!




Human Target Returns

Hulu Orders Live-Action Ghost Rider and Helstrom TV Series

Hulu Doesn't Appear to Carry Current Episodes of My Favorite Shows

How did Trek Become Such a Phenomenon?

How come there is no Nip Tuck Thread?

House of the Dragon

house husbands

Horrible Histories

Hole in the Wall

History: Vikings

History of Scotland

History Channel

His Dark Materials TV show enters production

Highlander - The Series: Season 2 & 3 Available For Pre-Order!


Heroes Reborn

Heroes Reborn


Hero Academia

Help needed on naming an animated series

Help Looking for Specific Scifis...

Helix (SyFy)

HBO to bring Stephen King's The Dark Tower to the screen


Having the Dr.'s meet.

Haven - a return to good SFTV on Syfy

Have you seen Gary Gygax on Futurama?

Harmony Gold retain ROBOTECH rights for decades to come


Happy Town

Happy 20th Birthday BABYLON 5

H2O Just Add Water

H. P. Lovecraft on Late Late Night with Craig Furgeson

Gunslinger Girl Redux!

Gummi Bears Animated Series

Groo the Wanderer

Grimm... the television series


Green Lantern TV Series on HBO Max

Green Lantern Animated Series

Gravity Falls S2 Coming Out August 1st!

Gravity Falls Finale

Gravity Falls

Gotham by Gaslight


Goodbye, Russell Johnson

Goodbye, Lord Flashheart

Good News Everyone! New Futurama TONIGHT!!!

Going on a Stargate SG-1 marathon

Glen Larson passed away


Give me reasons to finally watch Game of Thrones

Gil Grissom's Replacement On CSI?

Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel

George the Animal Steel has passed away

George R.R. Martin meets HBO

Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda

Game of Thrones for the Illiterate (aka, no book spoilers or information please)

Galavant. A musical fantasy comedy show.

Gaiman and Pratchett’s “Good Omens” on Amazon

G.I. Joe: Resolute

G.I. Joe Renegades

G.I. Joe Cameo In Avengers Cartoon

FX's The Strain

Future Man

Futurama's Back Baby!

FullMetal Alchemist : Brotherhood

Full Metal Jousting

From Dusk Till Dawn


Friday the 13th - The Series

Frankenstein's Cat

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