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Organized Play Characters

Scarab Sages Mordack Dune

Male Human #135676-1 Sorcerer fire elemental Bloodline-4 HP:30/30, Speed:30, Init:8, AC:18, T:13, FF:16, Fort:3, Ref:3, Will:4, Perc:2, 5 fire resistance (247 posts)
Neolandis Kalepopolis
The Exchange Zac Freelan

Male Human #135676-2 Fighter 6-ArmorMaster HP:64/64 Speed:30 Init:9 AC:24 T:17 FF:18, DR:2, Fort:9, Reflex:8, Will:7, CMB/CMD 9/24, Perception:10 (305 posts)
Scarab Sages Zanu Turok

Male Wayang #135676-3 Magus Hexcrafter 4: Spd:20, Init:9, HP:35/35, AC:17, FF:14, T:14, Fort:6, Ref:4, Will:5, Perc:6, Darkvision, Arcana Pool:5/5 (294 posts)
Liberty's Edge Tusk Aran

Male Dwarf #135676-4 Gunslinger-Pistolero 2: Hp:24/24, Speed:20, Init:5, AC:18, FF:14, T:14, 1 Fire and Cold resistance, 7 Spell Resistance, Fort:7, Ref:6, Will:3, CMB:3, CMD:16, Perp:6 Darkvision, Grit:2/2 (180 posts)
Jakaw Razorbeak
Silver Crusade Mark Shadowlord

Male Tengu #135676-5 [Ranger-Infilitraitor 2] HP 20/20 | AC 17; Tch 13; FF 14 | F +4; R +6; W +1 | CMB 4; CMD 17 | Speed 20 ft | Init +10 | Perc +8 lowlight (138 posts)
Scarab Sages Mandower Steel Strong

Male Suli #135676-6 Racial boon Barbarian-Spirit Totem (Armored Hulk) 2: HP:25/25, Resist 7 all elements (except sonic), Spd:25, Init:3, AC:16, T:11, FF:15, Fort:5, Ref:1, Will:1, Perp:6, Lowlight, 8/8-rages (111 posts)
Lord Villastir
Silver Crusade Max Titan

Male Elf #135676-7 Barbarian (Invulnerable Rager) 2: HP:23/23 (27/27 on rage), Spd:30, Init:12, AC:21(19 on rage), T:14, FF:17, DR:1, Fort:4 (6 on rage), Ref:4, Will:0(2 on rage), Perc:4, Lowlight, Rages:7/7, (1 acid resistance on rage) (144 posts)
Agathion, Leonal
Scarab Sages Johnny Sniper

Male Slyph #135676-8 Johnny Sniper Boon Fighter (Weapon Master Longbow): HP:20/20, Speed:25, Init:5, AC:19(21 vs non-magic ranged), FF:16(18 ranged), T:13, Fort:3, Ref:3, Will:2, Perc:6, Darkvison (192 posts)
Dark Archive Mordack Dune 2

Male Human #135676-9 Sorcerer-Air Elemental Bloodline 1:HP:9/9, Spd:30, Init:4, AC:14, FF:12, T:12, Fort:2, Ref:2, Will:2, CMB/CMD: 2/14, 10% spell failure chance (133 posts)
Scarab Sages Ganade

Male Ifrit ArmorMaster Fighter 1 (0 posts)
Market Patron
Dark Archive Gains Power From Pregens
(0 posts)
Dark Archive Tusk Aran 2

Male Dwarf #135676-12 Gunslinger-Planar Rifter 1:Hp:17/17, Speed:20, Init:5, AC:15, FF:12, T:13, 1 Fire and Cold resistance, Fort:7, Ref:5, Will:2, CMB:3, CMD:16, Perp:5 Darkvision, Grit:1/1 (0 posts)
Sun Priestess
Grand Lodge Mordana Dune

Female Human Destined Bloodline Sorcerer 1: speed:30, Init:2, AC:12, HP:13/13, FF:10, T:12, Fort:3, Ref:2: Will:2 (59 posts)
The Exchange Tuck Maxim

Male Skinwalker WereBoar-Kin Gunslinger Guntank 1: Spd:40, HP:14/14, AC:16/18, T:12, FF:14, Grit:1/1, Init:4, Fort:6, Ref:4, Will:1, Perc:6 Lowlight (1 post)
Vine Wrangler Elf
The Exchange Tuke Maxim

Male Android Pistolero Gunslinger: Init:5, AC:17, FF:14, T:13, HP:13/13, Fort:4, Ref:5, Will:0, Perc:6, Darkvision (0 posts)
Hazic Kel-Kalaar
Silver Crusade Tuke Aran

Male Android Planar Rifter Gunslinger 1: Init:4, AC:15, T:12, FF:13, HP:13/13, Fort:4, Ref:4, Will:0, Perc:2, Darkvision (26 posts)

Silver Crusade Tusk Maxim

Male Shabti Musket Master Gunslinger 1: (3 posts)
Second Seekers (Jadnura) Z Data Z

Male Android Mercenary Technomancer 10: Speed:50, Init:8, SP:90/90, HP:54/54, RP:9/9, DR:3, EAC:26, KAC:30, Fort:6, Ref:7, Will:7, Perc:10, Exceptional vision, electrolocation (568 posts)
Acquisitives Huckle Jim

Male Human Bounty Hunter Arcane-Blitz Soldier 13: Spd:65, Init:14, SP:156/156, HP:121/121, RP:12/12, EAC:30, KAC:33, DR/5- 13 Fire Resistance, Fort:14, Reflex:12, Will:10, Perc:0, Darkvision (405 posts)
Darius Finch
Wayfinders Maxamas Maxamas

Male Human Death-Touched Divine Champion Ghost Operative 9: Spd:50, Init:9, SP:99/99, HP:76/76, RP:10/10, EAC:25, KAC:26, 9 Piercing Resistance, Fort:9(toughness), Ref:12, Will:6, Per:16, Darkvision (354 posts)
Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo) Zak Freelan

M Korasha Lashunta DragonBlood DareDevil Operative 2: Speed:30, Init:4, SP:12/12, HP:16/16, RP:4/4, KAC:16, EAC:14, Fort:0, Ref:6, Will:2, Per:5 Darkvision (92 posts)
Acquisitives Retro Han Solo

Male Korasha Lashunta Ace Pilot Explorer Operative 4: Speed:40, SP:24/24, HP:28/28, RP:6/6, EAC:16, KAC:17, Init:6, Fort:1, Ref:10, Will:6, Perception 9, Darkvison (84 posts)
Augmented Gearsman
Acquisitives Y Data Y

Male Android Scholar Technomancer 9: Spd:30, SP:63/63, HP:49/49, RP:9/9, EAC:27, KAC:27, Init:5, Fort:8, Ref:9, Will:9, Per:0, Exceptional vision (262 posts)
Second Seekers (Luwazi Elsebo) Bodo Mars

Male Stout Halfing Solar Disciple Hunter Soldier 5: Spd:30, Init:4, EAC:15, KAC:16, SP:55/55, HP:37/37, RP:6/6, Fort:11, Ref:6, Will:4 (6 vs Fear) Perc:8 (201 posts)
Acquisitives Jackojare

Male Shirren Dream Prophet Bombard Blitz Soldier 12: Init:9, Spd:35, KAC:30, EAC:27, 5 Cold Resistance, SP:144/144, HP:90/90, RP:12/12, Fort:15, Ref:14, Will:12, Perc:11 Blindsense (447 posts)
Second Seekers (Jadnura) Frinke

Male Summerborn Ryphorian Scholar Sharpshoot Soldier 4: Spd:25, Init:3, SP:36/36, HP:32/32, RP:5/5, KAC:18, EAC:15, 5 Fire Resistance, Fort:8, Ref:4, Will:7, Per:5, Lowlight (205 posts)
Peren Ambergross
Dataphiles Funfreemy Shinefloat

Male Feran Solar-Disciple Solarian 1: Spd:20, Init:0, EAC:12, KAC:15, SP:8/8, HP:11/11, RP:1/1, Fort:3, Ref:2, Will:2, Per:5, Lowlight (65 posts)
Dataphiles Daemon Huckle

Male Quorlu DragonBlood Envoy 1: Spd:30, Init:3, EAC:14, KAC:15, SP:8/8, HP:12/12, RP:3/3, Fort:2, Ref:5, Will:2, Perc:4, Darkvision (31 posts)
Second Seekers (Jadnura) Mega Gelub

M Half-Orc Dragonblood Blitz Soldier 3: Spd:35, Init:7, SP:24/24, HP:27/27, RP:4/4, KAC:17, EAC:16, Fort:4, Ref:4, Will:5, Perc:0 Darkvision (136 posts)
Giant Slayer
Second Seekers (Jadnura) Mega Kodrog

M Dwarf Death-Touched Guard Soldier 2: Spd:20, Init:2, EAC:15, KAC:18(22 against bull rush and trip, +4 against giants), SP:20/20, HP:20/20, RP:4/4, Fort:5, Ref:2, Will:4(+2 against poisons and spells), Per:6, Darkvision (44 posts)
Second Seekers (Jadnura) Ziamat

Male Dragonkin Mercenary Arcane Soldier 2: Speed:25, Init:3, EAC:15, KAC:17, SP:18/18, HP:20/20, RP:4/4, Fort:5, Ref:3, Will:3, Per:2, Lowlight and Darkvision (195 posts)
Acquisitives Mega Kodrog 2

M Dwarf Athlete Arcane Soldier 2: Spd:20, Init:1, SP:20/20, HP:20/13, RP:4/4, KAC:18, EAC:15, Fort:6, Ref:0, Will:4, Per:5, Darkvision (61 posts)
Acquisitives Armstrong Nelly

M Brakim Dragonblood Blitz Soldier (0 posts)
Angazhani (High Girallon)
Acquisitives Chance Davidson

M Skittermander Solar Disciple BattleFlower Hunter Soldier 2: Spd:30, SP:18/18, HP:16/16, Init:3, KAC:17, EAC:15, Fort:5, Ref:3, Will:3, Perc:6 (0 posts)
Acquisitives Slugagod

M Quorlu Athlete Solarian (0 posts)
Acquisitives Mega Gelub 2

M Half-Orc Death-Touched Solarian 1: Spd:30, Init:1 EAC:13, KAC:15, DR:1, SP:9/9, HP:13/13, RP:1/1, Fort:4, Ref:1, Will:2, Per:5 Darkvison (49 posts)
Acquisitives Max Angel 3

Male Assimar Starwright Witchwarper 1: (2 posts)
Acquisitives Max Angel

M Aasimar Solar Disciple Guard Soldier 2: Spd:25, Init:4, EAC:16, KAC:18, SP:18/18, HP:18/18, RP:5/5, Fort:5, Ref:3, Will:3, Perc:7, Darkvision (55 posts)
Acquisitives Max Angel 2

M Aasimar Soldier 1 (0 posts)
Acquisitives King James XI

M Sarcesian Solar Disciple Solarian (0 posts)
Wayfinders Blimp Skywalker

M Barathu Arcane Soldier 1: (27 posts)
Lichen Leshy
Acquisitives Greenbay Jim

M Willflower Ghoran Arcane Soldier 1 (0 posts)
Acquisitives Altoid Ant

M Formian Hunter Soldier 1: Spd:30, Init:1, SP:11/11, HP:11/11, EAC:12, KAC:13, Perc:3, Blindsense, Darkvision, Telepathy, Fort:5, Ref:0, Will:1 (17 posts)
Dataphiles Bono Pax

M Dromada Starwright Rover Soldier 1 (0 posts)
Acquisitives Tuirk Ra

M Space Goblin BattleMaster Soldier 1: Init:4 EAC:15, KAC:18, SP:9/9, HP:9/9, RP:5/5, F:4, R:4, W:2, Perc:0 darkvision (14 posts)
Acquisitives Cris Kyle

M Strix Arcane Soldier 1 (0 posts)
Rust Monster
Acquisitives Jax Kraven 2

M Urog Daredevil Operative 1: Spd:20, Init:3, EAC:13, KAC:14, SP:7/7, HP:13/13, RP:3/3, Resist Electric:5, F:1, R:4, W:2, Perc:6, Lowlight, Darkvision, Electrolocation (66 posts)
Erudite Owl
Acquisitives Willy Jaws

M Morlamaw Blitz Soldier 1 (28 posts)

Acquisitives Floater Better

M Kiirintia Sharpshoot Soldier 1 (0 posts)
Acquisitives Hue Howard

M Copaxi Blitz Soldier 1 (0 posts)
Acquisitives Jack Best

M Kish Arcane Soldier 1 (0 posts)
Acquisitives Fortunato Rich

M Worlanisi BattleMaster Soldier 1: spd:25 Climb:15, Init:3, EAC:14 KAC:15 SP:9/9 HP:11/11, Fort:4, Ref:3 Will:1(weakness mind affects), Perc:3 (0 posts)

Acquisitives King James XII

M Sarcesian Solarian 1 (0 posts)
Phantom Fungus
Acquisitives Jack, Horn of Plenty

Hortus Solar Disciple Hacker Operative 1: (11 posts)
Acquisitives Blue Jack

M Undine Technomancer 1: Spd:30, Swim:20, Init:4, KAC:16, EAC:16, SP:1/5, HP:7/7, Darkvision, Perc:0, Fort:0, Ref:4, Will:3 (9 posts)
Half-Orc of Averaka
Harry Great Hudini

Male Half-Orc Imperial Sorcerer 10: SPD:20, AC:29, TAC:27, HP:54/104, 5 Cold Resistance, (Acid Wand 8/10 Charges left) Res:12/14, Fort:14, Ref:17, Will:13, Per:10 (108 posts)
Mordack Dune 3

M Half-Elf Imperial Sorcerer 5: Spd:25, AC:23, HP:53/53, Fort:8, Ref:10, Will:9, Perc:8, Lowlight (79 posts)
Braddikar Faje
Envoy's Alliance Zac Freelan 2

M Half-Elf Fighter 11: Spd:25, HP:173/173, 5 Cold Resistance, 5 fire resistance, 3 piercing resistance AC:32(34 Raised shield), Fort:22, Ref:20, Will:16, Per:17(18 involving sight)(19 for init) Darkvison, Stealth:18 (280 posts)
Horizon Hunters Mordack Dune 4

M Goblin Sorcerer 2: Spd:25, HP:20/20, 1 Fire Resistance, AC:17, Fort:5, Ref:7, Will:5, Per:3 Darkvision, Stealth:7 (217 posts)
Envoy's Alliance Max Titan 2

M Half-Orc Fighter 2: Spd:20, HP:32/32, AC:19, 1 piercing and 1 cold resistance, Fort:8, Ref:8, Will:3, Per:6 Darkvision, Stealth:6 (65 posts)
Envoy's Alliance Mandower Steel Strong 2

M Dwarf Green Dragon Barbarian 6: Spd:20, HP:42/112, AC:23, 3 Fire Resistance, Fort:14, Ref:10, Will:11, Perc:11 Darkvision, Stealth:10 (162 posts)
Envoy's Alliance Zanu Turok 2

M Half-Orc Mastermind Rogue 5: Speed:25, HP:58/58, AC:22, Fort:9, Ref:13, Will:9, Per:9, Stealth:13, Darkvision (105 posts)
Ironfang Honor Guard
Envoy's Alliance Zaos Olarieth

M Goblin Ranger 4: Spd:25, HP:66/66, AC:21, Fort:11, Ref:11, Will:7, Perception:7 Darkvision, Stealth:9 (55 posts)
Roy Greenhilt
Envoy's Alliance James T Crusher

M Shoanti Human Giant Barbarian 6: Spd:20, AC:23, HP:104/104, Fort:14, Ref:10, Will:10, Stealth:10, Perc:10 (108 posts)
Empyreal Lord, Cernunnos
Envoy's Alliance Gazard Gamille

M Dwarf Aphorite Thief Rogue 2: (62 posts)
Hero of Valhalla
Envoy's Alliance Zac Freelan 3

M Tian-Yae Human Assimar Fighter 3: Spd:25, HP:44/44 AC:20, Fort:8, Ref:9, Will:5, Stealth:2, Perc:7, Lowlight (95 posts)
Sir Holton
Envoy's Alliance Max Titan 3

M Ganzi Tian-Yae Human Fighter 2: Spd:25, AC:18, HP:36/36, DR:1 Electricity, Fort:9, Ref:7, Will:5, Stealth:1, Perc:7 (0 posts)
Trumpet Blower
Envoy's Alliance James T Crusher 2

M Dustwalker Garundi Human Red Draconic Barbarian 4: Spd:25, AC:20, HP:68/68, Fort:10, Ref:8, Will:8, Perception:8, Lowlight Vision, Stealth:8 (91 posts)
Kobold Master Trapper
Envoy's Alliance Mordack Dune 5

M Kobold Witch 2: Spd:25, AC:16, HP:18/18, Fort:4, Ref:6, Will:6, Stealth:6, Perc:4 (12 posts)
Chief Kroghut
Envoy's Alliance Mandower Steel Strong 3

M Hold-Scarred Orc Red Dragon Barbarian 2: Spd:25, AC:19, HP:42/42, Fort:9, Ref:5, Will:6, Stealth:5, Perc:6 Darkvision (75 posts)
Envoy's Alliance Johnny Sniper 2

M Dhampir Dwarf Fighter 6 (Druid Archetype): Spd:20, Perc:12, Darkvision, AC:23, HP:88/88, Fort:13, Ref:14, Will:12, Stealth:12. (93 posts)
Envoy's Alliance Zac Freelan 4

M Brine Changeling Android Ranger 2: spd:25, AC:19, HP:34/34, Fort:9, Ref:10, Will:4, Perc:6, Stealth:8 Darkvision (24 posts)
Seaweed Leshy
Envoy's Alliance Conall Green

M Pine Leshy Fighter 2: (34 posts)
Envoy's Alliance Garfield Great

M Jungle Catfolk Ranger 5: spd:25, AC:22, HP:73/73, Fort:12, Ref:13, Will:8, Perc:8, Lowlight (13 posts)
Tweiford Shenk
Envoy's Alliance Maximas Power

M Versatile Human Fighter 1: Spd:20 AC:17(19) (currently 18/20), HP:21/21, Fort:7, Ref:7, Will:3, Per:5 (10/10 extra HP) (45 posts)
Envoy's Alliance Goupour Dune

Male Paddler Shoony DJinni Bloodline Sorcerer, Sentinel Dedication 2: (0 posts)
Envoy's Alliance Alvin Dar

Male Sprite Oread Fighter 4: spd:20, AC:21, HP:58/58, Fort:10, Ref:12, Will:8, Perc:8, Darkvision (31 posts)
Envoy's Alliance Jeeegaaan Dune

M Deep Fetchling Thaumaturge 1: Spd:25, AC:17, HP:18/18, Fort:7, Ref:5, Will:5, Perc:5 Darkvision (50 posts)
Envoy's Alliance Mordok Dune

M Human Gold Draconic Sorcerer 1: Spd:25, HP:15/18, AC:14, Fort:6, Ref:4, Will:5, Per:3(5 for init) (44 posts)
Envoy's Alliance Jack Jin Dune

M Ifrit Automation Ruffian Rogue 1 (0 posts)

Envoy's Alliance Maxamus Power

Male Impersonator Android Magus 1 (0 posts)

Horizon Hunters Maxemus Power

Male Artisan Android Divination Wizard Archer Dedication (0 posts)
Acquisitives King James X

M Sarcesian Solar Disciple Witchwarper 1: SP:7/7, HP:9/9, RP:4/4, Fort:2, Ref:4, Will:0, Perc:4, Lowlight (0 posts)


Justic Ironbriar
Aleon Hunter

M Laborer Elf Android Technomancer 2: Spd:30, Init:0, KAC:13, EAC:12, SP:4/14, HP:14/14, RP:3/3, Fort:4, Ref:0, Will:2, Perc:0, Lowlight (387 posts)
Priest-Captain Blackarm
Dark Archive Draco the Cleric

Male Human Cleric 3: Spd:25, AC:19, HP:26/32, Fort:7, Ref:6, Will:11, Perc:9 (273 posts)
Sunlord Thalachos
Glade Wolf

Male Azta-Blooded Aasimar Efreeti Bloodline Sorcerer 1: Spd:30, Init:3, AC:15, FF:12, T:13, (5 cold, electric and acid resistance) Fort:3, Ref:3, Will:2, HP:10/10 (325 posts)
Hunter Deadeye

Female Enigma doppleganger mesmerist toxitician 4: spd:20, Init:1, Perc:12 Darkvision, AC:19, T:12, FF:17, 72/72 HP, Fort:7, Ref:9, (immune charm sleep) Will:13 (393 posts)
Mage Slayer
Hunter William

FeMale Half-Elf Gunslinger 7: Spd:30, Init:6, 67/67 HP, AC:22, T:17, FF:16, Fort:8, Ref:10, Will:6 +2 vs enchantment, Perc:8 lowlight (290 posts)
Rogue Elf
Jack Speed-Runner

FeMale Janni Aristocrat 1: spd:30, Init:6, Perc:11 Darkvision, AC:24, FF:21, T:13, HP:53/60, 10 fire resistance, Fort:8, Ref:8, Will:6 (258 posts)
Purple Worm
Acquisitives Jax Kraven

Male Urog Technomancer 6: Spd: 15, EAC:19, KAC:21, Init:1, DR:1, Electric Resistance:5, SP:54/54, HP:36/36, RP:6/6, F:7, R:3, W:5, Per:9 Lowlight&Darkvision (524 posts)
Sovereign Court Jazz Kraz

FeMale damaya lashunta xenoseeker technomancer 8: Init +4; darkvision (60 ft.); Perception +8, SP 0/48 HP 1/44 RP 6/10 EAC 22; KAC 23 Fort +3; Ref +6; Will +6 Speed 30 ft (259 posts)
Wild Elf
Scarab Sages Jelly Gelly

FeMale Human Gungsliner 3: spd:25, Perc:9, AC:20, HP:32/32, Fort:7, Ref:11, Will:9 (426 posts)
Scarab Sages Kane Hue

Male Dwarf Gunslinger Guntank: Spd:20, Init:3, AC:17, T:13, FF:14, 1 cold and fire resistance, 14/14 HP, Fort:5(Hardy), Ref:5, Will:2, 1/1 Grit, 5 Perc, Darkvision (302 posts)
Sovereign Court Max Gain

Male Half-Elf: Fighter-Powerattack 12(Ranger & Barbarian Archetype) LG: Spd:25, AC:34(36 Shield, Hardness:10, ♥️:80/80), ♥️:188/188, 4 Slashing, 10 fire, & 6 Cold Resistance, Fort:23(Juggernaunt)***, Ref:21**, Will:17**(Bravery), Per:18(20 for init)***-Lowlight (332 posts)
Medical Drone
Acquisitives Max Willard

M SRO Operative 6: EAC:20, KAC:22, Init:6, Speed:50 20 climb, Fort:3, Ref:9(evasion), Will:6 (+4 vs effects that target only humanoids) Perc:13, darkvision (283 posts)
Hobgoblin Sergeant
Horizon Hunters Mordack Dunstar

Male Laborer Half-Orc Android StarWright Daredevil Operative 10: Spd:70, Swim:30, Climb:30: Init:7, KAC:29, EAC:27, SP:88/120, HP:64/64 RP:9/9, 10 Piercing Resistance, 10 Fire Resistance, Fort:8, Ref:11, Will:12(misc bonuses for all saves), Perc:19, Darkvision, Electrolocation (291 posts)
Envoy's Alliance Rakdon Tripus

Male Ghost Poppet Fighter 3: spd:25, AC:20, 1 Negative resistance, 1 fire weakness, HP:48/48, Fort:10, Ref:7, Will:7, Perc:7, Darkvision (650 posts)
Shrec the Powerful

Male Human Fighter 7: spd:30, Init:7, AC:24, FF:20, T:15, HP:15/74, Fort:8, Ref:6, Will:4 (+2 vs fear) (289 posts)
Silver Bullet

Male Human Fighter 7: spd:30, Init:7, AC:24, FF:20, T:15, HP:74/74, Fort:8, Ref:6, Will:4 (+2 vs fear) (346 posts)
Giant Slayer
Horizon Hunters Zano Turok

Male Electric Elemental Heart Dwarf Rogue 3: Spd:25, AC:20, HP:9/43, Fort:8, Ref:11, Will:8, Per:8, Darkvision (254 posts)
Zirul Huntinghawk

Male Half-elf Gunslinger 7: Spd:30, Init:6, 41/67 HP, AC:22, T:17, FF:16, Fort:8, Ref:10, Will:6 +2 vs enchantment, Perc:8 lowlight (303 posts)