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Divine Champion Ghost Operative 9: Spd:50, Init:9, SP:17/99, HP:76/76, RP:10/10, EAC:27, KAC:28, 9 Piercing Resistance, Fort:9(toughness), Ref:12, Will:6, Per:16, Darkvision, Electrolocation







Special Abilities









Common, Abyssal, Elven, Eoxian, Goblin, Orcish

Strength 14
Dexterity 22
Constitution 18
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 13

About Maxamas Maxamas

1. Human skills and feats: added in
2. Theme Knowledge: I can use perception rather than Mysticism to recall knowledge about undead and negative energy effects when I first observe them. I get a +1 to perception
3. Operative's Edge: +3 bonus to init and skill checks, added in.
4. Specialization Ghost
5. Trick Attack, now a 5d8
6. Evasion: no damage on reflex saves.
6. Divine Awakening (replaces 2 level class stuff). Lowest base save is Fort, so +1.
7. Weapon Specialization: basic melee weapons, small arms, sniper weapons
8. Quick Movement: +20 speed when wearing light or no armor and not encumbered.
9. DIVINE JUDGMENT (SU) 4th Level (replaces 4 level class stuff)
Choose chaos, evil, good, or law; your choice must correspond to a portion of your or your deity’s alignment (or both, if possible). If both you and your deity are neutral, you can choose any one of the four.
As a move action, you can spend 1 Resolve Point to pronounce a creature you can see an enemy of your faith. Until the target is dead or the next time you take a full 8-hour rest, all your weapon attacks bypass that target’s DR and ignore its energy resistances as though your weapons had the fusion corresponding to your chosen alignment (even if the target isn’t a dragon or outsider): anarchic (chaos), axiomatic (law), holy (good), or unholy (evil).
9. Deliberating trick: make flat footed or off target.
10. Cloaking Field: You can bend light around yourself and muffle any minor sounds you make, allowing you to nearly vanish when not moving. Even when you move, you appear only as an outline with blurry features. This cloaking field doesn’t make you invisible, but it does make it easier to sneak around. Activating the cloaking field is a move action. While the cloaking field is active, you can use Stealth to hide, even while being directly observed and with no place to hide. Attacking doesn’t end the cloaking field, but it does end that particular attempt to hide. If you remain perfectly still for at least 1 round, you gain a +10 bonus to Stealth checks (which doesn’t stack with invisibility) until you move.
Your cloaking field lasts for up to 10 rounds before it becomes inactive. While inactive, the cloaking field recharges automatically at the rate of 1 round of cloaking per minute.
11. +2 Strength, +2 Dex, +2 Con, +2 Cha
12. Level 6: LESSER DIVINE POWER (SP) 6th Level
Choose a connection (as per the mystic class feature) that fits within your deity’s ethos (subject to the GM’s discretion). Your bond with your deity has grown strong enough for you to duplicate the effects of some of the connection spells, though you don’t actually gain any connection abilities. Once per day, you can cast the 1st- or 2nd-level spell of your chosen connection as a spell-like ability. At 10th level, you can use this ability twice per day, and at 14th level, you can use this ability three times per day. The save DC of these spells is equal to 10 + the spell’s level + your key ability score modifier. Healer Connection Can cast level 2 mystic cure and level 1 remove condition lesser.
You draw dark strength from the spark of negative energy within you, and you gain a fraction of the resistances that undead creatures have. You gain a +1 bonus to saving throws against disease, exhaustion, fatigue, mind-affecting effects, paralysis, poison, sleep effects, and stunning.
14. Skill specialization mastery: I can take 10 in skills I'm skill focused in.
15. Uncanny Agility: Cannot be flanked, flatfooted or harry fired.
16. Triple attack: I can make 3 attacks instead of 2.
17. Operative Exploit-Fast Aim: As long as you are not flat-footed, off-kilter, or off-target, when attacking with a sniper rifle you use the range increment value listed with the sniper special property.

Level 1: Weapon Focus-Small Arms
Human Bonus Feat: Minor Stage Magic-Ghost Sound
Level 3: Divine Blessing-Desna, Your deity sometimes grants you bursts of luck. Once per day, you can reroll any one failed skill check.
Level 3 Class Feat: Weapon specialization
Level 5 Feat: Stage Magic-Holographic Image
Level 7 Feat: Enhanced Resistance: Piercing
Level 9 Feat: Toughness

Spells Known and Limited use abilities
Cantrip Ghost Sound: Can cast 3 times per day
Level 1 Holographic Image: Can cast 1 time per day
Level 2 Mystic Cure: Can cast 1 time per day (Shared with Remove Lesser)
Level 1 Remove lesser Condition: Can cast 1 time per day (Shared with Mystic Cure)
Level 9 Disguise Self: Can cast 1 time per day
Level 9 Supercharge Weapon: Can cast 1 time per day
Level 2 Invisibility: Can cast 1 time per day
Divine Blessing Desna-Can reroll one failed skill check per day
15 Foot Cone Breath of Fire 3d6, Reflex 18 for half. Can use once every 10 minute rest or recharge immediately for 1 Resolve

1. Semi-automatic Pistol advanced, Analog: 5,500 credits (Holy and burning fusion, 1040 credits)
2. 120 Small Arm rounds: 160 Credits, Used 98
3. Sword Cane, Ultrathin, analog, operative: 7,000 Credits
4. Industrial Backpack: 25 Credits
5. Radiation Clothing: 10 Credits
6. 5 R2E Rations: 5 Credits
7. FlashLight: 1 Credit (used one charge)
8. Serum of Healing MK 1, quantity 2: 100 Credits
9. Engineering Tool Kit: 20 Credits
10. Hacking Kit: 20 Credits
11. Navigator's Kit: 20 Credits
12. Professional's Tools Artist and Professional Clothing: 25 Credits
13. Light Sap: 450 Credits. Analog, Nonlethal, operative.
14. D-Suit III: 13,300 Credits. EAC:11, KAC:12, Max Dex:6 Upgrades 3 (infrared sensors and Jetpack installed)
15. Infrared Sensors: 200 Credits
16. Mk 2 upgrade Dex and Mk1 upgrade Con: 7900 credits
17. Jetpack: 3100 credits
18. Gamma Rifle Terrestrial: Damage 1d10 F; Range 80 ft.; Critical Irradiate Capacity 40 charges; Usage 4 Bulk 1; Special radioactive, sniper (500 ft.), unwieldy. 2120 Credits
19. Kanabo Magic Graft: All Hands: 3,900 Credits
20. Electrolocation Graft: 750 Credit, All Feet.
21. GlassSkin: 2000 Credits: Skin
22. Dragon Gland, 1st one: 15 foot cone of fire. Reflex 18 for half. Throat Gland: 755 Credits
21. Credstick: 59,279 Credits

Skills: Ranks: 8+(1 human)+int. And I get free ranks in Acrobatics and Stealth and free skill focus.
1. Acrobatics: 9 rank, 6 dex, 3 trained, 3 skill focus: 21
2. Athletics: 9 rank, 2 str, 3 operative's edge, 3 trained: 17
3. Bluff: 9 rank, 1 cha, 3 operative's edge, 3 trained: 16
4. Computers: 9 rank, 0 int, 3 operative's edge, 3 trained: 15
5. Culture: 4 rank, 0 int, 3 operative's edge, 3 trained: 10
6. Engineering: 9 rank, 0 int, 3 operative's edge, 3 trained: 15
7. Intimidate: 5 rank, 1 cha, 3 operative's edge, 3 trained: 12
8. Perception: 9 rank, 0 wis, 3 operative's edge, 1 theme, 3 trained: 16
9 Profession-Artist: 9 rank, 1 cha, 3 operative's edge, 3 trained, 4 Professional's Tools, 1 Clothing: 21
10. Stealth: 9 rank, 6 dex, 3 trained, 3 skill focus: 21
11. Survival: 9 rank, 0 wis, 3 operative's edge, 3 trained: 15
12. Sleight of Hand: 9 rank, 6 dex, 3 operative's edge, 3 trained: 21

1. Trick Attack: +20 to Stealth +1 and to the skill check when I make the trick attack for a total of +21. Deals 5d8 extra damage and target is flat footed.
2. Sword Cane-ultrathin: 6 dex, 6 Bab: +12 to hit. 2d4+6 piercing damage.
3. Semi-Automatic Pistol advanced: 6 dex, 6 Bab, 1 Weapon focus: +13 to hit. 2d6+4 Piercing damage.
4. Light Sap: 6 dex, 6 BAb: +12 to hit. 1d4+6 nonlethal blunt damage. Analog and operative.
5. Rifles: 6 Dex, 6 Bab: +12 to hit. 1d10+8 fire with gamma rifle, range 500 ft. (20 charges used)

12 Khizar Admittance
Boons: Wayfinders boon, Aquisitives boon, Exo, SSEH, Scoured Stars (Slotless Boon) (8 fame, 2 HP per level)
The first 3 sets of hirelings are Elite. Level+6
Set 4 is Basic. Level