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Z Data Z




Mercenary Technomancer 4: Speed:25, Init:1, SP:28/28, HP:24/24, RP:5/5, EAC:17, KAC:19, Fort:2, Ref:2, Will:4, Perc:3










Castrovel: The Wild


Common, Castrovelian, Goblin, Kasatha, Infernal



Strength 14
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 16
Wisdom 11
Charisma 8

About Z Data Z

Z Data Z
Android Mercenary Technomancer 4
NG Medium Humanoid (Android)
Init +1; Perception 3; Lowlight Vision and Darkvision 60ft
SP: 21 HP: 19 RP: 4
EAC: 17 (+6 Armor, +1 Dex)
KAC: 19 (+8 Armor, +1 Dex)
AC vs CM: 32
Fort +2 (also, see toughness feat), Ref +2, Will +4 (+2 vs. Disease/Poison/Mind-Affecting/Sleep unless the effect targets constructs)
Speed: (30-5 armor)25ft
BAB: +3 Melee: +5 Ranged: +4 Thrown: +5
Energy Ray: +4 to hit vs EAC. 1d3 elemental damage of my choice
Magic Missile: 2d4+2 autohit force damage, or 3d4+3 if I take a full round action
OverHeat: 2d8 fire damage in a 15 foot cone. Reflex save 15 halves. My selective targeting lets me exclude 1 square
SuperCharge Weapon: supercharge a weapon, if it hits, it deals 4d6 extra damage, or 2d6 extra damage if it attacks all creatures in the area.
Survival Knife: +5 to hit vs KAC. 1d4+4 piercing damage
Spell Cache lets me do an extra spell of any level. This is a tatoo
0 Level: Energy Ray, Mending, Psychokinetic Hand, Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Daze.
1st 4 per day: Overheat, Supercharge Weapon, Magic Missile, Disguise Self.
2nd 3 per day: Inject Nanobots, Spider Climb
STR 14 (+2) DEX 12 (+1) CON 12 (+1) INT 16 (+3) WIS 11 (+0) CHA 8 (-1)
SKILLS (28) | (4+Int) = 7 skill ranks per level
Acrobatics -1,
Athletics +7 (4 ranks, trained),
Bluff -1,
Computers 11 (4 ranks, trained),
Diplomacy -1,
Disguise -1,
Engineering +10 (4 ranks, trained),
Intimidate -1,
Perception +4 (4 ranks),
Physical Science +10 (4 ranks, trained),
Piloting +1,
Profession Architect +15 (4 ranks, trained, tools, Clothing),
Sense Motive -2,
Stealth +3 (4 ranks),
Survival +0
Skill notes: Sense Motive DCs against Android are increased by 2, but I take -2 penalty. Armor check penalty is 2 and reducing my speed by 5. I have Professional Architect tools and clothing. Techlore gives me +1 computers and mysticism.
Proficiencies: Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Basic Melee Weapons, Small Arms
1. Heavy Armor Proficiency: Level 1 Feat
2. Spell Focus: Class gained Feat (+1 to my spell saves)
3. Weapon Specialization-Basic Melee Weapons, small arms: Class gained Feat (adds damage to my weapons equal to level, half for operative weapons and small arms)
4. Level 3 Feat: Toughness (+1 SP per level, +4 bonus to Con saves to continue running, avoid damage from forced march, avoid hunger or thirst damage, +4 con vs hot or cold environments, taking damage from thick or thin atmospheres, sleep deprevation, and breathing smoke)
Class Features
5+Con Stamina per level+Toughness Feat, 5 HP per level
Spell Cache: see spells sections
Proficient with Light armor, basic melee weapons and small arms. (gained heavy armor via feat)
Magic Hack: Selective Targeting, see spells sections
Techlore: See skills sections
Spell Focus: +1 to DC levels
Other Features
1. Theme Knowledge: Reduce the DC of Culture checks and Profession (mercenary) checks to recall knowledge about hierarchies, practices, personnel, and so in in the military by 5. Athletics is a class skill for me.
2. Exceptional Vision: Lowlight and Darkvision 60
3. Constructed: +2 saving throws against disease, mind-affecting effects, poison and sleep. Does not breathe or suffer affects from being in a vacuum.
4. Flat Affect: -2 to sense motive, but DC to sense motive them is +2.
5. Upgrade Slot: One extra upgrade slot, light armor upgrades only.
Cermonial Plate officer armor: 2275 Credits, Flashlight: 1 Credit, Fire Extinguisher: 15 Credits, Disguise Kit: 20 Credits, Hacking Kit: 20 Credits, Engineering Kit: 20 Credits, Navigators Kit: 20 Credits, 2 Serums of Healing MK 1: 100 Credits, Industrial Backpack: 25 Credits, 5 R2E Rations: 5 Credits, Survival Knife: 95 Credits, Dust Storm Clothing: 10 Credits, Professional Architect's tools: 20 Credits, Professional Clothing: 5 Credits, Star Sugar Love CD: 50 Credits, Laser Drill: 200 Credits, 1 Frag Grenade II:700 Credits
CreditStick: 8748 Credits
Sold back Gear/used gear: Hidden Soldier Armor (Net loss of 419 Credits)
Carrying Capacity
Bulk: 4.0 / Encumbered: 10 / Overburdened: 16

Boons and Credits Earned:

1-1 Commencement: 509+34 Day job credits
3 uses Faction’s Friend (Social Boon; Limited Use): By assisting various factions of the Starfinder Society, you have proven yourself as a dependable asset. By slotting this boon, if you would fail to earn Fame at the end of an adventure by failing to fulfill a success condition, you can check one of the boxes on this boon. Doing so reminds your current championed faction of your past exploits, and you still earn 1 Reputation (but no Fame) with that faction as if you had successfully fulfilled the condition. You can use this boon only if you would also gain at least 1 XP for completing the adventure.
Star Sugar Heartlove!!! (Slotless Boon; Limited Use): During your commencement missions, you had the chance to pick up your own copy of the latest album from sugar-pop sensation Strawberry Machine Cake. This album is already a Pact Worlds hit and has quadrupled in price. You can resell the album for 200 credits prior to the start of your next adventure. If you sell the album, cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet. Alternatively, you can decide to keep the album, which might somehow prove useful in the future.
1-10 Half-Alive Streets: 735+26 Day job-42 to fix an arm credits
3 uses AbadarCorp Augmentations (Social Boon; Limited Use): AbadarCorp has made you a special offer after you helped maintain the stability of their Freemarkets by keeping illegal augmentations off the streets. At the end of a
scenario where you have this boon slotted, you can purchase one or more augmentations from the Starfinder Core
Rulebook and receive a one-time 20% discount. If the item level of the augmentation is 8 or more, then you receive only
a 10% discount on that augmentation. For each augmentation you purchase in this manner, check one of the boxes on
this boon. Once you’ve checked all three boxes, you can no longer receive this discount on future purchases.
1-14 Star Sugar HeartLove: 1485+40 Day Job Credits
Scoured Stars Memorial (Social Boon): Thanks to your efforts on Songbird Station, the Starfinder Society earned
immense publicity from the Strawberry Machine Cake concert. Organizations and people across the Pact Worlds now
go out of their way to assist the Starfinder Society. You can check the box next to this boon to do one of the following:
• Ignore the Fame cost of having your body recovered.
• Ignore the Fame cost of purchasing the Starship Towing boon.
• Reduce the Fame cost of receiving a raise dead by 4.
Tip of the Conspiracy (Unidentified Boon): You assisted Historia-7 in learning about a growing conspiracy against
the Starfinder Society, though the trail of clues seemingly ended at Songbird Station. This boon represents your
involvement in thwarting one of the conspiracy’s plans. This boon might have repercussions in future scenarios,
which you will be told prior to slotting your boons. Future scenarios calling on this boon will specify what boon slot
it must be slotted in.
Dead Suns Book 1: 2160 Credits
1 use Loaned Ship: Sunrise Maiden (Starship Boon; Limited-Use): You can only slot this boon in a Tier 1–4 scenario, and everyone at the table must agree to you slotting this boon. When you slot this boon, rather than choosing the standard starships presented in the Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild Guide (such as the Drake or Pegasus), you can instead choose to take the Sunrise Maiden. The statistics for this hull are presented below. This ship can be further upgraded with Starship boons from other characters in the group as normal.
When used in Subtier 3–4, the PCs crewing the Sunrise Maiden gain a bonus reroll that can only be used on a d20 roll made during a starship combat encounter. This reroll is meant to give the starship a slight bonus when outmatched by more powerful encounters. This reroll can be used by one PC and does not count towards the reroll limit for that PC. Otherwise, this ability follows the rules for rerolls (Starfinder Core Rulebook 243).
Street Cred: Absalom Station (Social Boon): Once per scenario as a free action, you may recollect your dealing with the gangs of Absalom station to provide insight into dealing with other gangers. Doing do grants you a +1 insight bonus to Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate checks made when interacting with street gangs or other suitable gang-like groups at the GM’s discretion. You also gain a +1 morale bonus to attack and damage rolls against members of a street gang. Both bonuses increase to +2 if the gang members belong to a gang based on Absalom Station. These bonuses last for 1 minute.
Into the Unknown: 720 Credits
Hero of the Stars (Starship Boon; Limited Use): You defeated the dreaded Besmaran pirate ship, Lawblight, showcasing your determination during an intense starship combat. This boon activates anytime your starship is reduced to 0 or fewer Hull Points. Your starship immediately regains a number of Hull Points equal to its tier × 5. A starship can never regain more than 30 Hull Points in this manner. A starship can never have more than one of these boons attached to it. When this boon activates, cross it off your Chronicle sheet.
Starfinder Insignia (Slotless Boon): Venture-Captain Arvin presented you with a commemorative insignia in gratitude for your services to the Starfinder Society. Although it appears to be an ordinary medal showing the symbol of the Starfinder Society, this insignia can store as much information as a common tier-1 datapad. Unless told about this secret, a non-Starfinder must succeed at a DC 20 Perception or Sense Motive check to realize the insignia is a storage device. This insignia is worth 0 credits and cannot be sold.

XP: 11, Fame:17, Reputation:17-Aquisitives, Reputation:2-Dataphiles, Second Seekers Le:2
Boons Purchased Dataphiles Faction boon. 2nd Seekers LE boon. Owned Aquisitives from the beginning.