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Full Name

Z Data Z




Mercenary Technomancer 6: Speed:25, Init:2, SP:48/48, HP:34/34, RP:7/7, EAC:17, KAC:19, Fort:4, Ref:4, Will:5, Perc:5










Castrovel: The Wild


Common, Castrovelian, Goblin, Kasatha, Infernal, Orcish



Strength 16
Dexterity 14
Constitution 14
Intelligence 18
Wisdom 11
Charisma 8

About Z Data Z

Z Data Z
Android Mercenary Technomancer 6
NG Medium Humanoid (Android)
Init +2; Perception 5; Lowlight Vision and Darkvision 60ft
SP: 48 HP: 34 RP: 7
EAC: 17 (+6 Armor, +1 Dex)
KAC: 19 (+8 Armor, +1 Dex)
AC vs CM: 32
Fort +2 (also, see toughness feat), Ref +2, Will +4 (+2 vs. Disease/Poison/Mind-Affecting/Sleep unless the effect targets constructs)
Speed: (30-5 armor)25ft
BAB: +4 Melee: +7 Ranged: +6 Thrown: +7
Energy Ray: +6 to hit vs EAC. 1d3 elemental damage of my choice
Magic Missile: 2d4+2 autohit force damage, or 3d4+3 if I take a full round action
OverHeat: 2d8 fire damage in a 15 foot cone. Reflex save 16 halves. My selective targeting lets me exclude 1 square
SuperCharge Weapon: supercharge a weapon, if it hits, it deals 4d6 extra damage, or 2d6 extra damage if it attacks all creatures in the area.
Survival Knife: +7 to hit vs KAC. 1d4+6 piercing damage
Spell Cache lets me do an extra spell of any level. This is a tatoo
0 Level: Energy Ray, Mending, Psychokinetic Hand, Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Daze.
1st 5 per day: Overheat, Supercharge Weapon, Magic Missile, Disguise Self.
2nd 4 per day: Inject Nanobots, Spider Climb, See Invisibility, Mirror Image.
STR 16 (+3) DEX 14 (+2) CON 14 (+2) INT 18 (+4) WIS 11 (+0) CHA 8 (-1)
SKILLS (28) | (4+Int) = 8 skill ranks per level
Acrobatics -0,
Athletics +10 (6 ranks, trained),
Bluff -1,
Computers 15 (6 ranks, trained, techlore),
Diplomacy -1,
Disguise -1,
Engineering +13 (6 ranks, trained),
Intimidate -1,
Myticism +11 (6 ranks, trained, techlore)
Perception +6 (6 ranks),
Physical Science +13 (6 ranks, trained),
Piloting +2,
Profession Architect +18 (6 ranks, trained, tools, Clothing),
Sense Motive -2,
Stealth +6 (6 ranks),
Survival +0
Skill notes: Sense Motive DCs against Android are increased by 2, but I take -2 penalty. Armor check penalty is 2 and reducing my speed by 5. I have Professional Architect tools and clothing. Techlore gives me +1 computers and mysticism.
Proficiencies: Light Armor, Heavy Armor, Basic Melee Weapons, Small Arms, Heavy Weapons
1. Heavy Armor Proficiency: Level 1 Feat
2. Spell Focus: Class gained Feat (+1 to my spell saves)
3. Weapon Specialization-Basic Melee Weapons, small arms: Class gained Feat (adds damage to my weapons equal to level, half for operative weapons and small arms)
4. Level 3 Feat: Toughness (+1 SP per level, +4 bonus to Con saves to continue running, avoid damage from forced march, avoid hunger or thirst damage, +4 con vs hot or cold environments, taking damage from thick or thin atmospheres, sleep deprevation, and breathing smoke)
5. Level 5 Feat: Heavy Weapon Proficiency.
Class Features
5+Con Stamina per level+Toughness Feat, 5 HP per level
Spell Cache: see spells sections
Proficient with Light armor, basic melee weapons and small arms. (gained heavy armor via feat)
Magic Hack: Selective Targeting, see spells sections
Magic Hack: Spell Grenade
Techlore+2: See skills sections
Spell Focus: +1 to DC levels
Increase Str, Dex, Con and Int at leve 5 by 2.
Other Features
1. Theme Knowledge: Reduce the DC of Culture checks and Profession (mercenary) checks to recall knowledge about hierarchies, practices, personnel, and so in in the military by 5. Athletics is a class skill for me.
2. Exceptional Vision: Lowlight and Darkvision 60
3. Constructed: +2 saving throws against disease, mind-affecting effects, poison and sleep. Does not breathe or suffer affects from being in a vacuum.
4. Flat Affect: -2 to sense motive, but DC to sense motive them is +2.
5. Upgrade Slot: One extra upgrade slot, light armor upgrades only.
Cermonial Plate officer armor: 2275 Credits, Flashlight: 1 Credit, Fire Extinguisher: 15 Credits, Disguise Kit: 20 Credits, Hacking Kit: 20 Credits, Engineering Kit: 20 Credits, Navigators Kit: 20 Credits, 2 Serums of Healing MK 1: 100 Credits, 2 MK 2 serums: 850 credits, Industrial Backpack: 25 Credits, 5 R2E Rations: 5 Credits, Survival Knife: 95 Credits, Dust Storm Clothing: 10 Credits, Professional Architect's tools: 20 Credits, Professional Clothing: 5 Credits, Star Sugar Love CD: 50 Credits, Laser Drill: 200 Credits. (4 charges used of 20).
CreditStick: 23006 Credits
Sold back Gear/used gear: Hidden Soldier Armor (Net loss of 419 Credits). Used Frag Grenade II (loss of 700 credits).
Carrying Capacity
Bulk: 4.0 / Encumbered: 10 / Overburdened: 16

XP: 15, Fame:17, Infamy: 1, Reputation:23-Aquisitives, Reputation:3-Dataphiles, Second Seekers Le:2, SS-JA:3, Exoguardians:1
Boons Purchased Dataphiles Faction boon. 2nd Seekers LE boon. Owned Aquisitives from the beginning. SS-JA boon. Aquisitives improved version. Exoguardians Champion