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Full Name

Zano Turok




Fighter 1: Spd:20, AC:16, HP:20, 1 Cold Resistance, Fort:7, Ref:6, Will:3, Per:5 Lowlight, Stealth:3










Cayden Callien


Common, Dwarven, Elven


Hellknight Historian-Architecture Lore

Strength 18
Dexterity 12
Constitution 14
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

About Zano Turok

Unclaimed Loot list
wolf fang talisman (pg 570 CRB).
lesser bag of tanglefoot ( pg 545)
bottle of lesser lighting (pg 545).
2 minor healing potions.
2 flask of holy water (pg 571)
a wooden shield

Abilities and Feats
1. Elf Activism-Artic Elf
2. Shield Block
3. Attack of Opportunity
4. Courtly Graces Skill Feat
5. Point Blank Shot
6. Lowlight Vision

Skills and Proficiencies
Armor Check penalty is 1, -5 to speed.
Trained Skills: Athletics, Acrobatics, Arcane, Nature, Religion, Society, Stealth, Architecture Lore.
Trained Other: All Armor, Shields, Advanced Weapons, Will Saving Throws
Expert Other: Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons, Fort Saving Throws, Reflex Saving Throws, Perception.

1. Adventurer's Kit: 0.7 GP
2. Bastard Sword: 4 GP
3. Shortbow with 10 Arrows: 3.1 GP
4. Sheath: 0.01 GP
5. Ordinary Clothing: 0.1 GP
6. Studded Leather: 3 GP
7. 4.09 Gold

1. Bastard Sword: +9 to hit. 1d8+4 or 1d12+4
2. Shortbow: +6 to hit, +8 to hit if within 30 feet. 1d6. Ranged 60 feet.

Zano was born in the Northern part of the planet, where it is cold and desolate. The food there was scarce and the temperatures were brutally cold. Though very few humanoid enemies existed there, there were plenty of monsters up there. His parents constantly trained Zano how to fight and hunt with various weapons so he could someday defend himself against the various creatures up north. He didn't dare adventure too far outside his igloo house and go near those creatures. His job was to hunt small game and fish, while his parents killed the monsters further out before they came too close to the house to become a threat. In Zano's free time, he read up on the Hellknights. Although not many people lived near him and the city was small, less than a quarter of a square mile, he did have a few neighbors and others let him borrow books about Hellknights and he heard reports about them. Many of the reports good, some were bad. He heard reports of Hellknights destroying libraries, but he heard other reports of Hellknights protecting cities and slaying dragons. Zano wasn't sure what to make of it all, besides he read other books about various creatures, events and other things around the world and the Hellknights weren't much of a concern to him back then. Not to mention, he never encountered a Hellknight, until about a few years ago. A white dragon terrorized the place, his neighbors, his very small city was torn apart. A group of Hellknights were tracking the dragon and they got Zano and his family to safety as well as a few others. The Hellknights slayed the dragon with the cost of all their men except one. The last Hellknight, although somewhat injured relocated the the survivors further down south to a new city. Zano finished his training there, but the Hellknight moved away before he had a chance to get to know him. Zano is thankful and wants to learn more about the Hellknights.