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Mordack Dune 3




Imperial Sorcerer 5: Spd:25, AC:23, TAC:21, HP:0/53, Fort:8, Ref:10, Will:9, Perc:8, Lowlight













Strength 12
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 14
Charisma 18

About Mordack Dune 3

Calculations or rather the numbers in the header
Speed=25,+5 elven speed,-5 armor=25
HP=(6+2 Con+1 Toughness)X5 (+8 race)=53
AC=10+4 (+1 Scale Mail), +5 proficiency bonus, +4 dex=23
TAC=10+2 (+1 Scale Mail), +5 proficiency bonus, +4 dex=21
Ref=+1 Armor,+4 dex, +5 trained=10
Fort=+1 Armor,+2 Con, +5 trained=8
Will=+1 Armor,+2 Wis, +6 Expert=9
Perc=+2 will, +6 expert=8
Attack of Silver Dagger: +5 Level trained, +4 dex=+9 to hit. 1d4+4
Attack of Bow: +5 Level trained, +4 dex=+9 to hit. 1d8+4
Spells: +5 Level Trained, +4 Cha=+9 to hit. Save DC=10+5 Level+4 Cha=19.

Racials: Lowlight and Elven Speed
BackGround: Laborer
Feats: Robust Recovery Skill, General Training-Alertness, Paladin Dedication, Dangerous Sorcery, Quick Jump, Powerful Leap, Toughness

Saving Throws: Trained in Fort, Trained in Ref, Expert in Will
Armor Check Penalty is 2 and speed is reduced by 5 due to armor.
Trained Skills: Arcane, Acrobatics, Diplomacy, Labor Lore, Religion, Society, Survival, Stealth
Expert Skills: Athletics
Perception: Expert

Level 1 Magic Items: Minor Elixir of Life, Liquid Ice
Level 2 Magic Items: Black Adder Venom
Level 3 Magic Items: Silver Dagger, +1 Scale Mail
Level 4 Magic Items: Wand of Acid Arrows

50 GP to spend
Composite Longbow with 20 Arrows: 20.2 GP
BackPack: .1 GP
Expert Crowbar: .5 GP
Hammer: .1 GP
Ordinary Clothing: .1 GP
2 Pitons and 2 Sheaths and 1 Bedroll and 1 Waterskin: .1 GP
4 Rations: .2 GP
Silk Rope: 1 GP
Compass: 1 GP
Expert Level Disguise Kit: 15 GP
11.7 GP left over

Spell List:
Cantrips: Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Ray of Frost, Light, Produce Flame
Four Slots 1st Level Spells: Burning Hands, Gust of Wind, Spider String, Fear
Four Slots 2nd Level Spells: Acid Arrow, Blur, Spider Climb, Invisibility
Three Slots 3rd Level Spells: FireBall, Haste, Dispel Magic

Bloodline Powers: 6 Uses Per day
Power: ancestral surge; Advanced
Power: metamagician’s shortcut (2);

Other Class Features:
Heighten Spell Level 2 Class feature.
Spontaneous Heighten Spell Level 3 Class Feature: Burning Hands and Acid Arrow at level 3.
Retributive Strike-Once per day