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Bombard Blitz Soldier 12: Init:9, Spd:35, KAC:30, EAC:27, 5 Cold Resistance, SP:144/144, HP:90/90, RP:12/12, Fort:15, Ref:14, Will:12, Perc:11 Blindsense







Special Abilities

Dream Prophet






Castrovel: The Wild


Common, Castovelian, Shirren, Brethedan, Abyssal, Akitonian,



Strength 16
Dexterity 24
Constitution 18
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 13
Charisma 7

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34 XP
Year of the Scoured Stars, +1 to all saves: 24 Fame.
The first 3 Hirelings at Amateur Level.

Once part of a ravenous hive of locust-like predators, the insectile shirrens only recently broke with their hive mind to become a race of telepaths physically addicted to their own individualism, yet dedicated to the idea of community and harmony with other races.

Ability Score Modifiers +2 Con, +2 Wis, -2 Cha

Hit Points 6 HP

Size & Type Shirrens are Medium Humanoids with the shirren subtype.

Average Height or Length 5-6 ft.; Average Weight 100-150 lbs.

Age of Maturity 5 years; Maximum Age 50+1d20 years

Blindsense Shirrens’ sensitive antennae grant them blindsense (vibration)—the ability to sense vibrations in the air—out to 30 feet. A shirren ignores the Stealth bonuses from any form of visual camouflage, invisibility, and the like when attempting a Perception check opposed by a creature’s Stealth check. Even on a successful Perception check, any foe that can’t be seen still has total concealment (50% miss chance) against a shirren, and the shirren still has the normal miss chance when attacking foes that have concealment. A shirren is still flat- footed against attacks from creatures it can’t see.

Communalism Shirrens are used to working with others as part of a team. Once per day, as long as an ally is within 10 feet, a shirren can roll a single attack roll or skill check twice and take the higher result.

Cultural Fascination Shirrens are eager to learn about new cultures and societies. Shirrens receive a +2 racial bonus to Culture and Diplomacy checks.

Limited Telepathy Shirrens can communicate telepathically with any creatures within 30 feet with whom they share a language. Conversing telepathically with multiple creatures simultaneously is just as difficult as listening to multiple people speak.

Class abilities
Level 1: Primary fighting style: Bombard Soldier
Level 2: Combat Feat
Level 3: Weapon Specialization and Bullet Barrage.
Level 4: Combat Feat
Level 5: Primary fighting style
Level 6: Combat Feat
Level 7: Gear Boost Armored Advantage
Level 8: Combat Feat
Level 9: Secondary Fighting Style-Blitz
Level up: Picked, Str, Dex, Con and Int
Level 10: Combat Feat and Increase, Str, Dex, Con and Int
Level 11: Feat, Soldiers's Onslaught, and Gear Boost: Powerful Explosive-I can increase explosive radius by 5 feet.
Other ability: Gained 5 cold resistance and -1 to cha from Signal of Screams boon
Other Ability: Shadow Shift: As a full action, you can teleport, as if using a dimension door spell, from one area of dim light or darkness
to another, transporting only yourself and objects you
wear or carry. If you are overburdened, this teleportation
fails. Further, you can teleport only up to 60 feet. Once you
teleport, you can’t do so again until you take a 10-minute
rest during which you could regain Stamina Points. You
can use this ability a number of times per day equal to the
number of manifestations you have.
Stain: You are apathetic and difficult to stir into action.
When you roll your initiative check, roll twice and take the
worse result.
Other abilities: Frightful and Insubstaintiality

Theme Abilities: Dream Prophet
Theme Knowledge (1st)
Your perceptions of the psychic energies permeating reality provide you insight into various magical and mystical phenomena, especially those produced by creatures that can cast spells. Reduce the DCs of Mysticism checks to identify spells as they are being cast and to recall knowledge about arcane symbols and magic traditions by 5. Mysticism is always a class skill for you, though if it is a class skill from the class you take at 1st level, you instead gain a +1 bonus to Mysticism checks. In addition, you gain an ability adjustment of +1 to Wisdom at character creation.

Flash Of Prescience (6th)
When you fully open yourself to the psychic resonance around you, especially in the split second when your life is on the line, time seems to come to a halt. In these fleeting moments, you can sense the reverberations of actions that you have not yet taken, and guide your course accordingly. Once per day as a standard action, you can cast augury as a spell-like ability, though you can see only 1 minute into the future. This functions in all other ways as augury.

Dreams of the Future (12th Level)
Your dreams often contain vague visions of your immediate future, and they allow you to gain a bit of an edge in certain situations when these dreams rush to the forefront of your consciousness without warning. Each day after you wake from an 8-hour rest, choose ability checks, saving throws, or skill checks; twice per day, you can reroll a roll of the type you chose for that day.

Level 1 Iron Will
Level 2 Combat Feat Weapon Focus Longarms
Level 3 Great Fortitude
Level 4 Combat Feat Versatile Focus
Level 5 Lightning Reflexes
Level 6 Combat Feat Quickdraw
Level 7 Skill Synergy: Piloting and Acrobatics
Level 8 Combat Feat Far Shot
Level 9 Toughness
Level 10 Combat Feat: Mobility
Level 11 Feat: DieHard
Level 12 Combat Feat: Instant Crater

Skills 72 skill ranks
1. Acrobatics: 5 Dex, 12 Ranks, 3 trained, 2 skill synergy, -2 penalty: 20
2. Athletics: 2 Str, 12 Rank, 3 trained, -2 penalty: 15
3. Culture: 1 Rank, 2 Racial, 2 Int: 5
4. Diplomacy: 2 Rank, 2 Racial, -2 Cha: 2
5. Piloting: 5 Dex, 12 Ranks, 3 trained, 2 Skill synergy: 22
6. Perception: 9 Rank, 2 Wis: 11
7. Mysticism: 12 Rank, 2 Wis, 3 trained: 17
8. Stealth: 12 Ranks, 6 Dex, -2 penalty: 16

1. Basic Grenade Launcher
2. 75 Longarm Rounds (used 57)
3. Flashlight
4. Industrial Backpack
5. Dust Storms Clothing
6. 5 R2E Rations
7. Survival Knife
8. Navigator's Tools
9. Laser Drill
10. Personal Tech upgrade to give Dex +4
11. Seeker Tactical Rifle
12. Lashunta Ringwear III
13. Personal Tech upgrade to give Con +2
14. 5 Shock Grenades MK 3 and 1 Mindspike grenade MK 3 (bought 10 K more in grenades, made the 5th)
15. Credstick: 252,604
16. Extreme Gravity Clothing

1. Rifle: +20 to hit. 2d8+16
2. Survival knife: +20 to hit. 1d4+9
3. Grenade Launcher: +20 to hit square, damage varies.