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Full Name

Harry Great Hudini




Imperial Sorcerer 10: SPD:20, AC:29, TAC:27, HP:54/104, 5 Cold Resistance, (Acid Wand 8/10 Charges left) Res:12/14, Fort:14, Ref:17, Will:13, Per:10












Common, Orc



Strength 12
Dexterity 18
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 18

About Harry Great Hudini

Important Calculations
1. AC...10+10Trained+5(+2 Scale Mail)+4Dex=29
2. TAC...10+10Trained+3(+2 Scale Mail)+4Dex=27
3. HP...(6+2Con)X10+6(Paladin Resilency-2 feats)+10Toughness+8 Race=104
4. Fort...10Trained+2Con+2(+2 Scale Mail)=14
5. Ref...11Expert+4Dex+2(+2 Scale Mail)=17
6. Will...+11Expert+0wis+2(+2 Scale Mail)=13
7. Per...+10Trained
8. Resonance Points...+10Level+4Cha=14.
BackGround: Survey Wildlife Skill Feat
Ancestry: Half-Orc (Lowlight and Orc Trait), Orc Ferocity, General Training (extra general feat), Multitalented (Rogue Dedication)
Skill: Quick Jump, Steady Balance, Feather Step, Cat Fall, Quiet Allies
Class: Paladin Dedication, Dangerous Sorcery, Paladin Resiliency
General: Hefty Hauler, Lightning Reflexes, Toughness

Armor Check penalty is 2. 3 with Shield equipped.
Trained: Acrobatics, Athletics, Arcane, Deception, Hunting Lore, Religion, Society, Survival, Thievery.
Expert: None
Master: Diplomacy, Stealth

Other Proficiencies
Fort Trained
Reflex Expert
Will Expert
Perception Trained
light, medium and heavy armor, shields Trained.
Simple Weapons and Longbows Trained

3500 SP to spend
1. Composite Longbow wit 10 Arrows: 201 SP
2. Spear: 1 SP
3. Ordinary Clothing: 1 SP
4. Backpack: 1 SP
5. Belt Pouch: 4 CP
6. Expert Crowbar: 5 SP
7. Flint and Steel: 5 CP
8. Hammer: 1 SP
9. 4 Pitons: 4 CP
10. 5 Trail Rations: 2.5 SP
11. Expert Disguise Kit: 150 SP
12. Waterskin: 5 CP
13. Expert Thieves Tools: 250 SP
14. Silk Rope: 10 SP
15. Writing Set: 15 SP
16. Sheath: 1 CP
17. Bedroll: 1 CP
18. 2860.5 SP Left over
9th Level Magic Items: Horn of Blasting
8th Level Magic Items: Elixir of Life, Wand of 4th Level Acid Arrows
7th Level Magic Items: +2 Scale Mail
6th Level Magic Items: SpellGaurd Shield, Lesser Ring of Cold Resistance

Rogue's Surprise attack
Spontaneous Heightened (2 Spells, Fireball and Resist Energy)

Cantrips: Acid Splash, Light, Mage Hand, Ray of Frost
1st: 4 per day: Fear, Burning Hands, Magic Missile, Magic Weapon (used 1)
2nd: 4 per day: Invisibility, Acid Arrow, Resist Energy, Spider Climb
3rd: 4 per day: Dispel Magic, Fireball, Haste, Lightning Bolt (used 1)
4th: 4 per day: Dimension Door, Gaseous Form, Stoneskin, Wall of Fire (used 2)
5th: 4 per day: Arcane Eye, Cloudkill, Cloak of Colors, Telekinetic Haul (used 4)

Spell Points and Bloodline
(6 Points total)
Ancestral Surge (1 point)
Metamagicians Shortcut (2 Points)