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Full Name

Chance Davidson




Solar Disciple BattleFlower Hunter Soldier 1: Spd:35












Castrovel: The wild


Common, Castrovelian


Profession Dancer

Strength 14
Dexterity 16
Constitution 14
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 11
Charisma 10

About Chance Davidson

RACIAL TRAITS Bookish Skittermanders generally receive little formal education; they do not rear their young, and the Veskarium has little motivation to provide a well-rounded education. Some bookish skittermanders experience formal tutoring and study away from the Veskarium, however, though this increased education often comes at the expense of developing their natural communication skills. A bookish skittermander’s ability score modifier is +2 Dexterity. +2 HP.
Size and Type: Skittermanders are Small humanoids with the skittermander subtype. Grappler: Skittermanders gain a +2 racial bonus to grapple combat maneuvers. Curious Some skittermanders develop an intense interest in a narrow field and pursue this fascination, slowing the development of their physical coordination. Skittermanders with this racial trait gain a +2 racial bonus to Perception checks and to checks for one Profession skill of their choice. This replaces hyper. Low-Light Vision: A skittermander can see in dim light as if it were normal light. Scatter Some skittermanders never master coordinating all six arms for manual manipulation, preferring to instead use their extra limbs for mobility. These extra maneuvering limbs allow a skittermander to wield only two hands’ worth of weapons or equipment, but they also grant a land speed of 35 feet and a +2 racial bonus to Acrobatics and Athletics checks. This replaces six-armed.
Existing Skittermander boon: +2 to one stat below 14. Chose Str

Theme Stuff
Theme Knowledge (1st)

You’ve read extensively about the physics of the sun and its associated planes and the best theories about how they interact to produce the solar environment. You’ve also made a study of every sun-based religion down to the most primitive sun cult. Reduce the DC of Physical Science checks to recall knowledge about scientific questions concerning the sun and light by 5. Reduce the DC of Mysticism checks to recall knowledge about sun-focused religions, the Elemental Plane of Fire, and the Positive Energy Plane by 5. Perception is a class skill for you, though if it is a class skill from the class you take at 1st level, you instead gain a +1 bonus to Perception checks. In addition, you gain an ability adjustment of +1 to Wisdom at character creation.

Class Stuff
1. Hunter Fighting Style
2. Hunter's Expertise

Level 1: Weapon Focus Heavy Weapons

1. Acrobatics: 3 Dex, 2 racial, -2 armor: 3
2. Athletics: 1 point, 2 str, 3 trained, 2 racial, -2 armor: 6
3. Profession Dancer: 1 point, 0 cha, 3 trained, 5 equipment, 2 racial: 11
4. Perception: 1 point, 0 wis, 3 trained, 2 Racial, 1 Theme: 7
5. Stealth: 1 point, 3 dex, -2 penalty: 2
6. Survival: 1 Point, 0 wis, 3 trained: 4

1. Artillery Laser, Azimuth: 425 Credits
2. Assault Hammer: 95 Credits
3. Disguise Kit and Professionals Tools: 40 credits
4. Flashlight: 1 Credit
5. Professionals Clothing: 5 Credits
6. Lashunta Ringwear 1: 415 Credits: +4 KAC, +2 EAC, Max dex 2, -2 armor penalty, -5 speed, 2 Bulk.
7. Credstick: 19 Credits