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Full Name

Jazz Kraz




Enforcer Devil Dog 2: HP:28/28, AC:17, FF:15, T:12, Init:8, Fort:9, Ref:2, Will:0, Perc:5, Mettle:4/4




Medium 7ft 200 Lbs




Neutral Good


English, Spanish

Strength 17
Dexterity 14
Constitution 16
Intelligence 13
Wisdom 10
Charisma 10

About Jazz Kraz

weapon changes:
Simple Weapons: Unarmed strike, dagger, light mace, heavy mace, sickle, club, morningstar, short spear, handaxe, firearms.

Martial Weapons: Throwing axe, light hammer, light pick, sap, short sword, rapier, scimitar, siege firearms. Any character that gains martial weapon proficiency as a class feature may also select 4 other weapons (of which 2 may be exotic) with which to be proficient, to represent cultural training in specific weapons. All other simple and martial weapons are exotic weapons at this PL.

Extra Proficiencies: Longbow, Bastardsword, Greatsword, HeavyCrossbow

Class abilities:

Favored Class Bonus: added 2 HP
Armor Training: Though the silk gambesons,
steel waistcoats, and heavy body shields fitted
to the torso that made up early efforts at ballistic
armor weren’t particularly effective, many soldiers
of the era were trained to wear them. As a result
the devil dog receives armor proficiency in light
and medium armor. For each of those armor types
he is already proficient, the devil dog instead gains
a bonus feat.

Mettle (Ex): Enforcers are renowned for becoming
more and more dangerous as they come closer and
closer to defeat and somehow snatching victory
from the jaws of defeat. As the consummate icon
of combat, an enforcer has a reserve of endurance
and willpower that allows him to push beyond the
normal limits of his body and mind. This is often
referred to as guts, intestinal fortitude, or just plain
cussedness, and it is represented by mettle.
In game terms, mettle is a fluctuating measure of
an enforcer’s ability to perform amazing actions in
combat. At the start of each day, an enforcer gains
a number of points of mettle equal to his Strength
modifier plus his Intelligence modifier (minimum
1), to a maximum equal to double his class level.
His mettle goes up or down throughout the day, but
usually cannot go higher than his starting total, though
some feats and devices may affect this maximum.
An enforcer spends mettle to accomplish deeds (see
below), and regains mettle in the following ways.

Natural 20 with an attack roll: Each time the
enforcer rolls a natural 20 on an attack roll against
a potential menace (see the glossary), he regains 1
mettle point.
Natural 20 with a Will saving throw: Each
time the enforcer rolls a natural 20 on a Will save
against an effect caused by a potential menace (see
the glossary), he regains 1 mettle point.
Natural 20 with a combat skill: Each time the
enforcer rolls a natural 20 on a skill check when
the character cannot take 10 as a result of a threat
posed by a potential menace (see the glossary), he
regains 1 mettle point.
Natural 20 with a Strength check: Each time
the enforcer rolls a natural 20 on a Strength-based
ability check in the presence of a potential menace
(see the glossary), he regains 1 mettle point.

Deed: Blitz-as a swift action I can make one extra unarmed, natural or melee weapon attack.


1. Great Fortitude: +2 Fort
2. Improved Init: +4 Init

1. Reactionary: +2 init
2. Heart of Clay: +1 Fort


The enforcer’s class skills are Climb (Str),
Heal (Wis), Intimidate (Cha), Perception (Int),
Profession (Wis), Ride (Dex), Spellcraft (Int),
Stealth (Dex), and Swim (Str).
Additionally, any character who begins play as
an enforcer can select two additional skills Added Bluff and Disguise as class
skills, to represent the benefit of growing up with the
superior education options of a modern advanced
society. These skills should be appropriate to the
character’s background. An enforcer who trained
with the FBI to hunt down and kill necromancers in
a modern era rife with magic can reasonably select
Use Magic Device as an additional class skill. A
teenage enforcer who is captain of the high school
wrestling team and didn’t know magic existed
until an enchanted roller coaster dumped him in
a fantasy realm is limited to skills with no ties to
magic. Skill Ranks per Level: 5 + Int modifier+1 human.

1. Bluff: 2 rank, 0 Cha, 3 trained: 5 total
2. Climb: 2 rank, 3 str, 3 trained, 4 armor penalty: 4 total
3. Disguise: 2 rank, 0 cha, 3 trained: 5 total
4. Perception: 2 rank, 0 wis, 3 trained: 5 total
5. Stealth: 2 rank, 2 dex, 3 trained, 4 armor penalty: 3 total
6. Swim: 2 rank, 3 str, 3 trained, 4 armor penalty: 4 total
7. Acrobatics: 2 rank, 2 dex, 4 armor penalty: 0 total


1. Bastard Sword
2. Scale Mail
3. A Disguise kit (10 charges)
4. 2 daggers
5. Fully loaded Mosin-Nagant rifle with 90 extra bullets (95 bullets total)
6. Masterwork Backpack
7. 20 Trail Rations and 2 waterskins
8. 3 Torches and tinderbox
9. Travelers clothes
10. Compass
11. 2 pounds of Honey
12. Silk Rope
13. Rifle BB with 1,000 bullets
14. Fully loaded Colt 1911 Pistol with 43 extra bullets, 50 bullets total
Colt 1911 Pistol DMG 1d10 Crit x4 Range 20 ft. Misfire 1. 7 shots
Rifle, Mosin-Nagant DMG 1d10 Crit x4 Range 80 feet Misfire 1, 5 shots.
Rifle, BB gun, range 40. 1d10 to Tiny creatures or smaller. CritX4, no misfire. 10 shots.
16. Pair of shotguns with shotgun ammo.

Background Info:

Jazz became a slave in Spain at birth as he was taken away from his parents at birth in Cuba. At first they had him do small projects, he had to clean, and he could clean faster and better than most people. When he turned thirteen for years he was forced to build tall buildings and he had done the work of five men. He could carry twice as much at one time. Although slaves didn't get to eat much, they gave him a little more food than most slaves because of his output. He was still whipped and treated badly just like any other slave. At the age of eighteen, he slipped onto a ship while in disguise. Months passed on and a few on the ship had discovered who he was as they saw him outside his disguise. However, he manage to overpower and slay those who found out who he was and dumped the bodies in the water. Later the captain and the rest of the crew discovered who he was, but it was already too late. They had landed and he was in America. The fight was tough and he had a few bruises, but he managed to go up against seven men and live to tell the tale. After the battle he quickly ran away from the ship as fast as possible. He knew that if he was seen on that ship, Americans would mistake him as a Spaniard and would have to explain. Jazz did not know a whole lot of English at the time, but practiced it in his free time, and he knew enough to communicate. The ship had landed somewhere in New Jersey. The ship was investigated and several slain Spaniards were found as well as their weapons and supplies, except for food which he looted for survival. The bodies that were found of course were the ones that weren't already thrown into the sea. This ship was suppose to be an attack on North America, a week before the Spanish-American War, an incident that had been covered up by government officials. Jazz joined the Spanish American war as a revolt against Spain, the soldiers who served among him did not know who he was, and was barely able to communicate with him, but Jazz's skills and abilities proved worthy. Jazz was able to use any weapon well, but he preferred close quarters combat. Jazz helped win many battles for the three months the war took place. Some battles the government didn't even document. In fact there is no record of Jazz anywhere in the history books, it was all covered up as the American government didn't want anyone to know they had some kind of superhuman on their side.
He lived the rest of his days out as a construction worker, the life he had while he was a slave, only he was getting paid. He practiced his combat skills in his free time.
Jazz is now a thirty-seven year old man, looking about twenty-seven for his age, seven foot high, two-hundred pound man, with a great portion of that weight being muscle. He is tan in color with blonde hair and blue eyes. He is a little slick and sly, not by much, but most of his power comes from muscles, agility and great fortitude. He now knows the English language well.