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Mega Gelub




Dragonblood Blitz Soldier 2: Spd:40, Init:7, SP:16/16, HP:20/20, RP:4/4, KAC:14, EAC:13, Fort:4, Ref:3, Will:3, Perc:0 Darkvision














Common, Orc, Triaxian

Strength 16
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 10
Charisma 11

About Mega Gelub

Boon from 1-6 a Night in Nightmarch
Half-Orc Admittance (Personal Boon; Limited Use): The half-orc mercenaries of Apostae know of your successful foray
against Villyth Zeizerer. During this venture, you likely killed or incapacitated many half-orcs to retrieve the Society’s
stolen goods. The half-orcs of Apostae not only fear your reputation, but also seek to follow in your footsteps. You can
apply this boon in one of two ways. Select one of the following uses, and cross the other use off this Chronicle sheet.
Existing Half-Orc: You can apply this boon to an existing half-orc character in your possession that you earned from
another source. You can increase one ability score that is a 14 or lower by 2. Cross this boon off your Chronicle sheet,
but keep a copy with the character you apply this change to. A character can earn this benefit from this boon only once. Applied to Con
Faction boon JA available from start
Slotless boon, Seeker of Knowledge purchased with 2 fame, allows me to replay scenarios.

1. Theme Knowledge (1st)
You have a voracious appetite for lore about dragons and never forget a detail, whether it’s about draconic culture, traditions, and abilities, or the personal information of the system’s oldest dragons. When you attempt a Culture or Mysticism check to recall knowledge about dragons’ ways, their abilities, or the names and general personal details about dragons that are adults or older, reduce the DC by 5. Culture is a class skill for you, but if it is a class skill from the class you take at 1st level, you instead gain a +1 bonus to Culture checks. In addition, you gain an ability adjustment of +1 to Charisma at character creation.
2. Rapid Response (Ex) 1st Level
You gain a +4 bonus to initiative checks and increase your land speed by 10 feet
3. Proficient with all weapons except exotic and all armor, except powdered.
4. Orc Ferocity: 0 HP, I still stand
5. Darkvision, Self-Sufficient. Gave my racial +2 in Dex.
6. Intimidating: +2 to intimidate.
7. Key ability is Str

Level 1. Divine Blessing Sarenrae: The first time I deal fire damage each round, I can convert half the fire damage into holy damage.
Level 2 Soldier feat: Weapon Focus Heavy Arms.

1. Acrobatics: 2 point, 3 dex, 3 trained: 8
2. Athletics: 2 point, 3 dex, 3 trained: 8
3. Engineering: 2 point, 0 int, 3 trained: 5
4. Intimidating: 1 point, 0 cha, 3 trained, 2 racial: 6
5. Piloting: 1 point, 3 dex, 3 trained: 7
6. Survival: 0 point, 0 wis, 2 racial: 2

1. Assault Hammer: 95 credits, +5 to hit. 1d6+3 blunt damage.
2. Artillery Azimuth Laser Rifle: 425 Credits: +6 to hit. 1d10 Fire damage. Range 120. Holds 20 charges, uses 2. Crit=burn 1d6. Penetrating Power.
3. Stationwear Flight Suit Armor: 95 Credits, +1 KAC, +0 EAC, bulk of light.
4. Tool Kits: Disguise, Engineering, Hacking and Navigator's Tools: 80 Credits
5. Flashlight: 1 Credit
6. Fire Extinguisher: 15 Credits
7. Dust Storms Clothing: 10 Credits
8. Industrial Backpack: 25 Credits
9. 5 R2E Rations: 5 Credits
10. Star Sugar Heartlove: 50 Credits
11. Credstick: 3516

Reputation with JA:8