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Full Name

Huckle Jim




Bounty Hunter Arcane-Blitz Soldier 13: Spd:65, Init:14, SP:144/144, HP:88/88, RP:11/11, EAC:30, KAC:33, DR/5- 12 Fire Resistance, 10 cold resistance, Fort:14, Reflex:12, Will:10, Perc:0, Darkvision












Common, Akitonian, Abyssal, Elvish


Bounty Hunter

Strength 19
Dexterity 23
Constitution 18
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 10
Charisma 9

About Huckle Jim

1. Theme Knowledge from Bounty Hunter
2. Rune of the Eldritch Knight from Arcane Assailant
3. Proficient in light and heavy armor, basic and advanced melee weapons, small arms, long arms, heavy weapons, sniper weapons and grenades.
4. Feat 1 Human: Iron Will: +2 will saves
5. Feat 2 Level 1: Improved Init: +4 init
6. Feat 3 Level 2 Soldier Combat Feat: Deadly Aim
7. Gear Boost: Laser Accuracy
8. Level 3 Class Gift: Weapon Specialization: All Weapons
9. Feat 4 Level 3: Lightning Reflexes: +2 Ref saves
10. Feat 5 Level 4 Soldier Combat Feat: Weapon Focus Longarms
11. Secret of the Magi
12. Ability Increase at Level 5: Str, Dex, Con and Int
13. Level 5 Feat: Enhanced Resistance Fire
14. Gear Boost: Armor Advantage: +1 KAC
15. Level 6 Feat: Great Fortitude: +2 fortitude saves
16. Swift Hunter-Theme thing
17. Level 7 Feat: Versatile Focus
18. Level 8 Combat Feat: Quick Draw
19. Level 9 Feat: Toughness
20. Power of Legend
21. Second Fighting Style: Blitz
22. Rapid Response: +4 to init and +10 to speed.
23. +2 Str, +1 Dex, +2 Con, +2 int at level 10.
24. Level 10 Combat Feat: Cleave
25. Solider's Onslaught
26. Spinning Cleave-Combat Boost
27. Level 11 Feat: Improved Iron Will-Spend RP to reroll will save.
28. Level 12 Combat Feat: Lung Puncture-Crit hits with piercing weapons cause foes to be fatigued.
29. Relentless-Theme Thing
30. Secrets of the Archmagi-Arcane Fighting Style
31. Charge Attack-Blitz Fighting Style
32. Level 13 Feat: Skill Synergy-Stealth and Piloting

Corruption Gifts:
1. Cold Blooded: Reduces cha by 1, but I get 5 cold resistance. Now 10 Cold Resistance.
2. Shadow Jaunt: Cast dimension door range 60 feet between two areas of dim or dark light. Can cast it 4 times a day, but only once between short rests. I now roll twice for init and take the worse result.
3. Insubstantiality: Prerequisites: Two other manifestations. Gift: You have a 20% chance to treat a critical hit as a normal hit, allowing you to ignore the critical hit’s extra damage and critical hit effect. If the attack affects incorporeal creatures normally, such as a weapon with the ghost killer fusion, you can’t ignore it in this way. Stain: If an ally targets you with a beneficial spell that has a range of touch, you have a 20% chance to gain no benefit from it. The spell is still cast and expended.
4. DEADENED EMOTIONS You are hollow inside. Gift: You gain a +2 insight bonus to Bluff checks and saving throws against mind-affecting effects. If another creature attempts to read your mind (such as with detect thoughts) and you succeed at the saving throw, you can render that creature shaken for 1 round as a reaction. You can do the same to a creature that fails a Bluff, Diplomacy, or Intimidate check against you by directing your lifeless gaze at it. This is a mind affecting fear effect. A creature affected by your deadened emotions becomes immune to it for 24 hours. Stain: Reduce any morale bonus you receive by 1.

Infamy 2 and resolve reduced by 1 for corruption.

Skills: 4+int+1human
Armor Check Penalty is 3 and speed -5.
1. Acrobatics: 6 Dex, 13 skill point, 3 trained, -3 armor penalty: 19
2. Athletics: 3 Str, 13 skill point, 3 trained, -3 armor penalty: 16
3. Intimidate: -1 Cha, 13 skill point, 3 trained: 13
4. Piloting: 6 Dex, 13 skill point, 3 trained, 2 skill synergy: 23
5. Profession Bounty Hunter: 0 Wis, 13 skill point, 3 trained, 4 Tools, 1 Clothing: 21
6. Stealth: 6 dex, 13 Skill point, -3 armor penalty, 3 trained: 19
7. Survival: 0 Wis, 13 skill point, 1 bounty hunter, 3 trained: 17

1. Fire Extinguisher: 15 Credits (.1 bulk)
2. 5 R2E Rations: 5 Credits (.5 bulk)
3. Industrial backpack: 25 Credits (None, wearing it, adds 2 str to carrying capacity)
4. Heat Climates Clothing: 10 Credits (None, wearing it)
5. Longarm Rounds 25: 75 Credits (.1 bulk)
6. Professional Tools and Professional Clothing Bounty Hunter: 25 Credits (.2 bulk)
7. Nanite Upgrade to increase Dex by 4: 6,500 Credits.
8. Nanite Upgrade to increase Str by 2: 1,400 Credits.
9. Lashunta ringwear IV: 27,100
10. Adamantine Longsword Ultrathin: 28,800.
11. Autobeam Rifle Tactical: 26,900 Credits.
12. One high capacity battery: 330 Credits
13. CredStick: 162,634

Armor Equipment upgrades:
1. Infrared Sensors: 200 Credits
2. Deflective Reinforcement: 7500 Credits. DR 5-. Reduce armor check penalties on acrobatics to escape by 2.

Body Upgrades:
1. Throat: Standard Dragon Gland: 19125 Credits: 9d6 Fire dmg 15 foot cone. Reflex=10+1/2 Level+con modifier (20).
2. Legs: Speed Suspension MK 3: 32,900 Credits. +30 to speed.

1. Adamantine Longsword Ultrathin: attack 18. 4d8+17 slashing dmg. Analog.
2. Autobeam Rifle: attack 21. 5d4+13 fire dmg. 60 feet. burn 2d4. 40 charges. Uses 4. Bulk 2. Automatic.

Fame and Boons
Fame: 52
Infamy: 2
Reputation: 48 2nd Seekers LE
Reputation: 3 2nd Seekers JA
Reputation: 3 Wayfinders
Reputation: 22 Acquisitives


Wayfinders Champion: (costs 2 fame)
Second Seekers Improved Champion-LE (cost 4 fame)
Instructor (Social Boon) 15 points so far (cost 2 fame)
Second Seekers JA Champion (Cost 2 fame)
Acquisitives boon (cost 2 fame)
Team Spirit: Slotless boon (Cost 0 Fame, cause of Protector of the future. Does something if teammate dies)
Field Trainee: Ally Boon (cost 1 fame)
Scoured Stars Survivor (Personal Boon): You survived the events of the Scoured Stars and they’ve impacted you, or
you’ve passed this information onto someone who has learned from your experiences. If you already have a permanent
boon in your Personal boon slot, such as a special race boon, then you can instead gift this boon to any other character
you’ve created that does not already have a permanent Personal boon. If you pass this boon onto another character, keep
a copy of this Chronicle sheet with that character.
When you slot this boon in your Personal Boon slot, once per day as a free action, you can reduce the number of Resolve
Points required to stabilize by 1 (to a minimum of 0 RP.) When you use this ability to stabilize, you also immediately gain
1d6 Hit Points for every 2 character levels you have. (Unlocked boon)