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Advanced Player's Guide Playtest

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Round 1: Cavalier and Oracle
Round 2: Summoner and Witch
Round 3: Alchemist and Inquisitor
Advanced Player's Guide Playtest: Final Playtest

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No Hideous Laughter for Witch

Eidolon vs. Animal Companion

Witch and Vulnerability

The Fantastic Failing Familiar

Describe a Summoner or a Witch....

A Boy and his Tiger

Share Spell

Thoughts on the Transmorgify Spell?

Hexes Range and Times / Day

Familiar Charades

The adjustment

The adjustment

Witch and Warlock idea.

Witch, Hex: Tongues

Summoner and witch feat options

Witch and flight

Biped = Humanoid?

Witch: Call lightning not on the list?

Forget the summoner....

VP's APG Playtest

New Spell for Summoner


Augment Summons

Witch - 4 skill points per level?

Economy of Actions

Eidolon Serpentine Base Form and Changing the Free Evolutions

Witch: Healing hexes aren't that strong.

Suggestion regarding witch's spells

Why so many touch-range Hexes?

An interesting roleplaying oportunity with summoners.

Eidolons and Proficiencies

Cackle-Question for Jason

My eidolon can beat up your fighter

Eidolons have AC of "Yes"

Spell lists and backwards compatability

Wow, goodbye Conjurer!

Inquisitor via Joel Abercrombie

Mordulin, Vigil, and socalgamer's playtest report (Witch and Summoner)

Suggestion: Eidolon subtype packages

Cavalier Playtest lvl 12

Two Eidolon Clarifications: Language and Initiative

Are there new spells in the APG that will also be on the summoner and witch's spell lists?

Eidolon / Astral Construct?

Combat healer

Witches Dead levels!

Eidolon: Change Base Form

Wait, what?

Cavalier First Impressions

What does BPS mean??

Jason, please answer this question.

Base Form Stats

Witch's Charm Ability

Missing an Important Eidolon Shape - Weapon

Good companion sheet for Summoner's eidolon

Nay to the free claws!

Summoner and Witch -- first impressions

Augment summoning for the summoner?

The Witch- tell me if I have this right.

Question regarding Eidolon evolution points

Is the "gore" evolution really as useless as it looks?

Improved Familiar and the Witch

The Witch Request Thread

Eidolon's gear

Starting Gold?

Eidolon info


Too late for new ideas?

Proposal: Eidolon's Weak Spots

Personal Tweaks and Advice to Designers

Round 2 - Errors, Adjustments, Typos, Etc.

Eidolon + Swallow Whole + Dismiss / Death

Can an Eidolon's Base form change as it "evolves"

Witch Name Issue

Eidolons + Imagination = Anything

Playtest 11 / 21 -- Level 4

Completed Eidolon & Feedback / Question

Witches and Brooms?

Summoner only summon's Once per day?

So Many Evolutions...Or What's your Ideal Eidolon?

Gut Reaction - Eidolon's Crazy

The Summoner at low level. An issue.

Duration (until dismissed) and summon once per day

Starting money

Summoner spell list and potions / wands

Summoner needs light armor?

Countdown to Witch and Summoner begins!

Magic Items and your Eidolon

What is the "transmogrify" spell?

Eidolon Base Form

A call to stats and combat descriptions

The point of the Healing Hex?

Smarter and / or Simpler PDFs please...

Summoner Spell List too good?

How many times may a witch use a hex per day?

4th level Oracle Playtest

Witches and Improved Familiar

A Thought About Summoner Balance

Summoner, additional base forms?

Witch Death and their Familiar

Divine version of the summoner?

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