Summoner, additional base forms?

Round 2: Summoner and Witch

Seems like there are some base forms missing. For example the illustrated bird creature doesn't seem to fit into any of the listed base forms (I see 2 legs and no arms). Are there plans for additional base forms? I can see at least 2 more base forms being commonly used:

  • Winged -> understandably wouldn't have flight at low levels but a base form for a flightless bird would be nice
  • Insectoid/ Arachnid -> There are tons of critters who fall into this category which should be summonable. Paying for 8 legs separately would be entirely too expensive for first level creations. They should get a bonus to climb instead of faster land speed.

  • Silver Crusade

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    What about a Swarm form?

    Paizo Employee Director of Game Design

    We made sure that the forms you mentioned were perfectly achievable over time. Due to the modular nature, the two that you mentioned are a bit better than the others due to their extras... hence why we left them out.

    As an aside, you can make a spider at 7th level.. almost exactly.

    Jason Bulmahn
    Lead Designer
    Paizo Publishing

    Oh I see, the avian creature you would cash in the arms and claws for for flight. I didn't catch that you could cash in some of the features of the base forms.

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