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Advanced Player's Guide Playtest

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Round 1: Cavalier and Oracle
Round 2: Summoner and Witch
Round 3: Alchemist and Inquisitor
Advanced Player's Guide Playtest: Final Playtest

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Lv 8 Playtest: Cav / Inq / Orl / Wit

Alchemist Bombs & Vital Strike

Alchemist throwing everything

A Cavalier's Oaths

I still don't get a few things about Eidolon...

Eidolon hit points

Playtest Data: Thoughts on the Summoner

Eidolon base forms

Give Summoner back SM 7, 8, and 9

Cackle and Evil Eye Hex

Change Inquisitor ---> Avenger please.

Summoner needs cure spells or SLA

Pincers + Grab

Alchemist Questions

Oracle Curse: clouded vision

Playtest: Ninjas

Inquisitor should have Linguistics and my reasons why.

List of Inquisitor Changes

Eidolons and armor

Cavalier's Mount

Eidleon question

Alchemist - What changes would you like to see?

Recruiting Dragons

Alchemist Errata

Alchemist and alchemical items: need input

Eidolon: Evolution Claws (on Legs)

Witches and Transformation

Oracle of Nature and possibly elemental ones - Druid spell list?

Eidolon: Evolution Points

Summoner just not the flavor i was hoping, anyone else? Character options plz?

What happens to an Eidolon that dies from something other than damage?

Oracle: Clarification on Fire Breath save

My plan for a playtest tonight

Stick Bomb Duration?

Does Big E have a Wt. Chart?

Oracle of fire, 2 things I noticed

Still no starting gold for the classes

Eidolon and casting summon monster spells

Playtest Font Problems

Witch Skills

Where are the new class specific feats?

Eidolon and Bane - Ranger

How do I control summoned celestial / fiendish animals???

Cavaliers should get inquisitor's tactical feat abilities

Oracle - Speaking in Tongues

A Troll as a Summoner (Play Test)

Oracle: Elemental Companion revelation?

Oracle: Wasting and Use Magic Device

Witches and their skills

Witch's Flight

Playtest (Summoner, Witch, Cavalier, Ranger)

Oracle Metamagic Final Revelations

Oracles and cure / inflict needs to be its own class ability

Oracle: Curses & Mysteries

Energy attacks and Vital strike

Cavalier abilities should work with Lance

Witch and feat question

Order of the Sword - Mounted Mastery - Mount's Str modifier on damage rolls

Confusion about eidolons' max armor bonus

The Real Oracle Curse

Stone Mystery for Oracles - Immunity to Ranged Weapons and then some?

starting equipment for 6 new classes

Does anyone else think the cavalier could use a bonus for saves vs. Fear / Charm?

Eidolon Summoning Correction

Alchemist Infusion House Rule

List of Alchemist Changes

Quick Question about the Eidolon

Low level playtest

Braggart (Ex) Typo

List of differences between V1 of the final rules and V2?

Witch Spell List Differences:

Inquisitor needs a "bring 'em back alive"-type ability

Missing 'A' in titles of final playtest PDF

Alchemist extracts list



Alchemist Bombs: Range / Range Increment

Witch issues

Bombs and Criticals - Clarification?

Massive Summoner Spell List Changes

General rules questions

Inquisitor - Resiliency Judgement

Lore Oracle Spontaneous Symbology

Monsters that Summon Eidolons


Summoner nerfed too much

People ... read the frakkin' rules.

Cavalier's Challenge

Inquisitor Second and Third Judgment

Oracle question re Heavens mystery

Thoughts on Cavalier

Want to hear your opinion on a combination of feats / abilities for inquisitor.

Alchemist: Lots of love, a few issues

Eyeballing the new Alchemist

List of Witch Changes

Eidolon reach clarification

Size Evolutions

Summoner: Eidolon Ability Score Increases

Summoner's Aspect Ability

Eidolon as mount

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