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Advanced Player's Guide Playtest

General Discussion
Round 1: Cavalier and Oracle
Round 2: Summoner and Witch
Round 3: Alchemist and Inquisitor
Advanced Player's Guide Playtest: Final Playtest

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New spells in the APG - What is Pathfinder missing?

What Playtesting Is

A placetest (or two) of the Alchemist

Summoner: Great Solo Class, TERRIBLE for group play

The Inquisilich

Another Cavalier Rebuild (PEACH kindly please)

ETA on re-worked advanced classes ?

Re-Invisioning Coven Hex

Alchemist and Inquisitor Playtest (actual), 1 / 1, 1 / 8, 1 / 15

Summoner Weaknesses

Anticlimatic Playtest of an NPC Cavalier.

Round 2 Rules Questions:

Mini Witch report

Witch Playtests; What the ...?

Inquisitor Stat Priorety

Alternate Witch Build

Eidolon question

Help building half-orc melee summoner


My summoner & witch playtest

Feats That Make Sense and Will help with Weak Multiclassing

Is Firestorm overpowered?

My Mount The Eidolon

Alchemist Rebuild Based of Numerous Suggestion Posts

Eidolon Alteration (number of attacks)

Mage's Disjunction vs Alchemist

New Prestige Classes please

So my Alchemist is imprisoned and naked...

Hybrids in Pathfinder?

Eidolon Overpowered (yes, this argument again) and Alchemists in Dungeons

Summoner Playtest--Level 1 Summoner Party Fights CR 5+ Creatures

Some thoughts of my build for savage tides *Summoner*

A Study of the Summoner

Evil Eye vs. Golem

Updates consolidated?

Cavalier as Samurai?

Some changes to the Alchemist.

A Variant Revised Alchemist

Starting Gold

Druids of the Left-Handed Path... A re-imaging of the proposed witch

Best curse for a multiclassed oracle

Multi-classing a Deaf Oracle

Playtest round 3

Magic Items for an Alchemist

Witch - Familiar or Animal Companion?

Expanded Alchemical Items list

Lvl 5 Summoner playtest

Witch's slightly offensive and a one dimensional

Armor Evolution - Explain why it's overpowered?

Welcome to the APG Playtest

Errata / Mistakes


O-level extracts??

Are any class updates coming soon?

Oracle: Domains / Foci, Undead Turning, Revelations

Alchemists vs certain kinds of enemies.

Bomb idea

What does Paizo want from each class?

Alchemist playtest (Minor spoilers for Entombed with the Pharaohs)

My Thoughts and Suggestions for the Alchemist

Alchemist Playtest (Rise of the Runelords Spoilers)

You have Acquired Big Bomb Bag

Mini Playtest Report Oracle

Oracle Spell List

Can you apply poison to bombs?

Ok, I need help building a summoner (apg)

Oracle thoughts

Alchemist’s Elixirs & Formulae List

Elementalists - Where is the love?

Witch NPC playtest notes

Quick question about the eidolon.

Request - Fix Mounts In General

A modest proposal: The Alchemist

Eidolon too powerful at early levels?

Boons vs hexes

Alchemist Formulae - 0 lvl?

Alchemist Bombs comparison

Buck Naked Barbarians

Asgetrion's Witch and Cavalier playtest

Multiclassed oracle

Eidolon's Poison evolution

Otherworldly Powers, Alignment, Pacts, and the Commune coven hex

Mutagens: A tad weak right now.

Further Playtesting The Alchemist

Level 1 Summoner Playtested

UPDATE - Summoner

Oracle Deafened

Archade's Witch Playtest

Inquisitor Playtest.. 1st level.. 3 PFS adventures

Hex: Blight effectiveness

New Hexes

Summoner & Tieflings' Fiendish Sorcery

Making an Alchemist

Inquisitors and the Sun Domain

Disable Device and the Alchemist

Maker's Call question

Eidolon and Exotic Weapon Proficiencies.

What EXACTLY is the inquisitor?

Possible Cavalier Rebuild.

Wheel of Time and Pathfinder

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