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Advanced Player's Guide Playtest

General Discussion
Round 1: Cavalier and Oracle
Round 2: Summoner and Witch
Round 3: Alchemist and Inquisitor
Advanced Player's Guide Playtest: Final Playtest

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Judgment Naming Problem

Setting up for a Summoner playtest, but until then...questions!

Questions about how to playtest

Alchemist question

KEJR's Council of Thieves Campaign Playtest Info: Cavalier Player Input (Creation Phase)

Alchemist-First impressions

Witch Playtest as a Villain NPC...

Bombs, energy damage, and torches that can't set wood on fire.

Playtest 12-18

Suggested Oracle Focus: Secrets

Can't find a mention....

Extra Judgement

Question regarding Swift and Instant Alchemy

STAP Witch Playtest

Inquisitor: The Bane Property

Alchemists and costly material components

One thing that would fix alchemists and make them great as is!

Philosophers stone

Vital Strike + Bomb?

Summoner playtest result

Oracle Suggestions

Reviewing the Alchemist

Alchemist -- restrictions on bombs / extracts

Alchemist and Inquisitor General Impression

Sorry I can't be a part of the playtest.

Alchemist Does Not Get 0 Level Formulae - But It Should!

Oracle level 5 playtest

Should the witch be a wisdom-based caster?


Eidolons and Skill points

Possible January Changes

Bone Oracle lv1 test (long)

Why do extracts burn out after a day?

Bring on the Bad Guys!

Witches can't polymorph?

The Inquisitor - maybe a name change

Is the playtest really ending on the 27th?

Witch - Important questions about familiars

Alchemist In Perspective

Must Have Infusion

Preparing a Summoner Test- tips?

COT Playtest of Battle Focus Oracle

Bad witch! No touchy! (A playtest report)

A Not So Modest Proposal: The Alchemist

Alchemist: spells as potions

Nothing Inquisitive about the Inquisitor

The Alchemist - Pick Your Poison

Eidolon is better than (insert class here)

Alchemists and familiars

Possible Oracle Rebuild

Inquisitor: Divine Bard?

The New Champions - A Look At A Party Of New Iconics

Inquisitors of Razmiran

Help with making a alchemist for playtesting

Extracts-Different from spells?

New discoveries!

A Few Alchemist Discovery Questions

Bomb feats

Bombs with Vital Strike, Deadly Aim, or Improved Critical?

More Summoner Ideas

The Cavaliers lvl 20 ability

Aura of Inquisitor

Other bombs / pellets?

What ARE judgments, exactly?

Alchemist: First Impressions

Philosopher's stone

Healing Judgement Kind of Weak

Mixing bomb effects?

Enhancement bonus

Inquisitor's Track ability

Summoner playtest - sort and sweet

Any chance of a future Eidolon like base class?

Questions and suggestions regarding the alchemist

My issue with the Cavalier as a class...

Inquisitor tactical feat swapping question

Judgement thoughts

Alchemist's oddball extract list

A note on first impressions

Good ideas from the entire playtest

Inquisitor Questions: Paladin, meet Batman

Inquisitor Domain ability

Inquisitor Weapon Proficiencies

Van Halfsing - Halfling Archer Inquisitor

Alchemist Questions / Suggestions

Brew Potion / Scribe Scroll?

Damage judgment: too low?


Bombs away!

The Alchemist - SCIENCE! vs. Magic

Primary attacks

Recovery from Mutagen stat loss?

Bombs + Discovery = Alchemist's Eidolon

New Iconics

First Look at the alchemist

Inquisitor Skills

Missing Power

Witchy spells-- in the eye of the beholder?

Sticky Bomb

A good investment for a 20th level Alchemist

A Theory About What The Alchemist Will Be Like

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