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Advanced Player's Guide Playtest

General Discussion
Round 1: Cavalier and Oracle
Round 2: Summoner and Witch
Round 3: Alchemist and Inquisitor
Advanced Player's Guide Playtest: Final Playtest

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How did your summoner get his / her Eidolon?

Oracle’s & Homunculus?

Fluff and the Eidolon forms.

Please, no unique spell lists!

Witch Vs Summoner

DragonBringerX's (actual) Cavalier Playtest Feedback

Spellcaster Eidolon

Playtest Results - Level 5 PC

Base Forms Revision - Adding Flexibility to Your Initial Eidolon

Level 1 Summoner Playtest 12 / 6 / 09

Summoner + Eidolon can solo The Tarrasque

Summoner's Eidolon needs Avian base form.

Sample Eidolons Discussion

Summoner Only Party

New Familiars Witch (and Wizard)

Release 1 & 2 Playtest

Summoner: Focus on the PC alternatives

Coolest evolution ever: Symbiotic Eidolon

Request - Please sticky class updates

20-Levels Base Classes Vs Prestige Classes

Summoner SLA / Spell Levels

PFS Playtest! The witch, the summoner and the Cavalier

Starting GP

Stupid DM's and Hex wording

Ye Olde Dragon Disciple

Oath of Protection

Which BAB is it?

Summoner questions

Frustrating moment in creation

What is the summoner?

Sample Eidolons

Summoner Playtest Report (Monster Campaign)

Eidolon's primary attack issue

Claw attacks with Legs?


Multiple Rends in a single round?

Augment Summoning

Share Spells can cause a gargantuan problem

Something to do . . .

What is so outsider-like about the Eidolon?

Expanded new class spell lists

Eidolon: Pounce Evolution & Attack Form evolutions generally

My Playtest Report

Level 7 Playtest: Hook Mountain; Fort Rannick

Working Eidolon Concept (Guardian)

Witch NPC in Second Darkness set piece

Now I have played a Summoner, thoughts and feedback

d8 Hit Die for Summoner?

Summoner Capstone Weirdness

Feats for Aspect and Greater Aspect

Breath Weapon Evolution

Some New Curses

Oracle tongues curse wackiness

Extra Eidolon Forms?

Summoner Duality: Build in a Split Focus?

No social skills for the summoner?

Construct traits for your Eidolon?

To Be a Master part 2 - Summoner Eidolon SGT testing

Summoner: LIfe Link / Bond

summoner or alienist

Summoner and prestige classes

Spell list by school

Eidolon Summoned, or should it be Called?

Great "Story" Classes

Some Eidolon questions

Summoner -- Bond Senses

Double playtest extravaganza! Cavalier, Witch and Summoner all in one go!

This may have been said already, but...?

A new spin on "fixing" the Summoner.

Cavalier: Too much power creep already?

Order of the Dragon + Order of the Vulture (split / rewrite)

Summoner: Too many summons?

Do Eidolons Talk?

Eidolon Saving Throw Progression

Metamagic with the summoner

The Summoner: A Resource for playtesters!

Way to bring back dead Eidolon

Please, share your opinion about Eidolon mechanics


Magic Eidolon Lamp

Additional Evolutions

Order Discussion

To be a Pokemon Master - Summoner SGT playtesting

No Class Update

Universal Familliars (Witch / Wizard)

Eidolon Miniature question - Alien

Ability Scores - Using the right ones? (could we maybe change?)

Summoner: First impressions

Reach Evolution

Familiar improvements

Summoner and witch (with cavalier and Oracle too) playtest feedback

Summoner: Twin Eidolon, Polymorph, Evolution

Starting gold

Summoner and Witch Impressions

Summoner and Witch Impressions

Witch: Retarded healing progression.

Summoner, niche / utility - query

Another witch question

Another witch question

Slam +

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