Cavalier Playtest lvl 12

Round 1: Cavalier and Oracle

- Playing "the crown of fangs" last part in the curse of the crimson throne avp.

-grupe consist of 5 players all lvl 12: 1 cleric with sun and healing domaine, 1 rogue, 1 ranger, 1 wizard, and 1 cavalier(the cavalier player used to be barbarian but his former pc was lost in skeletons of scarwall to the undead guardian in the tower)

- the cavalier i human and have taken the order of the sword he is trained in sword and shield fighting and also have a large investment in mounted combat. he has a horse mount with breast plate barding and an amulet of human bane + a belt of str.

we palyer through 2 encounters 1st with a combat where the pc where attacked by 16 gray maidens (1 lvl 8 fighter the rest lvl 5) this was a suprice battle in the pc's hideout so most of them where not in armor or preped for a fight in this battle the cavalier preformed much like a normal fighter no better no worse exept for the challenge with help him a lot. the major advatage however was his horse animal companien this one is at least as good as the druids and with and ac of 32 its the bedst armored thing in the grupe.
the graymaidens where killed in about 4 rounds without the party taking more than a light hit.

what worries me here is the mount, i feel like the cavalier is getteing a deal that is too good. why is it full lvl and not like the ranger or paladin lvl -3... i dont get that part since besides á few feats the cavalier is the equivalent to a fighter. the druid should be the one with the better animal fighter.

2 nd encounter was with sabina merrin a 14 th lvl fither and her dragon mount... this one was a bit special since the pc knew what they where going to face and had time to cast spells and prepare a bit. also since sabina wanted the dragon to die she landed it in the middle of an open plaza and it was at that moment that things got totally crazy, the rogue was luring the dragon to land with the cavalier beeing ready to charge it from his mount, using his challenge in the 1 st round and charging with rideby attack and spirited charge and all the charge stufff from order of the sword he dealt the dragen a staggering blow(3d8+24 power attack + 45 str/mount str+ 6 weapon+4d6)avarage 101 dmg pr hit and lowering the beasts ac by not beeing near it at the end of the charge(the strange and mystical effect of demanding challenge), he tried to byt did not trip the beast(had it been a human or somthing like that it would have been a different story) anyway the fight ended before it had a change to begin when the cavalier brought the dragon down to ´40 hp with his 2nd charge and a good role with the dice(critting with the lance is almost instant death, dealing 5d8+4d6+40 for power attack+ 75 for str and mount str and +10)

over all it seem like the cavalier is very good in some battles, and the mount is just to good for the class...ald the BS about not beeing able to use it in dungeons is just a reduce animal spell away or a hafling druid with a pony.

on the oath part i think they are to random in their effect using strange systems to give bonuses, some are to hard to get and some to easy.

Well if your using a mount inside a dungeon/inn/other hazardous terrain, shouldn't there be ride checks made to see if they can even get into position? :)

And if they shrink the size of their animal companion, there should be accompanying stat penalties/reductions no? ;)

Charging on mount inside a dungeon : warning at the roof !!!
Charging in difficult terrain is impossible.

At lvl 12 charging is more powerful than cone of frost (the best spell of the 12lvl wizard of my party)

elghinn velkyn MASTER wrote:

Charging on mount inside a dungeon : warning at the roof !!!

Charging in difficult terrain is impossible.

At lvl 12 charging is more powerful than cone of frost (the best spell of the 12lvl wizard of my party)

It had better been so. Wizard does his damage to multiple targets, the charge targets just one. 60 ft cone covers a lot of space.

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I added a spoiler tag.

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