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Round 2: Summoner and Witch

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I do not like these specialized spell lists for the summoner and witch. Not only does it make integrating new spells/made up spells more difficult, but the witch's list in particular is quite arbitrary.

I can see why the witch's list was hard to make. Witches have a wide variety of interpretations in folklore, myth and pop culture. But the pathfinder witch has several spells that are not obviously witchy, and is missing other very witch spells.

For example, witches really should have the following on their lists: farie fire, circle of death, telekinesis (think Carrie from Steven King).

So here is my suggestion on a change to the witch. I think that it makes a witch a unique spell casting class that is powerful, but not overpowered.

Let witches familiars learn any spell from the Cleric, Druid, or Sorcerer/Wizard lists. However, a familiar can only know 9 spells of any given level. There could be a feat that lets a familiar learn 13 spells of a given level, and another feat that lets a familiar learn the spells of a given Cleric Domain.

Also, familiars would automatically know their 'familiar spells'. Note that someone has to write up the 'familiar spells' for the improved familiars.

The shtick with these witches is not that they have a particular spell list, but rather that they get access to a wide variety of magical knowledge through their familiars, but are in turn limited by their familiars magical orientation and perspective.

Note also that witch magic still retains some of the flavor of the 'classic witch' through their hexes.

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